KV-2 DERP GUN – NEW HAIRCUT (War Thunder Tank Best Camo)

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DERP GUN – NEW HAIRCUT (War Thunder Tank Best )

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  1. First :P

  2. hello world

  3. hello phly

  4. Marc Schnierstein

    Nice Afro Phly:D



  6. phly I don’t c how u r so good at playing games

  7. I like trains…

  8. TheWorldIsSoWrong


  9. 125 person to watch this videio

  10. best camo/haicut ever Matt Damon

  11. This haircut looks like Norbit’s :D

  12. I’ve killed a tank with a floor rebound before :/

  13. #BobRoss

  14. Yeeeez :D

  15. ”I kill children, thank you”

    -PhlyDaily 2016

  16. Bob Ross tenk!

  17. In real life those bushes would evaporate by the blast.

  18. russinas are just f king op

  19. Phly your videos are awesome!!

  20. the KV-2 probably liquefies crews when it gets a kill.

  21. Ppl where complaining about the bush camo and yet here we are watching Bob
    Ross derping ppl …oh wait that’s a kv-2

  22. Can you play the tank with the 183mm gun plz?

  23. Josef brink westergaard

    @PhlyDaily you CAN KILL tanks by hitting the ground BELOW then (without the
    shell ever hitting them). works with 120mm HE shells and above from my
    experience. You can even kill a maus like that 😉 cool way to troll people

  24. I Don't Understand Math

    You manage to hide a 152mm howitzer and 52.4 tons of steel with few bushes

  25. saw the thumbnail… “Phly what have have you done!?!!”

  26. Top 4ce (Heiko Brunken)

    Stalin’s Afro

  27. American Heavy Hitting/Animal Combo: (Attempt 7)
    Play the endangered M6A1 Buffalo and P-61 Black Widow with 4 1000lb bombs
    Deliver a taste of freedom to those Krauts!

  28. Im not payng 1000GE for some bushes…. But good vid phly

  29. Top 4ce (Heiko Brunken)

    In Solviet Russia, Bush camps Tank!

  30. the Afro killer XD

  31. TheKoorallchannel

    phly be stealin my ideas…

  32. thats how i looked like befor my last hair cut lol

  33. Hi Phly, do you still make that competition Top plays? because i have done
    some nasty plays and i wanna share that, kappa i just want golden eagles :)

  34. Best tank every

  35. BlueRosse Gaming

    circus kv2 on a rampage. nice vid mate.

  36. Pinochio with a ‘fro

  37. I’ve been giving all my tanks hair. Makes me not regret the eagles.

  38. creepy

  39. Wait guys? There was a TANK IN THIS VIDEO? I didn’t see anything!

  40. 10:46 ,pretty sure that was a comet dud…

  41. what have you done lol

  42. So funny Phly! Great haircut. KV 2 minion abomination

  43. camo blackpower !

  44. Sigh..russians are still OP as fuck

  45. wow lol

  46. ha-ha black kv2 back at it again with the afro

  47. Thats no tank, its a forest troll!!!!!!

  48. I didn’t buy the bushes while there was the discount… Do you think they
    will discount them again in the future? I’m not very experienced

  49. That AP Shell you’re using can actually be your death now when seeing
    Churchill Mk VIIs. 150mm of Front Armor… the only reason I switched to HE
    in this beast.

  50. How can you use the bionicular? Thanks for answers!

  51. Jacrispy Turdelson

    Looks like Bob Ross after being in the rain for too long

  52. Noone gonna coment about that fucked up name and how plhy says thanks in
    the same scentense with i kill children?

  53. phly where’s the disco music for that afro

  54. Gotta buy 20 000 golden eagles to buy me some bushes BOYS!!!

  55. i LOVE the fact that you can see the SHELL OF FEAR PENETRATE AND INJECT
    keep up the good work PhlyDaily XD

  56. Doctor Velociraptor

    Nice jewfro kv2

  57. The Bob I was thinking of was of the Sideshow variety when I saw this tank

  58. Lovely afro, Phly!

  59. Haha, Chia-Derp!!!

  60. This is perfect

  61. And that’s why I hate Russians/Soviets in this game. way too op. Sure, you
    can kill this tank with something like Dicker Max pretty easy if he doesn’t
    see you, but any normal tank like a Cromwell I and you probably won’t even

  62. Phly, a challenge for you: Sneak up on the enemy spawn in a ghillied tank
    and hide in a bush near the enemy spawn and try to stay unnoticed (and
    shoot their butts when they go past you).

  63. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b


  64. that KV2 looks like the Moon Moon of tanks. lol

  65. Murphy Williamson

    10:10 did he just say hella cat?

  66. Challenge: Play dead and do surprise for someone.

  67. Give the gunner on the 4M GAZ AAA an afro

  68. Lol Myspace in the description

  69. You should do the T-95 super hairy, I mean super heavy. You should do the
    camo right over the gun so it can look like it is SpongeBob. I go by AJ

  70. GTA news and more

    are we not going to acknowledge the fact that the guys name is I kill
    children lol

  71. phly im loving your videos every day im looking forward to watch your
    gameplay i started warthunder all from you and almost every other game you
    make content of. keep doing what your doing man just as long as your happy
    stick with what your doing :)

  72. Kyller X-treme 7

    Dat camo! XD

  73. Game's/Airsoft. NL/EN

    PhlyDaily how did you reloud so fast my KV-2 is pretty slow with it

  74. I wana put bushes on my plane now

  75. play hide and seek :D

  76. Make the TRUMP TANK

  77. Game's/Airsoft. NL/EN

    do the M18

    The M18 is a KV-1 to KV-2 type DESTROYER!!!

  78. Bob-Ross-tank XD haha nice one

  79. can you stream some more crossout

  80. I’m good with the KV-2 but i dan’t want to lose my luck

  81. I think war thunder should make cloud bushes for aircraft… because you
    know…of reasons.

  82. Phly, a good custom battle idea is to get one team of people and have them
    camo themselves as much as possible. Have those guys hide, and have the
    other team go find them. Last one alive on the hiding team wins.

  83. hey phly, gaijin removed bushes from the shop, then they came back… and i
    thought “hey! maybe gaijin listened to the cries of the comunety, and did
    so that we can grind them”. you kow what they did? they upped the price
    from 500 eagles to 1000 eagles… iv’e lost faith in gaijin

  84. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    RBT-5 hair

  85. that bushes are ok jusf kv2 is op

  86. that is the most funniest face I ever seen on a tank

  87. yes yes funny funny but the faking prices for camo is OP as fuk WTF is

  88. Hahahahah, Mahht Daymond… DERP!

  89. Hey phly please do the hetzer with the the new camo

  90. Really, really?! I need to pay foor a set of some F*CKING BUSHES!? I hate

  91. evil russian clown with gun that go boom lol

  92. Phly can identify tanks through bushes, but can he see why kids love
    cinnamon toast crunch?

  93. It looks like a Russian camouflage on the helmet

  94. Looks Good Phly^^ , Take out the T-10m and the LA-15, Russian headhunters^^

  95. Hisssssss

  96. What’s a good tank or airplane to buy with 2500 gold Eagles???

  97. I r Bob Tunk. Lemme pent you pecktur of KV-2 heven

  98. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    PHLYDAILY or someone can you learn me to shot?? i dont know to shot at

  99. Fun video, but I knew this would happen. New camouflage is turning into a
    joke, gaijin needs to slow down and figure the more important issues out
    instead of wasting their time with stuff like this and getting ahead of



  102. u should do a video with camo AA like on ze wirble

  103. This tank…. nightmare fuel

  104. This is like when u r walking on the streets and a you shit your pants
    because there is a killerclown with a 152mm gun in front of you..

  105. lysergicheadcase

    Do you have to pay for camo? As long as it’s available to everyone it’s
    fine. If it costs eagles that’s a fucking travesty of P2W.

  106. love how u are able to see the shells go beacuse of the shells low speed

  107. What’s Phly’s squad’s name?

  108. Did this haircut come from all the complaining on the stream?

  109. Phly you should put one of the long bushes under the barrel of the kv2 and
    make it look like Stalin

  110. jUST WANDERING, What do you use to record your videos. I use obs but its
    still does not look as good as yours.

  111. Ridiculous tank hahaaahaahahhhhhahah omg

  112. Russian tanks can still move when engine turns black. especially in AB, t44
    can still move like a rat with broken engine.

  113. Bob Ross tenk to stronk 4 u komrade

  114. KnightOfTheUnholyApple

    I wonder if the tetrarch has camo?

  115. This is funny because I suggested baron to camo-up the KV-2 CX

  116. Falcon Thunder A-4

    Kv2 vrs maus custom tomorow phly pls

  117. So not only do I have to play against the Russians which my British ammo
    apparently can’t kill (because they could never kill tenk in reality…yis
    comrade) in Gaijin’s ‘realistic game’; I now have to play against Russian
    tanks with fucking afro’s and no smoking signs…. Remember when you used
    to play Warthunder because it was one of the few good games which did some
    kind of justice to second world war tank combat….

    Don’t get me wrong I’m finding it all funny now but it’s going to get old
    quick :(

  118. Its funny and all, but not 2000 G.E worth of funny… Fucking Gaijin money
    grabbing whores, all day long :/

  119. WoobooRidesAgain


    But remember, Phly: there are no mistakes. Just happy accidents.

  120. PHLY! Play hide and seek with bush tanks in custom battles!!!

  121. Im a ps4 player that has over 1.1k kills in the mig15bis and 1.2k f2 sabre
    kills im MLG

  122. 2:20 Russian bias? What are y’all talkin bout, Phly said the t32 killed the
    panzer IV F.2 T32 Now has a br of 4.3…. AMERICAN BIAS!

  123. *Starts dancing* oh damn, i clicked a phly daily vid. that’s sick

  124. I love how surprised phly is everytime a russain 4.3 team steamrolls. Like
    it doesn’t happen every almost every match

  125. kv2 is powerful enough to kill a mouse from across the map

  126. Overwatch Entertainment

    M41A1 Bulldog OP w/ SABOT

  127. that name tho the hell

  128. That camo is an a-bob-ination

  129. “got to make a happy little T-32 with a happy little tree on his right. Let
    the happiness just flow through you.”

  130. ZombieKiller393 Gaming!

    please fly the russian flying tank IL-37 plz

  131. camo smk

  132. Hey phly, how do you use the binos on the tanks. Great video aswell.

  133. I did this as soon as the camos came out lamo

  134. Can anybody tell me what button it is to see your armor and parts x-Ray in

  135. The KV-Ross is ready

  136. Rasta derp

  137. I have a challenge

    use a KV-2 and try not to automatically win

  138. Just gotta say it, if that thing came charging at me from down the street,
    I don’t care what I’m in, I’m running the other way with a white flag
    hanging out the barrel and a whole lot of liquid coming out the back of the

  139. “I kill children” -Phlydaily 2016

  140. 2:08 Obama nation? O_o u wut?

  141. Generalianb Gaming

    SB2C-1c PLEASE op

  142. Hey phly could you do a vid on how to download user skins and equip them? I
    have issues when doing it and I have around 1500 hours in warthunder.

  143. The leafs and shit you put on your tank is useless because it renders out
    over a distance

  144. 2000 GE for bushes that turn invisible over distance….

  145. fly the p51 with the 20mm :DDD

  146. Why are you usin AP shells in a KV2? HE is the way to go man

  147. is the KV1 chassis the ame as the KV2 chassis? because of so then i can
    make a KV2 modeled off my KV2 which is on Kerbal X if your interested.


  149. A face that only a Stalin could love.

  150. you should go troll in the sdk flack truck on realstic.. por favor?

  151. “Beat the devil out of it”

  152. Phly you should do a custom battle and play hide and seek with ghillied

  153. phlydaily do you make videos where you use planes?

  154. when you have a shitty day and then you see this and laugh. thanks phly

  155. Camping in enemy spawn, ruins the game.

  156. afro tank

  157. m4a2 76

  158. m4a2 76
    it can be small but can ball and if you don’t fall you will fined someone

  159. Cha Cha Cha Chia

  160. lol :)

  161. Bomber Challenge :
    Bombs Another Bomber plane

  162. Michael Schoenecker

    I’m sorry to be annoying but stug not stoog, sorry it just bugged me ?

  163. Michael Schoenecker

    That kv-2 bob Ross look is pretty great though

  164. Wesley vandeurzen

    the abobination

  165. kv ross

  166. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    okay this is effin scary

  167. Am I the only one who wants more Crossout videos? xD

  168. TheBerzerkerlord

    At 12:00 is a prime example of players with no common sense and knowledge
    about tanks. Sure the Kv-2 can OHK most everything but a good player knows
    that he has the longest ass reload at that tier. That Sherman if he played
    smart would have advanced and unloaded 3-4 shells into phly.


    How do u use the binoculars

  170. Jeremy Clarkson KV-2 :)

  171. AHAHAHA best haircut ever.

  172. Gaijin was like : Hey, you wanna Bushes for free?
    Me : YES! (^_^)
    Gaijin : HELL NO you poor freak. Guess what? It’s 1000GE now Muahahahahaha
    Me : -_- Really?!!

    END of the story. Such story such P2W

  173. Stop being such a kill whore

  174. whay cant we just pick bush and branch in the woods ;-)

  175. if the bushes are now hair that means on the dicker max they are pubes

  176. Иосиф Steelin

    did he copy it from the russian wt youtuber Omero? he used the same exact
    camo in his video some days ago

  177. Attempt #69: Try to kill a tank with a ricochet shell.

  178. JUST XD

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