KV-2 Line Battle! Mount & Blade Meets War Thunder!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War KV-2 Line Battle!
War Thunder Tanks – Kv-2 Line Battle Mount & Blade!?!

Thanks for watching!


  1. I watched this live last night!!

  2. Im fightinfirst, at 4:00 i was TRYING to line up on the hill but then an
    a-hole on my own team shot me :/

  3. lol i was luis 424 in that game mode he said my name tooo lol yaaaay

  4. Like 18th century battle


  6. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

    are you doing this events with viewers or with friends?

  7. jurrasic Slime VLOGZ

    war horse is a good film, if youve already seen that I suggest flyboys on

  8. if you were live last night say “I”


  9. WW II cccp kills you if you dont folow orders

  10. This would have been so much cooler on mozdok since its so open

  11. will you be doing any more fallout new Vegas videos just want to know you
    haven’t uploaded any more of them since part 2

  12. At first nobody shot at Kovin_Kestner. I don’t think they could quite
    believe what they were seeing…

  13. Futurama is the best

  14. watch Gotham

  15. this reminds me of a School, yard Brawl with the older year!

    great video Baron

  16. You need to have a commander for each side, and only you can start the
    battle, but go commander vs commander.

  17. Pleaseeee Neubaufahrzeug next just play this king of rank I derp!

  18. Baron a great show on Netflix is archer it’s funny but it also has a very
    good story I watched all 6 seasons twice

  19. I’ve never been on the red team.

  20. Can you do a Calliope battle? Or use the Calliope in the tank request
    series. I never seen it. #rockettank

  21. I was xX_69_Xx, lol. I brought my stronk KV2

  22. Baron do you play wot blitz

  23. This should have been done with spg’s

  24. Luigik99'sChannel

    no way !!! :’)

  25. do this again with pershing and another type of tank

  26. 124 like and 34 comment love ur videos great

  27. “Suits” is the best show hands down

  28. “Suits” is the best show hands down

  29. silence of reaper

    best show on Netflix… Porn hub!

  30. Baron if you’re looking for something on Netflix watch generation war, it’s

  31. Too bad you didn’t use kursk and have the battle take place with them 1200m
    apart, you could spectate from the Po-2 and watch the shells arc past each


    id say watch family guy LoL!

  33. Might I suggest a “Cavalry battle” in BT-7s or T-50s? Basically, mass
    charges and you can only shoot whilst moving. Could be interesting.

  34. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Sword Art Online or Arpeggio of Blue Steel…. I prefer Arpeggio since it’s
    about ships lol

  35. would of been hilarious if towards the end u just got into a b-29 and
    carpet bombed them all

  36. shouldve done it in a longer range map.

  37. Haha, i’m a red team ace o7

    This night was fun btw, see u for another live and thx for it :p

  38. Happy Potato With No Name 24

    netfix sucks watch shigatsu wa Kimi no uso

  39. Imagine this…….with PZ IIs!!!

  40. archer and longmire

  41. the obvious American

    Baron im Commie_Destroyer

  42. that should be a game mode

  43. Baron house md is good

  44. lol SU-100Y’s

  45. Hi Baron, I want to get war thunder but every time I try to create an
    account it says that my email format is incorrect. What should I do?

  46. Had me grinning watching this…a real fun custom game! Nice!

  47. please do more of these line battles in war thunder


  49. Narcos on Netflix?

  50. 5:50 CHARGE LITTLE BABY COWARDS! That’s probably what Heavy would say…
    You should do a Maus vs Maus Line Battle next!

  51. Where are the pipers?

  52. do a m103/t 95/28 vs maus line battle

  53. DOPE

  54. Ahem, Baron the enemy is always red, no matter what team you are on. ;)

  55. Hi baron, I’m bosssam. Watched it live yesterday, good memories :)

  56. “Big Booty!.. or big shot here”
    xD i died

  57. plz use the panzer 3m

  58. best shows on Netflix right now IMO
    The Blacklist
    Marvels: Agents of Shield
    Peaky Blinders
    Trailer Park Boys

    By far the best shows on Netflix right now. and if you comment with orange
    is the new black, bloodline, blue bloods, house of cards etc… sorry but i
    really don’t like hyped generic shows… i find them awfully boring.

  59. do it on poland or kursk so all of them can line up

  60. Gen - cod sniper and OBJ

    would have liked to see this from a low flying bi-plane

  61. next time try it on mozdok

  62. So far the most entertaining video by you

  63. Should do it with su/isu-152s next time

  64. It’s all about brute force and strength in numbers

  65. BaronVonPuppetMaster over here!

  66. You LOVE being the puppet master. Good fun stuff, thanks m8 :)

  67. A Gentlemanly Snivy

    I wonder if doing this with t60s or m2a2s would be any fun. So many shells
    would be flying!

  68. i made MVP!!

  69. thomas 200spitfire

    Play rare plane LA-174!!!!

  70. Baron watch Narcos, top noch stuff.

  71. Jacob Dunbar (PrecastOrc8601)

    gotham great show

  72. You should do maus vs kv2

  73. And they can only attack your frontal armor

  74. ref. Netflix, longmire is a great show. So is House of Cards.

  75. i want to see something like this except with the Maus or t-95

  76. 3 million gold eagles O_O

  77. You should do one game on arcade and one on realistic

  78. watch blacklist Barron

  79. I like narcos

  80. That stream was amazing tho

  81. That was fun.

  82. tiger2

  83. tiger2 Vs tiger1

  84. My day was made! Best KV-2 battle ever lol

  85. Armando Rodriguez

    Maus vs. Maus next time!

  86. This is such a terrible lb so much fol and terrible lines

  87. House of Cards and Gotham are my favorite shows, and you should do a line
    up with the Maus.

  88. Discospade Gaming

    He should of use mozdok for the map

  89. Baron. If you haven’t watched Dexter or Bones. You should check those out.

  90. Falling skies is a pretty good tv show.

  91. Baron could you play more mount and blade please.

  92. Baron Do Sim or Realistic plane battle using Oculus rift pls

  93. my name is my name


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