KV-2 Russian Shotgun 1 vs 29..

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Ready for more ? I AM!


  1. is kv3 much better than kv2 ??

  2. pls wg, make this this happen. Please hire Circon.


  4. The bitrate increase has made a *massive* difference. 720p 60fps looks better than your 1080p 60fps streams and videos used to on both my 1080p main screen, and my 1366×768 satellite.

    Edit: BTW, the FPS hit is probably due to the higher bitrate.

  5. the memes are thick in this one

  6. i only get into tier 8’s with my kv-2, but still manage to be in the top 3. 🙂

  7. Okay, I like the way he plays, but after 6 oneshot kills in a totally OP tank he says, that the enemy is being stupid for not coming in front of his gun… I mean…

  8. mrcannotfindaname

    My brain hurts watching the enemy team.

  9. I think I just got second hand autismo from that game

  10. The reason why I never get ace on KV2 🙁

  11. What a pathetic pair of teams! Good thing you were there to carry.

  12. Good to see KV-2 stomping everything. Spirit of the hero of Reseinai lives on xD

  13. load the slugshells

  14. I still can’t believe the luck you had at the end on your second game of the stream

  15. Cheeseburger Freedom Man

    KV-2 with 4 barrels

  16. Why my fps is shit?! Srsly Circon, just enjoy. I play on 25 fps on bad detail.

  17. When I play KV-2 it’s 1 vs RNG

  18. The humanity…

  19. most accurate tank in the history.

  20. Pff…put Xvm on man, let’s see what tomatoes you’re farming..

  21. KV-2, the higher the tier, the better it perfoms

  22. Nice meme!

  23. Damnit Circon! Stop adding gun barrels on! I can only get so erect!

  24. HELP NEEDED. A few days ago I was driving my t5 swedish destroyer (awful thing btw) and I wasnt able to penetrate SIDE of KV1s turret and its side. Now KV1 has about 70mm or armor; my penetration is 120 avarage. I fired SIX shots into him from about 50 metres and none of them penetrated (its AP not HE). Any guesses?

  25. Know what’s even more satisfying than one-shotting an ELC while driving a KV-2?  Killing a KV-2 while driving an ELC!  =)  And your video title was very accurate.  You fought both the enemy and allied team.  Nice Pool’s medal!

  26. sent it to Jingles?

  27. love how Dispersion of 0.58 go exactly where it aims.

  28. Circon playing KV-2… End of the world

  29. un-fcking-believable how retardet that game was 🙂

  30. It was in the bag all along.

  31. Alexander Krikorian

    *fps to shit*
    *has 80+ fps*

    ok 😛

  32. ShadowAssasinMitchell 12


  33. Best memes of the week

  34. Circon, I’m going to be honest with you man, I don’t like the title on these :/

  35. I have best ever success sniping long range with the KV-2.. more accurate than most medium tank guns in the game!

  36. you should give credit to that T1 at the begginning. even tho he didnt played good he helped the chaffee when he flipped

  37. #stronk #kv2 #carry

  38. In hoc signo vinces

    Dafuq did I just watch. I have cancer now…

  39. Swedish flag?

  40. Never doubted it…..

  41. just Photoshop a katyusha into the KV2 turret

  42. WTF was that Chaffee doing??? The T1 was constantly holding his hand early on.

  43. 90 fps on max graphics – ” why is my fps so shit?” Ciron 2017

  44. strangest game I’ve ever seen in WoT

  45. both teams full of idiots.

  46. cant wait for another video of KV2 😛

  47. PogChamp

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