KV-2 CHALLENGE – PLANE SNIPER?! – (War Thunder KV-2 Tank Gameplay)

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-2 CHALLENGE – SNIPER?! – (War Thunder Gameplay)


  1. Phry i ruv you rong time

  2. phly dont stop being cool

  3. Win a game in tank rb by base, bombing.

  4. I challenge you to kill a tank in a p shooter

  5. you pinecone

  6. nice video

  7. Steps 1)take b-29 or b-17 in sim 2)go to the enemy territory where you sure
    will pass people 3) open gears and crashland 4)try to shoot down an enemy
    like an AAA

  8. Dank LegoBrick (DankLegoBrick)

    shoot down one jet plane DRUNK in sim battles :D

  9. regular day in war thunder lol

  10. nice you pinecone

  11. Liam the dark angel.

    Using the 3 inch gun carrier, shoot down a plane with the main gun.
    I’m so sorry I suggested this but it has to happen.

  12. Get a kill with the Po-2.

  13. today i got shooted down by 3 kv-2, so this is´nt that hard

  14. Try to shoot down planes in RB with the Ju-88 A-1 (NOT WITH THE BACKGUNNERS

  15. Kill a tank, but the shell must have bounced an other enemy!

  16. Phly: challenge. In this challenge, you must destroy any plane with
    rockets… On a timer. Good luck!

  17. Андрей Ромашов

    This one’s gonna be hard. Take out any plane in any game mode. The only
    rule is – you can only use TinyTims to kill planes. (attempt#2)

  18. T34-57 AA

  19. HARD CHALLENGE! fly out the p-47 in rb and put the guns to 50m convergence!

  20. Or sim or rb

  21. get a buddy and try to park a tank on a plane (big bomber) (has to be a
    small tank)… place the plane with its wing on a cliff, drive the tank on
    top and if this works try to take of and shoot stuff with either you in the
    tank and you buddy in the plane or you buddy in the tank and you in the

  22. lets hunt some tanks in da mighty ZSU-57-2

  23. *Land a B-17 on an aircraft carrier*

  24. you suck i shoot down 5-10 planes with KV-2 every game jklol

  25. Quintin Baumeister

    Try to land a B-57/Canberra on a carrier

  26. Try to land on an aircraft-carrier with a bomber!
    Try to kill somebody in the air with a tank. (rather in ” 360 no scope “)

    sorry for my english, i’m french

  27. Fry to use the Churchill as a shield an Block as Many incomming Shells that
    would Hit your teammates as possible

  28. Kill a doom turtle (t95) whit kv2 from the front :D

  29. Challenge : M3 vs Ostwind!

  30. Great job :D

  31. Challenge: Take a photograph in North Korea with out being arrested.

  32. Fly a B29 under a bridge. Inverted ;D

  33. Panzerwefer vs bombers 2nd attempt

  34. you get it with the Kv-2? bring out the maus

  35. I have a challenge: play arcade.

  36. Your mission: The enemies turn out to not be so bad, you could even share a
    schnapps with them. For all the crews who lost their lives take out a
    sherman with a 105mm and shoot for non lethal hits only (take out the gun
    and tracks only) make sure they get back home safe too!

  37. in a maus kill the enemy team by your self

  38. Isu-152 heat shells vs planes

  39. Phly, I challenge u to kill a plane by dropping a bomb of any kind on them
    mid air and kill them midair. Extreme- with the pe-8 with the biggest

  40. rng jesus rng XD

  41. Time for Stalin’s greatest plane in world!~ Fly the Po-2 and clear out an
    entire airfield’s AAA.

  42. kill one maus with one locus !!!!!! :)

  43. kill enemy SPAA by RAMMING them in a… wait for it.. T95!

  44. KV-2 challenge play KV-2 and try not to lose

  45. Fly a B-29 under all the bridges on Korea, or any other map.

  46. Ok, Use the Do 2 17 or whatever it’s called (you’re definitely smarting
    than me) and use those 4 20mm in the top to shoot down a fighter, people
    place reply to this and remind me what it’s called. It’s like stemich
    guntantag or some weird German word.

  47. I don’t think the propeller is in the hit model. It’s more likely that the
    hit model is just bugged in the replay so it is a bit in front of the
    visual one.
    But I might be wrong. :)

  48. Kill a jet with the KV-2. Or make it even tougher and have a swarm of jets
    against a KV-2

  49. kv2 and pe 8 plz

  50. it’s time for the Germans to be afraid of the little tanks from America
    take out a m3/m5 Stuart and successfully kill a tiger with the Stuart

  51. AirProduction -Airbajan

    Kill a tank by ram it and flip it over !

  52. Someone should make the p-47 with unlimited rockets

  53. Using any plane you want, see if you can get a guy on your six, then either
    fly low toward an enemy ground unit pulling up at the last second, making
    the other guy crash in to his own team mate. Or as your pulling up drop a
    bomb near the ground unit so when it explodes it kills the ground unit and
    pursuing plane.

  54. Try to do a double kill with Maus in RB
    you can use custom battles and your friends to do it

  55. drive without ammo in m18 and kill somebody .like throw him down in water

  56. Out of all the things he hit it was a duck

  57. the mobile SAM site take out a plane using the Sherman colliope

  58. try to one shot every tank in one battle

  59. +PhlyDaily​​ next challenge: fly upside down with the Do-217 N-2 and use
    the upwards (now downwards)- facing “Schräge Musik” cannon to kill a ground
    +Myles Vincent​

  60. Csaba Álmos Debreczeni

    kill 2 tanks with one overpenetrating shell! 😉 good luck Phly!

  61. Try to kill a Mause. With mg

  62. PhlyDaily T26 and Mig 17

  63. kill Tiger IIs in a T-50, in RB flank and spank

  64. Thunder1177 Weekly

    Try to use a time delay bomb to take out an enemy plane in simulator or
    realistic battles

  65. LAND A B17 on a map in RB tnaks. not on a runway

  66. use maus or E100 and only use the 75mm

  67. Drop a bomb on a enemy plane in rb

  68. Kill a maus with a t34-1942 in RB

  69. daym, that scream.

  70. Kill a tank by dropping your tank on top of it ( Tier 1 is best because of
    the weak AA trucks. I’ve done it from driving off a cliff face and crushing

  71. Hey Phly, can you send me a link to your Mig-9 skin?

  72. please play tempest mk2. do you think its overrated?

  73. kill an enemy AND yourself using the artillery.
    yeah… i know… that’s not possible

  74. Fucking love this thing but slow. I rather use this as an SPG.

  75. kill a tank with the machine gun GAZ SPAA.

  76. It wasnt my comment but it was my challenge though :)

  77. So atempt number i dont actually know but try to “sail a pt76 trough
    Normandy in RB and survive and get at least a kill :)

  78. phly marry me pls

  79. Shoot down a Mig-17 in heinkel 51

  80. David Domok (Regaizz)

    Try to destroy a plane with the 5000 kg bomb.

  81. score a kill with 50m convergence on a plane without nose mounted guns

  82. Play German tanks at bar 6.7 I dare you. Hardest challenge ever.

  83. try to shoot down a 50kg bomber

  84. Try number 2!!!

    Make an attempt at enemy fighter’s lives with a Wellington Mk. X!!!

  85. you are a good guy

  86. go in the gladiator in a realistic jet battle and shoot down 2 planes

  87. Supertitkos titkos

    Yak9k snipe a tank crew in RB

  88. Kill enemy jet with a Po-2 in RB

  89. kill a Maus with a high explosive shell. show those Germans that square
    tanks are weak and look dumb anyway!

  90. lol try take down a b 29 with a p 26 one life only boy

  91. land with b-29 on planecarrier and start. sim battle.

  92. More Sim Battles, please!

  93. I dunno if its possible but what about some artillery gameplay? Grab
    yourself a big gun and try kill someone shoot indirectly across the map :D

  94. Try to kill low flying planes with bombs. (attempt 2)

  95. Land an Arado 234 C-3 In a carrier! Doesn’t matter which carrier is it!

  96. Land a B-29 on a carrier IN SIM


  98. Im sorry but that kill was invalid as it was the slowest plane in the game

  99. phly, i have something different: a world of warships challenge: play the
    t5 minekaze in a t10 match by playing in a division with a t10 ship and try
    to destroy some bbs 😀 keep up the good work! gl

  100. Phly here is the challenge- AA can mean Anti Armor too. take any AA vehicle
    and take out a take of a higher tier(higher than your AA)

  101. How about this challenge?! It can be only done when you’re last one in the
    team. If that happens,your task is to HIDE the **** out from your enemies
    and survive untill match end. Seems easy right? Naaah, do it with mouse.
    Good luck bro! Love your vids :)

  102. 4x russian maxim and mig 17 must be stronk russian

  103. With friend in custom battles try to kill yourself in aircraft by ramming a
    tank shell. Or at least fly side by side with a tank shell. Don’t know, if
    Aircraft: Ki-200 or Me 163 b
    Tank: Su-122 with HEAT shell (335 m/s muzzle velocity(couldn’t find slower
    If not, then just simply shoot some rockets and ram them.

  104. HS 129 plane kill (SB)

  105. panzer 1 with he 162 :3 try to get a kill with pz1

  106. try to shoot down a plane from 2 km (sry 4 my english,im italian)

  107. Kill a fighter with a fuse bomb launched by a PBY on simulator.

  108. Whats the diference between realistic and sim??

  109. I call this the Royal Navy challenge: choose any British naval prop plane
    no jets and get 5 kills in one RB

  110. Try to make enemy AAA kill the enemy plane you’re chasing, without getting
    killed yourself.

  111. Valdemar Gaardsted


  112. Cap a point in tank battle by landing on it with a plane (legit landing not

  113. 2 birds, 1 stone.
    But I’m referring to tank vs tank. Make a ricochet off an enemy tank, but
    have the same round penetrate another enemy tank and kill it. Any tank can
    be used.

  114. Land P-26 in B-29

  115. attempt 8 get 3 kill in butt tank and swordfish

  116. Kill a maus in the kv-2!

  117. Yaroslav Pushnikov

    Try shooting down a plane with a stug without using machine guns.

  118. Kill a KV1 or KV2 in a Panzer IV, with HE shells lol! (sorry)

  119. Martín Hernández Bárcena

    Try to land on a cap circle with a plane and try to cap it. ?

  120. Fly the D-13 but uninstall the upgrades

  121. Try a tier 5 game with reserve planes any country

  122. Omg you done it you done it :0 Phly you are the best !

  123. Try and land a B-17 on the ice

  124. Land a B-29 Bomber on an aircraft carrier in RB. It has been done before

  125. Cannon Blast (Brian Smith)

    How about a wrath of the sea? A PT-76 with a PBY-5a Catalina (USSR).

  126. Jean-Daniel Amacker


  127. I am officialy a Phly phan! You play the game the same way you create/edit
    content for us – with enthusiasm. The quality of these videos is
    phenomenal. You don’t just record the footage, edit it a little and then
    throw it on youtube, you actually make the best out of all of your videos.
    And before anybody gets butthurt, I’m not saying other WT youtubers don’t.
    I’m just trying the make a positive feedback towards Phly. Cause I think he
    deserves it. In my humble opinion…aaaand I have another CHALLENGE in my
    mind: Take out the Arado (the first one)–fly towards the closest base and
    drop the bombs like that: start a split S and somewhere before the middle
    point of the maneuver (the plane is still upside down) drop the bombs and
    try to hit the target. It allows you to gain speed and at the same time you
    destroyed your target and also turned back towards the runway.

  128. Kill a plane in RB with Schräge musik canons!

  129. Land a mig 17 on an aircraft carrier in RB (attempt 1)

  130. try to shoot down a plane with the wirbelwind :D

  131. Ok here’s a difficult one… Fly a plane up high then just leave the
    controls and do nothing, your goal is to take another plane out of the sky
    in free fall by hitting it…

  132. Try not to get killed in a sim battle with the PT-76

  133. Kill t-10 with swordfish.

  134. That was glorious!

  135. lol

  136. lmfaoo it would be the duck

  137. Here’s one try to kill a tier 5 tank in simulator or realistic with the
    smallest bombs in game.

  138. I shot down a P-26 with the Kv-2 in RB once. I almost cried it was so

  139. Next challenge…Destroy a MAUS using a Biplane in SB/RB hehehe…
    Challenge accepted ? (i did it once after 73 attempts xD)

  140. Here is a challenge in realistfly a p47 and you must kill at least 5 tanks
    and/or planes with 10 rockets.
    The challenge it has be at least 5 player kills in one run. (Without having
    to return to airfield to rearm) (if you do rearm in the airfield the kill
    count has to reset)

  141. Shoot down a plane with the panzerwerfer!

  142. Liviothan_ productions

    try to shoot down a hawker hunter at mach1 with a tank (not AA)

  143. kill a plane with the maus

  144. land a b-17 on a carrier

  145. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    DAT orgasm

  146. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    An easy one: kill a tank in RB by ramming, with a bomber (yes, ramming with
    a plane does do damage to a tank… very, very little damage)

  147. That “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!” sounds like plane drops :D

  148. how about kill a t5 tank in the cruiser AA vehicle

  149. The plane that wants to be a tank: Use any plane that has a nice giant tank
    size cannon under it(like a pbj) and while on the ground kill a heavy or
    medium tank that is a real player on the enemy team.

  150. Halo Bacon Evolved

    So once when i was playing arcade tanks i managed to kill a plane by
    criting it as a plane, timing out, re spawning in a tank and then shooting
    it down with a panzer 4 killing before it crashed. I want to see you try
    that Phly Daily.

  151. Alright, in the beginning you brought up landing a B-17 on a carrier. How
    ’bout a B-29 carrier landing?

  152. Phly you’re a boss! The player that got shot down was probably like:
    how…..what……. FUCK!!

  153. Fcuking legendary

  154. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    kill a jet with hurrican/Ki-44+40mm :]

  155. Attempt #2 Bomb a maus in a Po-2! IMPOSSIBRA!

  156. HE came. I use caps, literally.

  157. Use a stock tank to kill the flying fortress!!!!

  158. Panzerführer Chavez

    My challenge is simple. Fly the Meteor F Mk3 and kill at least 3 Mig 15’s
    or 17’s. Do you have what it takes Phly?

  159. Pedro Henrique Lopes

    Try to kill a tank with a torpedo in an RB match

  160. take a pz.lllm in arcade Battle and take all HE rounds and take down all
    planes.hit only light tanks

  161. done it with a hvss 105 but it was only .3 km away and it was going for
    someone .1 km away from me

  162. MillipedeNamedOtto

    Kill two plens with one ram.

  163. it was me in that duck i screamed and cursed so much after you hit me

  164. Kill an airplane using an arty strike
    (I’ve actually done this before by accident, killed a friendly Yak)

  165. Land the mig 17 on the friendly destroyer

  166. Kill a Maus with a Tortoise in RB.

  167. Next challenge: Kill 2 ground vehicles with one round, any game mode.

  168. AlOhAPvP HawaiiBoiz

    Do high altitude bombing with a little Bomb without using the sight

  169. no use the Vickers k from Wellington instead

  170. Slippery™ Sandals™

    Well gotta watch the Super Bowl now

  171. Take Down a jet with a biplane

  172. PHLY take out the T-26, with no upgrades, and the IL-28 in tank RB or Sim,
    try to get the IL-28 and get at least 7 kills, plane or tank kills…..and
    teach them the way of Stalin!

  173. kv2 vs. maus

  174. Land a B-29 with the most amount of bombs and land it on a carrier

  175. I’ve shot down two planes in the K-2, both accidental, both while firing at
    a target at ground level, and both friendlies

  176. Kill a T54 with the M22 only using the tank, DONT USE ARTY

  177. land a duck plane and use it as a tank


  179. (Attempt #1) Call in artillery on area while in ground vehicle, J out spawn
    in plane and get hit by own artillery while in the air.

  180. Kill a player tank at or longer than 1000m with a tier 1-2 tank. Tier 1
    would be nice but if you want to use tier 2 go ahead.

  181. phly u are the very best in all

  182. land a he-51, on a tank in sim battles

  183. Potato shooter vs jet. Shoot down an enemy jet plane with the 4m gazza AAA.
    Good hunting!

  184. 10 Maus kills. Sim Battle. With the 76 secondary.

  185. Challenge:
    Plat world of tanks

  186. Use the gepard to take out a tiger 1 or a jagpanther

  187. Phly! (Try 2)
    Your task is to fly the glorious airborne aircraft carrier. The Legendary
    TB-3 M-17 with the honorable T-34-85 in Sim Battles.
    Bomb the enemy ground units and secure victory for the Motherland!
    For mother Russia!

  188. Get a kill with the T-26 in a tier 3 battle in RB

  189. Roblox SwordFights (Sfing)

    By outlout i mean load out excuse my typing skills

  190. The meteor f MK 3 in current matchmaking!!!!!!

  191. Kill maus with M24


  193. Syrup ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Land a bomb inside of an open top tank

  194. Good work man

  195. O.M.G! Expert choreography and editing to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. The
    musical chase passage at 1:58 was hilarious with the charging KV-2. The
    climax of God Save The Tsar with KV-2 cannons! Epic Russian overload! And
    that final shot with the cry of “YEEEES!” was absolutely perfect!

  196. ram a tank with a plan and kill it

  197. No wait I has a better challenge. kill a maus with an m2a2 xDxDxD

  198. NicoMico CL (NicoMico14)

    kill a jet eith the the first gaz, m13, t17e2, gepard or the flakpanzer l
    in sb. in custom battles.

  199. fly the p51d in cockpit mode while trying to shoot down 2 planes in sim

  200. do a plane kill montage with the kv2

  201. Victory scream: 3:04 <----

  202. Dude try to land a B-17 on a carrier :P

  203. You sound like you jizzed in you pants when you finally got it

  204. I challenge you to use only HE rounds in an Rb game in any tank of your

  205. use this challenge: pz II c with the me 262 narwal

  206. non stop calenge! when you press fire button you hafe to keep it pressed
    until you run out of ammo do it on Ab attempt #4

  207. I got 2 possible challenges for ya, either land on an enemy carrier without
    dying or cross the ice along the shorline on that snow map with the lake
    along one side in arcade battle where everyone knows where you are.

  208. Using SPAA of your choice, in tank RB kill 2 T10Ms in a single
    match…possible but verrry unlikely, do you accept?

  209. How do you even get to play the KV-2 in a sim battle anymore?

  210. shoot down a tank with the maus tanks secondary cannon
    GOOD LUCK Phly daily

  211. Use the T95 or T28 because it the SPG in the in the game. Ture fact

  212. Try to shoot down a plane with one of the 250Kg bombs of the RBT-5!

  213. Jump on a is-3 with a Loctus :D

  214. try to ram a tank whit the b-29


  216. oh i have one kill a tank with a bomber at 5000+ meters ;)

  217. \CHALLENGE VIDEO// kill a maus with the rbt-5 in tank rb?

  218. use the sm.79 in Rb and get an ace XD

  219. Next challenge: Kill a T-10m with a BT-7 Yeah its posible try to find a
    weakspot on the t-10m at the bottom of the turret theres a 45mm armor spot
    and at the back top middle part theres a 37mm armor please Try it xd theres
    a guide for it tho.

  220. try to land a jet on a aircraft carrier without gear

  221. Kill a venom in RB using a p-36 base model (I did this, much to the
    amusement of my teammates, but it was a freak accident)

  222. thegamingchannel ffs

    +PhlyDaily destroy enemy tanks with the kv2 by shooting on the ground by or
    under an enemy tank

  223. hey phly you should do a chalang where one team are all tanks and the other
    team will be planes and the planes will try to get pass also no machine gun
    only main cannon

  224. NorwegianFighter - Norsk Gaming

    Fly the Vampire!

  225. Great work Phly! By the way could you try to kill a plane with arty? With
    luck on my side I did it once.

  226. Use a jet. Drop a delayed bomb fly back over the bomb to kill yourself….

  227. Ah, so you didn’t hit the plane, the plane just happened to hit your shell.
    Sir! I demand a do-over! :D

  228. Dat reaction tho lel

  229. For a moment he sound like those ty fighters in starwars

  230. Play only teir 1 using HE rounds. min atleast 3 kills :)

  231. I came

  232. I destroyed a plane with SU-152 LoL :)

  233. Land a b-25 on a carrier and take off. DOOLITTLE

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