KV-2, The Derpimus Maximus – War Thunder Tanks

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thunder Tanks – KV-2 King of Derp Tank
War Thunder 60fps Tank Request series!

Thanks for watching!


  1. HERRO!

  2. Second!

  3. What tank should I play next? Let me know!
    LEGO Tank speed build: https://youtu.be/wXC_xq-2f44
    Follow me on Twitter, about to head to TwitchCon, giveaways and cool
    pictures to follow: https://twitter.com/BaronVonGamez

  4. dang man 8th like. oh well it’s all good now. Great video.

  5. stalin loves the 152mm

  6. BelgarathDaSorcerer

    Panzer 4 C,E,F1

  7. T-34 please

  8. Baron you HAVE to zoom in while you go around corners so you don’t have to
    completely expose yourself before you see them.

  9. Hitlers bunker the Ferdinand :D

  10. M60 or m41 bulldog ohhh yeahhhhhhhhhh

  11. Panther line, you can choose which ones

  12. Ferdinand or battle of moscow. You decide

  13. Baron PLZ. You could have side scraped at the beginning.

  14. Sherman Derp 105

  15. i hope you brought your derp off

  16. I’d like to see the Happy tank again x’D

  17. M4a3 105 American derp

  18. The M-18 90mm Gun Motor Carriage, The SUPER Hellcat. AKA the M36 with NOS

  19. Do the M26 Pershing!!!!

  20. Stalin Steel Wall, KV-1E.

  21. Please the SU-152

  22. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    Time for some German firepower! Baron take out the 10.5cm tiger (like if
    you agree!)

  23. +BaronVonGamez i’ve noticed in your vids, phlys, and slickbees that all of
    you have the most empty rooms…hows the moving in going?


  25. The Kv2 is nooby one Shot one Kill Tank. Fucking Russian Op Tanks

  26. su 85 the long nose little brother of the su122

  27. M36 TD

  28. Job well done

  29. Is the easy 8 Sherman in warthunder? If so, that. If not, then the sherman

  30. Su-152 please

  31. M4A3 76W (The Fury) Lets get some hairy matches !!

  32. the british centurion

  33. Give the M10 GMC some lovin’

  34. Baron!!! You shan’t take thou other than thy only troll gun, the SU-122
    with Stalin’s favorite shell, the HEAT! Stalin will put you in the Gulag
    just like he would if you denied Chocolate Cake..I’m off to get a slice of

  35. Morten Andre Bergheim

    BoxTank !!!

  36. How bout we switch it up and let you decide the tank for the next episode.
    See what you pick.

  37. Chrille “Mrsunshine666” lokas

    SU-100 for the motherland =)

  38. The Changling Gamer

    Try the ISU-152

  39. Finnish captured stalinium beast, KV-1E! or just the russian one :D

  40. jagdtiger

  41. Tiger E

  42. me 262 c2 and mouse

  43. Sherman again

  44. you could make like a tank and also if you can in the second part of the
    game to switch to kv-2/?

  45. ISU 122 or 152 the king of fridges

  46. that t34 85 you used was so op lol.. you cant one shot shit with german
    tanks now..

  47. do the b-8

  48. T-34 STZ Armadillo


  50. U should play the hell cat

  51. Oglądam twoje filmy od roku i mi sie bardzo podobają 😀 Oby tak dalej .

  52. Macho Man Randy Savage

    HEY play the t34 stz

  53. The one the only, The Mighty MAUS

  54. Ok i know this tank is op because you get one shot half the time anyways
    but i still get pissed when it shoots me i still get pissed

  55. Su-122-54

  56. Id love if you did more realistic

  57. Tiger 1 E

  58. A Lego IS-2 sounds beast

  59. T-34-85-E!!! With the advanced metal netting that bounces all the shots.

  60. valter “Valle” nordkvist


  61. hey baron
    this is the fist time il ask for a tank

    but play the t54 please

  62. can’t wait for the lego IS-2 Baron! more models ( just got multiple models
    that i need to paint so i have to wait a week )

  63. Take the T-34 1942 the short nosed Stalin’s taxi cab

  64. No Baron infantry would not be fun
    imagine me happy driving my is-2 in the streets of Berlin and then i get
    insta killed by a 12 year old Hitlerjugend member with a panzerschreck

  65. chaffee

  66. Play the jadgpanter

  67. Panzer 3 L! please!

  68. sherman 105

  69. That turret looks so out of place on that chassis. It only lack a sign
    ”shoot me here”. Were these tanks even remotely effective?

  70. little potato unicorn

    Take out the PO-2 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  71. Imagine WT with RO2 like infantry. That would be so epic.

  72. Panzer C please

  73. clean your room. great gameplay!

  74. Urban Fighter Airsoft

    t 70 Russian tier 2 op tank…

  75. luchs

  76. kv 85 for stalin

  77. M22 locust racecar!

  78. King tiger 10.5 King of the tigers?

  79. t26 and tb3 plz

  80. Bf 109 with 50mm

  81. Can you take out the is2 next please with that awesome 122mm d25t cannon

  82. Do the fury Sherman again or the hellcat motor carriage

  83. teir 1s

  84. M18 90mm Gun Motor Carriage! Do it pleaseeeeeeeee

  85. scrub class m2a2 light tank

  86. I’d say go for the IS3

  87. Take out the m18 hellcat

  88. how about the pz dak
    lets see what you can do with that

  89. Do the hetzer hetzer gonna hetz

  90. easy 8 please

  91. the Hitler door buster Ferdinand

  92. my name is phillipus maximus derpimus decimus meridius, commander of the
    armies of the north, general of the felix legions, loyal servant to the
    true emperor, marcus aurelius… father to a murdered son, husband to a
    murdered wife, and I will have my vengance – in this life or the next!

  93. @BaronVonGamez i love your channel out of the 150 people i sub to your new
    videos are the only ones i look forward to when i get home keep up the
    great work you have a lottttttt of potential you have inspired me to make
    my own channel uploading in the future And it would just make ma day if i
    was in a game with you

  94. TiberiousThe Labrador

    no russian bias…

  95. you had way to much ammo lol i never take out more than 9 or 10 shells

  96. Hetzer please! I get tired of asking every video. 🙁

  97. Isu-122please the sniper version of the is-2

  98. Go with the opposite of the KV-2, play the american tier 1, M13 AA.

  99. share the KV love! play the german KV-1!

  100. Kv-85 the Heavy under dog

  101. Play the kv1

  102. T-10M ”anyone”…..M24 chaffe

  103. The fury m4a3e8

  104. Can u play the Alecto the British tank with the howzer gun

  105. Did you know the kv-2 could only fire its howitzer at certain angles
    because if it didnt the turret would jam as it got pushed backwards from
    the recoil

  106. Nuke cola shirt C;

  107. Fuck off with this shit game, Its a utter pile of stinking horse shit

  108. Maus!!!!!!!! You know you wannnnnnnna

  109. Devan Shane Phillipson

    Take out the premium PzBfw VI pls

  110. The most expensive premium tank!!!

  111. 90mm Hellcat please!!!

  112. Jorfimus .The Toaster

    Which of the 3 end tier medium tanks do you prefer and why?
    And if you read this I think your show is amazing and keep up the good
    work! :)

  113. Panzer VI Tiger H I

    ” hostile team has lost all of it’s enemies ” baron 2015.


  115. Baron, you should play the KV-85!

  116. 3:36 “thats like the rear door of the refrigerator” damn i must have an old
    refrigerator cuz it only has 2 front doors but no rear 🙁 i want this
    advanced rear door technology

  117. Play the jagdpanther

  118. bunch of faggot fan boys

  119. U should pick ur favorite tank or plane next episode

  120. Why don’t you wear a good set of Headphones instead of those little ones?

  121. must play the t35

  122. I want to see SdKfz 14/1. Funky, funny, but wimpy.

  123. The M-18
    Momma Im going fast…

  124. IS-1

  125. German Tiger 2 Konigstiger plz

  126. I’m good at warthunder but my fps is 14 and my ping IS OVER 6

  127. also centurion

  128. Take out the maus

  129. T34-57

  130. Zis-30

  131. The lego Abrams looks pretty cool

  132. Drive the ISU-152

  133. Can you drive out one of the Sherman tanks or the Pershing next?

  134. Jumbo plz

  135. Su 152 big brother derp!

  136. take out the m22 locust! the most fun to drive tank in the game

  137. Baron play the Is-3

  138. Hetzer Tank DerpStroyer!

  139. Probably my phone but your head was cut in half. lol still liked the vid.

  140. urben legend (moleperson17)

    Do the hetzer

  141. i really wanna see you drive out the T-10M Stalins baby

  142. Nicko Torkmani (CaptSpitfire)

    T34 57

  143. Jazzyistcally Orsum

    Why do all youtube vids look like they are at 480p even if set at 1080p?
    Ruining youtube

  144. Play the Panther D, the baddest of the bad kitties!

  145. Take out ZSU-37 with HVAP-T shells and go hunt Tigers.

  146. KV-1-ZiS 5… Do it baron or I will send you to gutlag

  147. Drive the tiger ii h

  148. M8 Scott Baron

  149. christopher alan heaps

    pather g plz baron

  150. T34 STZ plz :)

  151. BaronVonGamez do the panzer 4

  152. Well I guess the Hellcat is gonna win the next vote

  153. Hellcat king of speed


  155. Awesome bro, congrats with IS-2 model ;)

  156. KV-2 is played out, try something else please

  157. do you know the movie FURY if you do use the same tank as they do

  158. 10/10 would BANG!!!

  159. Plz M18 Hellcat

  160. you should play the Tiger (p)enis

  161. When your in a weeker tank than the kv2 it’s scary as sht to stare at

  162. Senpai Von Baron

  163. play t32 or else cunt punt from Donald Trump


  165. I seriously dont understand why he shoots in the same spot on a tank he
    just shot at 7 seconds before, as if that will do more damage. WHEN YOU HIT

  166. Super hellcat

  167. The T-60 Fun Mobile, The real Soviet drifter

  168. Super hellcat

  169. pleaseeee the M-24 Chaffe, hi for Venezuela

  170. Matt “TheWizardNamedMatt” S

    Play the M10

  171. m10 gun carriage

  172. and please, try to build the M4A2 Sherman, hi for Venezuela

  173. KV -1

  174. “I only got one KV-2 left…” First world with press account problems

  175. Baron did you notice your teammate shot you in the back then the t-34
    killed you

  176. The KV2 was my favorite tank on World Of Tanks, so was the Pz 1c. Well then
    of course wargaming ruined the HE function now on world of tanks so…. fun
    time is now over. It really is a shame tha it turned out like this. I loved
    that tank.

  177. where is the forest videos? D:

  178. T26-4! the baby derps

  179. So much the Maus in the Haus, get some cheesy tanks and rek with the Maus!
    Nice game Baron, funny video!

  180. pz VIII maus!
    hitler’s Tracked fortress!

  181. Also love the Lego buildup and production! So cool Baron!

  182. If Baron ain’t gonna decide then may I suggest using the ZSU 57 to kill
    other tanks for the next video?

  183. Klement Vorochilov Refrigerator refrigerates 152mm HE shells!

  184. SU-85M OR T-54 1951

  185. play realistic battle we really want to see you in realistic
    battle…..enough with arcade battle

  186. Baron, play some tier 2-3 tanks or aa fun.

  187. mini mighty Locast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. Play the M46 Tiger Patton

  189. baron von notice meh ;(

  190. bust out a jpanther td

  191. stop the face cam

  192. KV-2 look so retarded. Those Russians must of have been drunk while
    designing it

  193. Play the German RATTLETANK

  194. i am requesting that you take out the T110E5, if possible BaronVonGamez

  195. I’d actually kinda like to see how the infantry would work in WT with the
    physics. It’d probably be hilarious!

  196. M-18 or M-19 carriage

  197. Is-2 pls ^^

  198. Eluminati tank!!1

  199. Baron for future reference can you move the facecam so it doesn’t cover any
    info in the game like speed and stuff I’m kinda OVD for that kinda of thing
    I must see it

  200. Play with the DERPY StuH 42!

  201. I often see KV-2s being played, but I’ve never watched a youtuber play the
    SU-152 (or ISU-152). Lets see than next.

  202. Pls Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger B (H)

  203. M4a3e2 (76) pl

  204. Ferdinand!

  205. Nice vid

  206. I see that nuka cola shirt.

  207. SU-122. Stalin’s potato cannon.

  208. Gibrán Abner Abud Alcalá

    T-44 or Pz. IV F2!!!

  209. Maus with no ammo

  210. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

    use the stalins is-3 bounce tank!

  211. why the KV-2? T-34-85(D-5T) got the same BR and 1 shot everything without
    this years of reload lol

  212. drive ur mom

  213. Sherman 105 Derp

  214. how long do it take for the artillery to respond after you have called it?


  216. pz2c for the lols

  217. one of the is’s ? like is 2,7,6 what ever ones there are in warthunder

  218. Kv-2 crew get a bottle of vodka for every tank it kills and if no

  219. Y’know, this is the first time I’ve seen your face, Baron.

    And it’s the first that matches.

  220. Nuka Cola T-Shirt, well done.

  221. ‫רועי אגם‬‎

    t-35 plox

  222. USE ISU 152 BARON

  223. m2a2 the maximum firepowers

  224. T-34-85 for the win! T dirty4 aidsE5

  225. Panther D plz Baron

  226. su 100

  227. so…you wanna make another 100 videos about the kv2? fucking boring dont u
    think? its like i would post a pic of my shit on facebook everyday.

  228. I main the kv-2 mr baron and a helpful tip when you move the top turn your
    tank with it< its helps put your round in place much faster>, and its not
    just do it one time you have to do it all the time with this monster
    flanking is what everyone likes to do on it.

  229. use the tiniest tank in the game m22

  230. Drive the T34 100

  231. lol u always say t34-45, oppose to t34-85 :P

  232. take out the is1 plz. love your videos(:

  233. Play the Pz. III Ausf. E with the 3,7 cm Panzeranklopfgerät!

  234. Calm Koala Nightcore™ (CalmKoalaArmy)

    Next tank: BT-5 and the baron tactic 😛 Baron Tactic: Take yourself in a
    worse position, attack, cry and try to escape. :D

  235. The 85mm gun is just broken. It one shots practically everything, and if it
    doesn’t, it sets it on fire. Doesn’t matter where you get hit, you still
    get set on fire.

  236. T-34 Series plz

  237. KerberosFish Avonside

    Plz BT-7 next :)

  238. Pz. IV F2!!!!!!!

  239. Do ze all Tigers 2!!

  240. King Tiger (H) for ze vadarland

  241. Kv-85 Anyone

  242. I put a big bullseye on the side of my KV-2’s turret where the ammo is.
    People still shoot into the hull of the tank though.

    Anyway for a request can we see the T-50, the baby T-34.

  243. is 3 or kv1 plllzz

  244. t 34 85

  245. Su-100 Plez Baron?

  246. The Allied team lost all of their enemies! *

  247. maus vs t-10 m

  248. pls Pz.IV

  249. Baron why would you take out the PB-35 shells! They are so bad compared to
    the aniti concrete

  250. 90mm M18 ~ kitty from hell ~ !

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