^^| KV-2 Shotgun Sniper?! (World of Tanks)

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Ready for more ? I AM!


  1. Keep it up……Battle On!

  2. Honestly surprised Circ hadn’t 3 marked the KV2 yet.

  3. Good thumbnail… Kappa

  4. #makethumbnailsgreatagain Enjoy your sunday! <3

  5. I’m early let’s make a joke… t343 is more expensive than the 112… wait it is..

  6. You make mother Russia proud DA!

  7. Syahareen Sha Rani

    The Thumbnail caught my attention xD

  8. Another kv 2 replay!!! Yay

  9. so my conclusions are is that kv2 now has .01 accuracy

  10. Hey Circon, at Friday i had send you some Gold. Did you got it?

  11. that low roll tho against the JPanther

  12. after watching this video, i re assure that accuracy means nothing in this game
    Stalin and communism is the only truth

  13. these kv2 modifications are getting out of hand

  14. special Is is special.

  15. jokes on you, i had a tier 10 game the other week where only four of our teem done any damage at all, 15-0 defeat in 3:40 FML

  16. What crosshair are you using?

  17. KV2 ooutspotting Hellcat. Seems legit!

  18. BinBackWieRuecken

    i love this thumbnail

  19. First star that IS ! Second Star that Comet ! Circon a distant Third star cause clearly his team didn’t need him

  20. where are you from circon?

  21. KV-2 Stronkgun Sniper

  22. 6:16 Oh! The humanity!

  23. Soviet tanks have the best accuracy in the game, you can’t deny that…

  24. Jandre Labuschagne

    Dear Circon

    It is with a sorrow heart that I inform you of my dissapointment in your channel. I really enjoyed your week of circon highlights videos and all of a sudden they disapeared. I enjoyed watching a highlight and thinking “Holy Sh!t I saw that live !”. Please make more week of circon and 3rd mark highlights videos.


    A fan

  25. That last shot was a CLASSIC; it belongs in the archive.

  26. Love the scope on the KV-2

  27. Cool tip for when fighting Tiger Is and i believe Tiger Ps as well, on the side hull below the upper hull and behind the tracks is only 60mm thick, i’ve penned a Tiger for 1100 before in my KV2

  28. AW! new haircut #ladyboner XD

  29. This is why E25 should have 30mm armor MAX

  30. Keep adding attachments Circon, I wonder what’ll happen when you add a grenade launcher??

  31. This is a crazy game!! Only need editing though…;)

  32. wot player base getting worse and worse

  33. When one-fifty-two’s, suddenly appear…

  34. kv2 Best sniper in wot

  35. Regarding WoW, Legion is a blast and Nighthold is an awesome raid.

  36. typical unicom. rages at team mate to cap but he doesn’t cap. rages at team mate to charge instead of sniping but he doesn’t charge he snipes. typical.

  37. WTF that crosshair is still moves after the turret has stopped. It’s a bug or is normal? xD 10:42

  38. SirCornflakes you must have sent record number of dissidents to gulag as Stalin’s ghost surely guided your shots.

  39. …. play with jingles lol

  40. BEtween the Artillery video and this Im convinced Circon has some sort of RNG deal with the devil. He makes shots with derp guns that I’ll miss with .3 accuracy guns. lol

  41. That shit’s funny huh?

  42. nothing is better than killing the E-25 immediately

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