KV-2 Nuke Artillery VS Top Tier TANKS (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Nuke Artillery VS Top Tier TANKS ()


  1. *ermmm kids never drunk photoshop for tomorrows video*

  2. Снежный Джони

    mbt armor is a joke

  3. The crusader brothers!
    Crusader MK 2&3 combo!!!
    (pls do it pls)

  4. Play panzermadels;) attempt#11

  5. *has intro implying he doesn’t like being called tankdaily…….. uploads tank video within 24 hours*

  6. That KV2 1940

  7. Tankdailly back and worse than ever

  8. Phly when you start your Chanel

  9. That’s some dank DrDisrespect Intro Music 😉 I like

  10. How can you rangefind

  11. What’s the difference between the KV-2 1939 and the KV-2 1940?

  12. Take out the Westland Whirlwind. Make it look good at it’s current BR.

  13. love the intro song 🙂

  14. Oh boy… #RUSSKI-BIAS

  15. MightyPeppers Gaming Channel

    PHLY!!! Its been months since Fulda Gap was released and you still havent played decoy! Show those pesky russians that their pumy tank crews cant even tell the difference between a prop and the real thing.

    Using the correct M60, try to blend in with the other prop tanks on Alpha or Charlie and see if you are noticed, try to get at least one kill while in “decoy mode”

    Attempt #1

  16. KW-2 isn’t good tank. Meh armour, meh mobility, very long reload, very big target.

  17. KV 2 BEST ARTILLERY ))))))))))))))))))))))))

  18. Valentin Mihalescu

    Better press H to revive the tanks

  19. Play Do335 or Fw-190 D!

  20. Joseph Satri Cleofe Villanueva

    C’mon guys, what about the Beast from the East (sort of), the KV-1B 756(r)! Make the Allies cry tears of blood!

  21. Valentin Mihalescu


  22. Ra Ra Tanksputin




  24. What is the song in the intro?
    Lovely Synthwave!

  25. “Turn back” Aghhh….
    Best moment!!

  26. Phly can u do a Sabre video plz. Thx

  27. How do u scroll up and down the range like that at the start of the vid I’m a ps4 player and can’t figure out how to do it

  28. Play with the g8n1 is it still the god old Death Star?
    #attamte 2

  29. Do Stormpanzer ll VS High tear!

  30. I like how you went…. we have not done a KV2 video in a while. And normally when we “doodoo” KV2 video….

  31. TankDaily


  33. Emperor Shōwa wants you to take out Type 5 Ho-Ri Production and J7W1 Shinden with 60kg bombs. Let the imperialistic dogs feel the wrath of a japanese empire!
    Attempt #1

  34. How do you measure the distance?
    Could you tell me xD

  35. hey tankdaily 😀

  36. PHLEE!! Play the FV4202 and Tempest mk2 with rp-3s! For queen and country!

  37. Good man, I’m watching you.

  38. hey phlydaily can you please play world of warships again

  39. Switches to HE with 65 or 80mm pen or something. *expects it to just stun the crew and lift damage some modules inside the tank. *kills t-64 in the face. *switches to stronk-est tonk in game. *surely can’t pen? *1 shots is6 in face… bruh, KV-2 best top tier tank confirmed 2018. 😉

  40. Here goes DankDaily.

  41. Tankdaily returns

  42. Yo Phly. Since you are getting back into planes… Maybe to a sim battle? You’ve done an RB match and that was real fun to watch. Now play the VG 33C.1 french t2. Its a FW190 with a very good elevator authority. (PS: pop landing flaps at the top of a ascending spiral and you will stall at 20MPH.)

  43. TankDaily attempt #Russian

    PT-76 gets 10 kills with AP ammo

  44. TankDaily

  45. shoot the first gear wheel with apcbc, even on maus! And one shot with kv2

  46. tankdaily has returned

  47. “Welcome to Mag-i-not”

    You tried. XD

  48. Where can I download the user missions ??

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