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0:00​ INTRO
2:29​ longrangeblyats (first game)
12:39 tell ur mom bf said sup (second game)
20:52 i love yall (third game)
27:41 later phellas 07



    a question i still ask myslef to this day

  3. 2:15 wasnt it always just look at target and fire?
    thats what i experience

  4. 13:34 you mean WT would’t fuck something up so obviousely??? buahahhahah of course they WILL

  5. As Borat would say:
    ,,👍 VERY NICE! 👍”

  6. How does he changes his range ??

  7. “its buggy” said by a guy making impossible shots at 2000 meters with a cannon that was meant for 250meters…

  8. Day 1008: fly the zero again ok.

  9. U forgot the 15cm low tier beast of Germany.

  10. I really enjoyed this video again. And BTW I think you killed me yesterday morning. Map:poland derp:kv yeet. Could you please play more Japanese tanks😊😊💪🏻 I am grinding them

  11. For those who don’t have strong intuition of range, you can aim directly at target use the squad marker and read the map. On the map there’s a grid size.

  12. 3:12 you mean gulag my friend

  13. 0:23 that spinning thing was the turret!

  14. we had panzer of the lake
    now prepare for KV-2 of the bridge

  15. what settings do you use, I cant get above 60 fps anymore with a 6800xt

  16. HE Rounds are way too strong rn
    U can literally 1 shot tiger 2s with the chi ro I believe (1.3 Japanese? Vehicle)
    When you get hit with a 10kg round on the barrel the while crew also dies instantly
    Or maybe I’m just super unlucky

  17. Ultra Bremsenreiniger


  18. Makes you feel like you could hold an important road with a kv2, preventing a Nazi push into Moskva.

  19. I just got done modifying the KV-2 fell in love with it

  20. A͓̽g͓̽o͓̽s͓̽t͓̽o͓̽n͓̽ Tanka

    why use this ammo??????


  22. Every time i play soviet 152 mm germany go bye bye

  23. I just realized that he has 150 in crew skill.. I got 15 and I can not hit a tank on 200m with this shit… BUT if you do not have the SKILL – PAY FOR IT !! BORING !!!

  24. 14:48 KV-2 has a lazer rangefinder ?

  25. Princess Applestrach

    After the leo 2K be ready for the KV2KMSHOTBLYAT

  26. [OAT] stef Your brOATher

    4:30 nonna–klara that is a girls und panzer reference

  27. олег ищенко

    The explosion at 20 seconds was 20 km from my city Vinnitsa Ukraine, the explosion of an ammunition depot was sort of like rocket “point U”

  28. 25:42 now I just want to play Flammpanzers

  29. do the f82 you havent done that in a bit

  30. Phly: guesses range

  31. 12:02, PHLY looks at the test drive place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Ausführung A

    Day two of asking you to play Sturmpanzer II again

  33. Day 1: Fly with a squad of 4 people and achieve Air Superiority at Top BR as America. Have one guy take out the spaa, clearing the way for American Democracy.

  34. Phly pls play the marder 3

    *or i will use F instead of Ph*

  35. I think the distance is around 1600, or closer for that pz. IV H

  36. i have more fun to watch your WT vids than playing myself… i watch you, than i want to play! I play and get it handed to me and than return here and watch another of your vids. 😛 (Yeah i need more exp)

  37. Antonio Di giorgio

    It still blow my mind that Steve as amercian uses meters instead of hamburgers and corns. Well done phloffy, very weel done!

  38. Why yes Russian death fridge has arrived

  39. I see Phly’s dad sneeze has come through

  40. what BR would it go to if gajin gave it HEAT shells? 🤔

  41. i wish every person in the world had your energy Phly

  42. Sgt Woody Airsoft ph

    hi everyone can anyone help me how fix my game, when i played it freezed and then the bluescreen came.

  43. For some reason the idea of playing an RB match only using the gunner sights and driver view has come to me.

  44. Can we play sometime?

  45. My mums bf says hi back 😉

  46. tank_commander 577

    Phly:brings kv 2 with 152mm yet
    Me:where m60a2 starship with better 152mm yeet

  47. Oh my lord I was in a game with phly but it wasn’t a worthy game but I’m complete 🤓

  48. I miss the old long range yeet song




  49. I used the bushes to kill 5 tanks(KV2)

  50. Phly in the first game almost getting killed: Nooo! I’ve only got one kill! (That is 2000meters away!)
    Me: Can’t get out of spawn because I get recked by the enemy Arty

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