KV-2 LINE BATTLE (War Thunder Epic Custom Battle)

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War Thunder Line Battle & Duel!

Thanks for watching!


  1. ‫عبدالرحمن الزهراني‬‎


  2. AReallylongusernamelisreallyboringtoreaholeecrap

    nice vid! (haven’t watched it yet)

  3. the snooping man


  4. War Thunder Epic

  5. semtex_390_TV Nohomo


  6. Radio ToraDora (feel the music)


  7. Daniel Angcos (JackFrostBlade)


  8. Why the tank is shinin like golden eagles I don’t have?

  9. It’s that boi DAMN

    oh shit WADDUP

  10. ur face agian!!!

  11. So many plebs that only have the kv-2 1939….

  12. in soviet russia comrad there are no GULAGS.If you brake the rules you get

  13. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    What is your least favourite tank for 1.59?

  14. . for statistics

  15. make that at ashriver and watch them in the valley from the top, would be
    much better to watch

  16. I watched this one live when you were streaming it on Twitch. Keep up the
    good work.

  17. can you do an m4 sherman or the fury premium tank

  18. Baron Baron can you make an Amphibious Battle?
    Russia VS U.S

  19. 1939 KV-2 vs German KV-2 1.59 HYPE!

  20. You should do a m22 locust only game next stream

  21. Michael DePelteau

    That was fun!!

  22. Oh look it’s the American pewdiepie

  23. vincentas stefanas

    Do a line charge with some tanks.

  24. Nope Nopede Nope

    “Za Stalina” at the beginning lmao xD it’s “For Stalin” in Polish :D

  25. how many golden eagles will the german kv2 cost? i got to get my Money
    ready :D

  26. How about big guns challange ? , like more , than 120 mm guns only .

  27. been there, done that

  28. Totally didn’t take this idea from Phly

  29. Jonathan Weaver

    Hahaha it was fun watching him set this up live on the stream

  30. Funny thing is I watched the first KV-2 line battle at 2:30pm……….and
    now here I am nearly 6 hours later…….

  31. WoW~~~~ WOT Type 59 G (Gold Type 59)

  32. Next time use a Bunch of pz2s

  33. The battle starts at 8:20

  34. when ships do come out, we’ll need to see KV-2 going against them under
    cover of buildings

  35. meanwhile I was in chat banning spammers

  36. What would you say you most best do least? ;)

  37. Dicatatorship of Imperial Godly H0LY C0C0NUT Regime

    U have honored soviet russia

  38. you finally show your face

  39. wow he copied DezGamz’s Face off

  40. I LOVE YOU

  41. And honor to be a part of this lol -crustycrab123123

  42. FFS can someone plz do hide and seek

  43. I was allways wondering if gold would be a good armor. I know it is soft,
    but also very dense.

  44. BTW, where r u from?

  45. Sebastian Potrykus

    the worst map

  46. Vicente Del Río

    what happened with phly and baron

  47. Hi, Baron, that was epic, and…. In the phrase “Za Stalina!” in the word
    “Stalina” stress on the first syllable and “Z” sounds like Z, not like ZH,
    i hope you will speak like a real soviet soldier wery soon))))))))

  48. baron, why u looks like pewdiepie?

  49. Hail King Devin

    kv-2 gold dargon.

  50. Next on kursk baron!

    On a very open map have kv-2s line up and have the teams about 1000m(or
    closer but still a crazy far distance) apart. Then the kv-2s will use HE to
    lob at the enemy line. Essentially your using kv-2s as artillery guns, PLZ
    help Baron see this!!

  52. u r awesome with the face cam i dont know why u dont keep going with that

  53. I’m watching this listening to: Oh Fields, My Fields

  54. you look pretty cool you look like a character from Star Wars I don’t know
    if you know that but you’re cool you look like Obi One Kenobi you’re pretty
    cool guy that I like seeing tank videos maybe later you could get the
    world’s biggest tank out if you know how to do it

  55. e guys o just started with youtube pls check my account i already have
    2videos’s :-)

  56. Do more armored warfare…


  57. this face and this voice… makes me weird

  58. Baron i have a awesome idee get only kv-2 and 1locust and basicly the
    locust has to drive down a line of kv-2’s and when the locust drives by the
    kv-2 has to fire

  59. George Davenport

    when he sad he smelt gold he sounded like gold member off if Austrian

  60. Baron von Kenobi lookin gud m8

  61. daniel ornellas

    A good cutom one team dicker max the other m22

  62. is gold stolen by germans from jewish people. found on dead germans and put
    on tank give the jewish souls retribution on germans, comrade lol

  63. Baron, as some one how has donated to you and Phly because you two made a
    great team. I think we deserve an answer to why you don’t make videos
    together anymore.

  64. why not snipe in the desert map with all kv-2

  65. Forest Is Kradominos

    You should do something where you have AAA vs aircraft on White Rock
    Fortress and have the AAA set up on the turrets and walls as a ‘tower
    defense’ game :)

  66. subscribe to my war thunder channel!

  67. THANK YOU BARRON!!!! 🙂 I don’t know if I was the only one to comment it
    but if I was, THANK YOU!!!

  68. This Name Is Excrutiatingly Long Isnt It

    It’s like he knew I was gonna say “this video is interesting” as the video
    was loading. Baron you finished my sentence ;-;

  69. Mobile refrigirating units xD

  70. Brennan Robledo

    do tigers next

  71. I challenge you to battle baron

  72. they are going to gulag

  73. Vetty Stronk!

  74. ATGM dual German ATGM’s v.s Russian ATGM’s

  75. kv-2 is a one shot one kill and i always use high exsplosive and nothin else
    < grimreaper666>

  76. Play that T-54 and any plane you feel for that BR

  77. All.Youtube. Stuff

    What country is the best for tanks. I think It is Germany 

  78. Baron you robin hooded Vapedwarf. you shot straight into his gun barrel and
    it went all the way down and destroyed him


  80. anyone know how to get on the “dev server”?

  81. BARON DO A MAUS DULE!!!!!!!!!!

  82. dasvidanya baron

  83. aww. I wish I could’ve joined. but i can only play on the weekend late at
    night. D:

  84. Wit, the KV 2 has an MG?

  85. You should do the linebattle with maus!! that would be pretty epic

  86. Immanuel Nuh Wijaya

    Barony your beard looks overgrown.. Becoming a grandpa!

  87. DeadFrontierBySeba17

    Is this BaronVonGamez or Obi-Wan Kenobi?

  88. for the people saying, man this game is Russian bias, well it is not
    Russian bias coz Russian tank is to stronk for other countries

  89. If you put all the kv-2 ammo in a pile, drove your t54 on to it and blew it
    up, you would have been the first russian to go to mars xD

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