KV-2 ZiS-6 Gameplay, WAR THUNDER’S FUTURE (War Thunder 1.59 Gameplay)

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  1. Stream Hype!

  2. Taylor Humphrey

    stream hype


  4. Stream hype !!!

  5. Too_Husky_For_Sandusky

    I’m here from the stream because Baron is a sellout

  6. Stream

  7. So, Patch 1.59 is out…is it a move in the RIGHT direction, or a move in
    the WRONG direction? What do you guys think.

  8. They nerfed the kikka :(

  9. I think it’s pretty cool that they are adding atgm, they might be a little
    op but idk but I also think that the addition of “sub” factions like French
    or like Italy would be really cool.

  10. Can u play more men of war

  11. Vincent Scheskat

    ehy is there shitty music in the background?

  12. roses are red
    violets are blue
    game is updated
    russian bias is true

  13. hey baron, can you tell me how to permanently show my ammo while flying a

  14. I think top tier needed something new and fun and challenging like ATGMs…
    it will be fun… from 2km like you can dodge an incoming rocket which is
    cool… and rockets are hard to hit weakspot with coz they sre big

  15. LOL “Stream Hype” = #Spam

  16. I think is great they are going into the future wars and not just ww2 . I
    just hope they dont mix ww2 era with modern tanks in the same battle field.
    That way you can play in ww2 , vietnam , korea or any other wars , with
    vehicles from that same era.

  17. Personally i dislike warthunder these last patches, ive played it alot
    mostly as germans but recently ive gotten fed up of the overpowered russian
    tanks and aircraft, some say its historically accurate but i say its
    unbalenced, many will probably disagree but its my opinion and personally i
    dislike the introduction of ATGM missles it takes out certain aspects of
    being a tanker and as usual it will be the ruskies who get their hands on
    the ATGM’s first making mid tier matches frustrating, like it currently is
    with T34’s and KV’s being overpowered, so thats why ive quit warthunder due
    to unballenced gameplay and russian bias

  18. I’m excited for the research decreases because now I’ll make some real

  19. if only the brit rockets weren’t premium……

  20. So atgms were added why did britain get screwed? Theirs is the only one
    that’s premium….

  21. going up

  22. Wt going in right direction, play yak 30 plsssss

  23. I still think that Gaijin is focusing too much on premium vehicles and
    Russian vehicles. They are still yet to fix the ricochet mechanic. And are
    still yet to create either french and italian tress or sub trees. I’m sure
    this is what the majority of the community wants.Also Gaijin fears the
    influence youtubers have on the war thunder community. They went all Stalin
    for a while. Driving away Jingles and MagzTV. Seriously Gaijin sort your
    shit out.

  24. I ah yes away 2 years ago

  25. Play ASU-85 and T29 please.

  26. Rowan in t Veen

    right direction

  27. There are not right or WRONG direction a part of player will like it the

  28. DJ Gartin Marrix

    I don’t mind the ATGMs, 1.59 is a fun update

  29. I think I dont like it because we need to research and we cant buy with

  30. I am just straight up going to say fuck no to this update. the cause of
    this is that they should fix the game before adding in more stuff, such as
    the br ranking and the annoying tanks

  31. colinator duncan

    Tu-4 needs to go to at least 8.0 its a seal clubber in 6.3 or whatever it

  32. I think in a few patches, gajin will start to experiment with modern tanks
    like Abrams, T-90s, T-14s, Challenger 2s, Leopard 2s, etc. But if they do,
    there should be a separate game mode for them, because I cannot see any WW2
    tank standing a chance against any modern tank. Like, can you imagine a
    Tiger 1 going up against a T-90 or an Abrams? Or a Sherman going up against
    a Leopard 2 or Challenger 2?

  33. Stoped playing 4 months ago i was done with the BR

  34. Up til now, i think 1.59 is a good patch, lots of great additions. Im still
    a little disappointed that the french and italians are still a long way

  35. Tbh, I do feel like Gaijin isn’t going to right way. They aren’t fixing
    their own problems with the game. They aren’t opposing their own beliefs
    about RU tanks and planes, and there are unbalance tanks that need to be
    balanced. I do believe that the grinds towards tier 4 is extremely long
    without a premium account. They just don’t think WT is a RU bias game, they
    don’t think that tanks need to be fighting their own size, should fight
    higher, they don’t think that 1 nation is completely OP to another or the
    rest, and they don’t think that abusing their copyrights is the wrong idea.
    Show 1 glitch in the game, BAM, copyright strike from Gaijin. Showing a
    hacker who still roams the game, BOOM, you’re reported to Gaijin. Show one
    accusation that states anything that Gaijin is doing wrong, you’re channel
    will be shut down. It’s unbelievable. I quit the game a year or 2 ago and I
    decided a week ago is a good idea to rejoin WarThunder. Things didn’t go my
    way because Teamkillers.

  36. The update is fine but if the game gets more towards the future and
    advanced, the game would not be in the ww2 time era

  37. I think they need to reconsider the BR system by either making the match
    making 0.7 of a BR difference or introduce a 9.0 BR like planes

  38. Parody Productions

    i think its a good direction caus Bolololololo

  39. its trending down lets be honest the new update is almost purely premium
    and the repair costs are still broken. The update is fun but the game has
    so meany broken brs and the silver lion economy is so broken. just my

  40. so far i think im lukewarm about ATGMs at best, i didnt think the game was
    ready for them just yet. Great video Baron some great points made.

  41. Well, you are the most influential War Thunder YT channel. You are able to
    do serious damage to this game. Jinngles is viewed as a War Gaming
    employee. WT players dont care about his opinion, Magz is too small to make
    a difference and he was always complaining about something.
    I like this patch a lot. The fact that all starter jets and some 9.0 jets
    have their RP reduced by 50 percent for 2 months is awsome.

    I like those ATGMs too.

  42. I think the ATGMs are well balanced and a good direction for the game

  43. Whats the intro song? Someone halp pls

  44. have not had a chance to check out 1.59 yet. From what I have seen it seems
    it looks solid. The only thing I did not like was last man standing when it
    came out. But other added features have been welcome in my opinion. I think
    missiles will be fine.

    As for the rest of the vid, I pretty much agree with you. That is also why
    I am here. Rarely watch Jingles any more. I am not all that crazy for WoT.

  45. The world is gonna end if you’re patient to wait it out for a couple of
    billion years………. Unless you end it yourself. Everybody quits
    Warthunder it’ll end. Permanent KO.

    Like a meteorite you can only adjust trajectory, not stop it. So give some
    opinions how Warthunder should grow into. ^_^

  46. Not sure about that intro

  47. Baron the tanks need to be classified by eras ww2 only fight ww2 Cold War
    vs Cold War etcetera. That’s how I feel about war thunder.

  48. i feel like they should add ships, hell the front of a ship is part of
    their logo, it would be cool to have the three way battle with ships,
    tanks, and planes. like have one guy have a carrier that friendly planes
    can land on that needs to be protected by other ships. seems like a blast
    id play that shit.

  49. Vicente Del Río

    boats and tier 6 planes with aa misiles

  50. Mr. Sandman III

    I think my largest complaint about 1.59 was the way that the focus was
    shifted from all the holes in the tech tree to the endless possibilities of
    the end of the tree. I want to see all the tanks from World War II, the war
    this game was/is focused on, rather than peace-time and Vietnam War eras. I
    know that was done away with long ago with tanks like the T-54, however,
    there is always time to change. I want these damn holes filled in, not more
    modern armor tacked on the end.

  51. almost 333333 subs baron :)

  52. Matthew Shedden

    I think the update should be good! I played this game to death two years
    ago, I spent most of my summer holiday on the game and it was so fun back
    then! It’s still pretty fun but the novelty has worn off a bit! I only play
    games for fun, not to be a great teammate or the best player on the team or
    get the most kills, I just want to play the game and enjoy it no matter how
    shit I might be! Games like world of tanks and world of warships annoy me
    because there is always someone in the chat who says to everyone “shit
    team” “learn to play” and they stick around once they’ve died and chat shit
    and complain and it’s just sad! War thunder is just getting better again

  53. I thing they need to prepare better Queue. if there is choise from 3
    differents. One for ONLY WWII tanks. Second for MIXED WWII and others.
    Third for After WWII tanks.. then it will be ok

  54. I’m a russian comrade, buuuuoy, stop trashtokin’ m9

  55. Well last time I checked if you play the British tank line the atgm is
    premium much like everything else except a bomber for the British tree. I
    also think it’s going the wrong way with atgms but not the modern(ish)
    tanks, I’d love to see Korean and Vietnam styled tanks fighting but again
    compression means ww2 tanks are facing tanks that are way after ww2 in some
    cases. I’d also like to see the game be more fairly distributed, what I
    mean by this is more tanks in the British free to match numbers with the
    other nations, tanks for Japan, sub factions in Britain and Germany for
    full(ish) trees for French and Italian vehicles. I’d rather have full tank
    and plane trees that make the BR rating system work and the compression
    less compressed before adding things. And where are the ships that were
    hinted for the April fools? I mean okay it clearly wasn’t ww2 battleships
    but the game mode worked it was a bit hit and miss to shoot but it was in
    real life as well so come on give us a battle ship or two in each nation to
    test it out. Overall I think atgms are a bad thing because I just think
    people will camp meaning 15 minutes of you sitting there waiting for a noob
    to role out into the map for the whole team to shoot at. Don’t get me wrong
    I love this game, if I hadn’t lost then regained an account I’d probably be
    nearish to barons level seeing as I took part in the open beta and was
    given two planes for it, but it’s just agrevating to see this game go into
    a direction i don’t think it should.

  56. Vicente Del Río

    How to fix jets battles, adding air spawn 2 minutes after the match get

  57. I like the atgm’s in the game, but I don’t think war thunder should have
    added them yet, but I love the m48 being here

  58. I just want german tanks to play with

  59. Plox plei T29 merikan Premium tank.

  60. that music was bumpin but it was too loud xD

  61. the main problem at the moment is all the premiums. why does the wyvern
    need to be premium? do the British not deserve more love in this patch?
    they added 2 different premium tanks to a tree that desperately needs more
    tanks…its just a bit daft really.

  62. Shouldn’t they give us the boats first ? Before going in a more recent era

  63. Anthony Stewart

    i love 1.59

  64. Jagd Kommandant

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Game was updated
    and NOW suck my dick

  65. War Thunder has some competitors but none of them are a true replacement
    for WT. So i think that Gajin has no hurry to patch WT but theyre still
    rushing with these all new concepts to WT like the guided missiles, theyre
    pretty much are wasting all their ideas for one patch. What the hell are
    they gonna come up for the next patch?
    I think they could have seperated some of the updates to 2 different

  66. I noticed that many of the higher tier planes are extremely cheap! i LOVE
    THIS!! now i can get my sabres!

  67. Baron when can we expect the custom battle vid?

  68. They could add the minor nations next to the main nation and they can make
    it where you can research a few then there would be a space where the
    country died then they bring it back in another tier , you can see it in
    the tech tree already

  69. They should add AB/RB/SB game modes for post ww2 / cold war era. Also
    warships and larger maps with more players would be nice I think.

  70. Only been in WT for a couple of months and still mid-tier so 1.59 has
    virtually nothing for me.
    I’m glad that they’re rethinking the med-packs and that’s got to be a
    positive sign. I suspect that the next patch will be the important one.
    As for my wishlist, ships would be nice but I’d KILL for a few armoured

  71. 333,333 subs…

  72. I’d love to punch the Gaijin directors so hard in the face. The entire game
    is starting to become a pay to win crap. Mostly teaming up with wargaming
    visions they totally lost my sympathy. Instead of bringing 100 new maps
    plus tanks how about overworking the Matchmaking and battlerating? They
    have some clear stupidity sitting there for the vehicles balance.
    Destroying vehicles and making it a pay to win aspect.

  73. I would want to see them go in a direction like WW1, I think that could be

  74. What Gaijin really needs to do is listen to their community better instead
    of shutting them up for sharing their opinions and not add vehicles in the
    game that were not wanted in the first place. Gaijin should set up maybe a
    suggestion email or something like that so people could suggest things that
    could be added to the game to make it better. Or maybe set up a little vote
    for things that the community might want to see in the game for example,
    modern tanks, and if they don’t want it then they know not to add it in.
    And with the addition of ATGMs they should separate the tanks by their Era
    to set their BR so WWII tanks won’t be facing post war tanks and the same
    with planes. But I think Gaijin still has a long way to go before they
    realize their mistakes.

  75. WatcherMovie008

    The future for War Thunder is very grim. Adding modern warfare into a game
    that was suppose to be about Pre-WWII to Early Cold War was stupid and
    honestly for me, destroys the purpose of playing War Thunder from the
    start. Its like War Thunder trying to appeal to both player bases that come
    from WoT and AW, or hell I dare say with the addition of “modern warfare”
    vehicles, also baiting the playerbase of the ARMA series as well, and that
    just plain stupid. It feels like Gaijin has no idea what War Thunder is
    even suppose to be anymore. ATGMs are going to ruin this game, simply
    because Gaijin still refuses to balance their BR system and don’t even have
    Cold War vehicles with first or second gen reactive armor systems. I won’t
    be surprise if War Thunder adds the MiG-19 and MiG-21 with the Atoll
    Missile and ruin top tier jet gameplay experience. Ever since 2014, Gaijin
    been slowly and gradually dragging War Thunder down to the ground. Its only
    a matter of time before they hit the rock bottom and destroy what was a
    really good game.

  76. not as good as the derp kv2

  77. “Hey man, let me lick your butthole!”

  78. This new update 1.59 “Flaming Arrows” was a step in the right direction.
    With Anti-Tank Guided Missiles in the game War Thunder now has a unique
    selling point.
    In my opinion i think what Gaijin need to do to bring back some of the
    older players is to completely revamp the Battle Rating system. The current
    system is working to a certain extent however i have seen some really
    broken Match Making recently.
    For example i was driving my Tiger II(H) and our team only had a max Battle
    Rating of 6.7, but we were facing Patton IIs and T-54s which is obviously
    To sum up all Gaijin need to do is create a brand new balanced Match Making
    system add some variety to existing Tech Trees and listen to the community
    for suggestion because lets face it, without a community their game
    wouldn’t thrive.
    Thank you for reading

  79. Frankymr2 this is not a postwar game this is a wwll game

  80. Misleading thumbnails and video titles?!? That’s some Phlydaily shit ;)

  81. We’re moving in the rong deriction

  82. new KV is BS tiger cant pin shit like that do damage from the top of a tank

  83. Lukesmasherz Gaming

    Tbh I am in the position where I have been playing since 2013-2014 and I
    still only have the t25 for American and tiger 2 h for Germans and the
    mosquito for British , I think gaijin should make vehicles easier to get

  84. it’s good, borderline great. the grind is a buzz kill but heading the right

  85. I didn’t play war thunder for like a month. Today I installed the patch and
    took a look at the new things. personally this patch for me is nothing
    special. no intresting new planes appart from the wyvern and the german
    night fighter. But not paying 25euros for them with the current state of
    the game. And all the new tanks are high tier so i don’t have them. But I
    tried some jet matches in my hawker hunter and in my second match It got a
    team mixed with br 8.0 and 9.0. we had 2 9.0 jets my hunter and a meteor
    mk8 vs 5 mig15bis so after that I stopt again most fun for me is away It
    took me years to get a high tier jet and the game play got worse in that
    time and every time there is a new update we get new things but almost
    never some gameplay changes. Thats how I feel about hte patch.

  86. I don’t see why some people think the modernization is bad I think it’s
    good cause it adds more variety, some people don’t give a shot about World
    War 2 era tanks and want the more modern tanks, I think they should go all
    the way up to modern day tanks like the T-90a, Challenger 2, and the M1A2
    Abrams for example, it’ll bring in more players and make it more
    interesting, the fact that people think it’s bad is just plain silly in my
    opinion, as long as they do it right it should be fine and would be a great
    addition in my opinion.

  87. I was hit by a couple ATGMs. Only time I have been one shot was from the
    side. The patch so far is really fun for me also they lowered some of the
    xp for the tier 5 jets because I woke up with a MIG9 and more exp towards
    my other jets.

  88. I think that they SHOULD NOT ADD THESE guided cells are gonna destroy the
    game. I can wait I do not want these.

  89. branimir CLASSIFIED

    I just want gaijin to do something about all the russian bias and stuff
    like that, I love this game and I dont want to be one of the last 500
    people playing it, I want it to be popular and big

  90. well from a perspective of an AB ground forces player i may say this
    insight to what i think in general for tanks.

    the first being the new premium tanks. the KV-2 zis 6 and T29 in particular
    being dead on my sights at this updates highlight. however, i will not say
    that they are in any way OP (as i do not believe in such things) but i can
    say that the more they are frequent in battle, then more of the in game
    battle tactics for tanks other than them in general may have to adapt more
    of a priority in a sense and overall caution in case of one being put out.
    as i have done research, although not completely in the side of perfection
    as the updates just went out and having a very accurate presentation for
    this may not be possible for me in a few days. however i will state about
    their armaments in general being that the T29 owning the 105mm cannon
    wielding not just the T32 AP shot but also a T13 APCBC HE filler shot which
    is very powerful on its own, although i wouldnt say its out of its league
    in firepower due to its own setbacks. for now my opinion on them would be
    that they are fairly easy to go and play with in a rather forgiving manner,
    though time and experience may tell me otherwise if it is not the case at

    another thing id like to talk about is the ATGMs in general, something this
    patch have done of which is unique in comparison. as far as test drives
    told, the missiles do tend to correct themselves mid flight even though you
    didnt move the aim at all and cause them to overshoot or hit the ground.
    this may be doing something wrong in how aiming them works (although i have
    tried a number of ways to the same result, ill have to look into it more).
    this may go in for balancing the missiles in general for long range
    engagements, but honestly in itself they are indeed very powerful in
    general in case of a successful hit. being averaged 600mm of penetration in
    a manner that HEAT and HEATFS rounds in general would perform, meaning they
    have incredible abilities to only focusing at the effective thickness
    rather than kinetic rounds that may meet ricochet angles in particular APDS
    being with less mass (and shell size in general) and extremely high travel
    speeds which may cause ricochet for certain amount of thickness at certain
    angles. but with these missiles being carried by a guided rocket system and
    with the overkill penetration, meaning that quite a lot of the time when
    issued against one, the armor means very little and quite greatly means
    that a spaced crew compartment with space protected ammo racks may as well
    be better off for protection and limiting damage potential of the rockets.
    though i have to see for myself on how they perform in general before i can
    necessarily judge them for what they are.

    for now those are my thoughts and opinions based of what i have experienced
    and done around warthunder in general. i love the game without doubt, sorry
    of there is anything of what i say that may be incorrect or you would
    disagree to this. however this is my opinion on how the patch looks so far
    for tanks with AB being my main center view. good luck and have fun!

  91. i think the problem is the way gaijin has refused to listen to the people
    who play their game.
    Magz, Jingles, Orange, etc… have brought valid criticism to the game, and
    to have gaijin ignore reasonable suggestions and sometimes respond with a
    condescending insults to you tubers who basically speak for most (or at
    least a majority) of the community can make people feel alienated. And then
    there’s the whole thing with plhy’s video and gaijin’s CEO
    incomprehensible, malicious poll.
    the fact of the matter is: people aren’t playing the game anymore. Every
    patch day is always packed with people, but not this one.
    as much as i like new content, i think gaijin would be better off fixing
    the game. they should also introduce a better system to communicate with
    the player base and address their concerns. BR fixes, Fm fixes and so on,
    are things that have to be addressed for the game to be enjoyable, as long
    as they keep neglecting them, more and more people are going to leave,
    which means longer queue times, which means a less enjoyable experience, so
    more people leave the game…you get the idea.
    i honestly have come to the conclusion that war thunder has 2 years left at
    best. I refuse to spend money for funding a broken thing, so i’m just gonna
    make the best of it and hope they add Italian planes before the game dies.

  92. WT need to continue evolving nice and slow. I hope this game will evolve
    from WW II game only to time evolving game starting from WW II and see some
    modern tank, armored cars …. HELICOPTER xD. Let the WT evolve and show us
    time line base tank, vehicles, ships. I think is gonna be cool idea to
    start from WW II and progress to more modern vehicles. :)

  93. I feel like they should make a post Korean War game and leave War Thunder
    as Interwar through to early Korean war. This way you don’t end up with
    late ww2 aircraft and vehicles getting bum blasted by power war jets,
    tanks, and ATGMs. This will also allow room for planes using AAMs against
    each other in a more modern setting. I think Gaijin has proven themselves
    to be capable of balancing a semi realistic gameplay with mostly accurate

  94. Warthunder should be addressing in game issues before they proceed foward.
    I play on ps4, and I believe there are many more issues on the consolee
    than pc? The graphics rendering is horrible, when spawning in, aswell as
    the late spawns. I very seldom get to capture the first base in domination,
    and this happens every match. Also if you comment negative in gaijins forum
    about such things they say submit a ticket and lock your topic. This gives
    me the feeling of certain things will never be fixed. But they wil make
    more tanks to sell. I like this game but it has so much more potential and
    for me could be the best game out there if they would fix issues and listen
    to just some of there players input. I would like to see what one of the
    other gaming companies could do with this type of realistic platform.

  95. i have stop playing the game since 4 to 5 mounth (even more) and it was
    because of : russian bias in tier 5, griding is to long, random things
    happen every game…… but i’m fine with atgm ( but i’ve stop the game) i
    prefer tww and overwatch

  96. i think what WT need is new battle ratting for top tier tanks (at least)
    because you end playing with 1943 tanks vs 1950-1960s tanks and sometimes
    its a little unfair, you can still playing and winning but is quite more

  97. I think War Thunder is going in the right direction with this update. They
    fixed the RP grind for tier V’s and IV’s, they decreased jets 220K
    requirement to 120K and that’s always good, they’ve also improved the BR
    system and tweaked it a bit and i think they’ve been listening to us in our
    suggestions and complaints. Hopefully we’ll see more constructive changes
    like these in the future.

  98. Alexandru Voiculescu (Caboose)

    Have they fix the physics problems?

  99. for me they just lost the point, gaijin started to rush things, didn’t
    listen to the community, started the game with one vision and didnt stick
    to it. the real thing is, this game is dying, Civ V have more players and
    is more played then war thunder, even with the patch the players numbers
    are dropping, for me, doesnt matter what they do from now on, this game
    will not be great again.

  100. is going in an awsome direction, the modern direction, putting jets easier
    to get is awsome , they just got to put lions cost lower and do the same ot
    tanks and start an modern revolucion. do german kv1 and kv2 gamplay please

  101. Augusto Venancio Ferreira

    3 years, mostly bad decision making, players dropping, silly matchmaking,
    people tried, they just didnt listen, enough is enough…

  102. Warthunder strives to be a more realistic game, ATGMs changed tank warfare
    in a major way during the coldwar period -> They should be in the game.
    They way they implemented it looks fine to me BUT I still have to play more
    to make a final statement on this.
    As for new vehicles, I think there were a lot (as in too many) of
    premium/bundle vehicles. I don’t think a lot of people will experience the
    “whole” game due to increasing costs.
    Final point: Italian/French/Polish/etc techtrees or sub-trees would be
    f*cking amazing… nuff words, tl;dr it’s a nice patch overall

  103. I think the atgm’s should have a br of 8.5 so they cant wreck the lower
    tier tanks like the tiger 2 h etc

  104. Did everyone just forget about World War mode or… Is everyone blinded by
    the new vehicles…I guess Gaijin didn’t bother putting World War in the
    update even though they added a devblog about it

  105. Dracodacolina Draco

    playing this game its more like a work because of all effort and time you
    put in to reach high tiers, then upgrade your crew, then upgrade your
    vehicle, and then you get rekt because of the other people who already have
    it, not to mention some OP premium vehicles, and the still
    unfair/glitch/wtf matchmaking that screws both arcade and realistic
    balances, its rare the player who for example used a 2.0 plane and faced
    3.0, and gaijin insists in saying thats fine and that the players can
    handle with it.
    here is my personal experience; flying 1.7 planes and being raped by 2.7
    planes go on and unlock/buy all the 2.7 planes, and guess what? raped by
    3.3 planes with 30mm or 40mm cannons so fuck it.
    ( if you have money you can unlock jets in one day/ and level up your crew
    so you fire better go faster and turn faster especialy with tanks)

  106. panzerwaffen 1944

    i just want SIM with tanks, like that you are really inside the tanks

  107. I like the new patch

  108. I really wish war thunder would have foot troops and be like heros and
    generals in terms of ideology. war thunder does have epic and enjoyable
    mechanics and H&g have epic and enjoyable idea, they should learn from each

  109. Negative

  110. I think it’s a move in the wrong direction. Gaijin is definitely putting
    more effort into expanding the game, rather than filling it in and fixing
    it. French tanks could certainly be implemented up until BR 5, and planes
    until 4. Italy, on the other hand, I believe could easily have a full
    aircraft tree up until rank 5, simply because of the lack of jets, but
    perhaps far post war aircraft could suffice. I am excited to hear about
    Japanese tanks, though. if documents on them can be found in believe a full
    french tree could be made to work as well

  111. I’m fine with the addition of ATM’s in the game. Trauma packs, ehh could
    care less about them #overworried. if Gaijin wants to go as far as into the
    Vietnam War Era I’m cool with that. The one thing I don’t want WT to go
    into the future is to the Modern war era. I say stick to WW2, Korea, and
    Probably Vietnam. plus I recalled Devildoggamer a while back saying the
    game is still in open beta (yes 3 years is too long), but considering the
    amount of stuff of what they’re putting into the game, I still enjoying it
    and hopefully it will get better soon.

  112. I love ur vids Baron ! u r Awesome.?

  113. I think the atgms is good because I want war thunder to go into the Cold
    War but I want them to finish off ww2 and the pre war stuff like a French
    and Italian tech tree and Japanese tanks 

  114. Its no secret that less and less people are playing War Thunder. Me
    included and I was on the initial hype train for War Thunder. Sadly they
    just keep adding things that people aren’t even requesting rather than
    fixing problems that have been in the game for a good while now. BR and MM
    system in particular is what I’m referring to since that’s what made me
    walk away from the game.

  115. Víctor Matía Rodríguez (vitimiti)

    I’ve got several problems: they haven’t fixed their compressed, fucked up
    MM, they haven’t separated WWII tanks and planes from post war ones yet,
    and I have to play in reserve 90% of the time because I run out of sl
    faster than what I thought was possible. So this patch is bad for me.
    Really bad, not addressing true problems. But AT LEAST now the game works
    better in shit PCs like mine, which is good.

  116. Roope Ihalainen

    Yeah I think atgms are cool because they are on main tech tree and I`am so
    hyped for world war mode. I love playing War Thunder and also I like
    addition of Sturer Emil. I think War Thunder is going to right direction if
    they can keep modern tanks br away from WW 2 tanks. Maybe addition of br

  117. I think it’s going pretty well for war thunder. they did lot of shit that
    worried me, but then they removed Last man standing, they didn’t put the
    health pack in, they reduced significantly the needed XP for a lot of
    planes, hoping tanks follow.

  118. MarshalMarmalade

    I support the game advancing through the years I think new planes and tanks
    from later eras will be fun however hopefully people can play lower the
    same way and higher the new way they should be

  119. Hey guys, I need some help. After the new ubdate came out and I tried to
    join a game I just load for jears and than get kicked out with the message:
    Konnection to server failed. You will get back to the menu.
    (probably bad translation)
    -My Internet is more than fine
    -my firewall is not blocking wt
    -I don’t have any banns


  120. Splatteryou_2 T

    problem with gajin is that they dint listen to the community. even after
    dropping a hell of a lot of fan/player Base due to this they still ignore
    what the fans want and just half the time add pointless u needed shit like
    main menu buttons changing and an extra tree on the left flank

  121. I love the gameplay mechanics of War thunder but i hate the respawn system
    of the maps, how the matches end up too soon when there still are lots of
    players left to kill and how you are allowed to camp the respawn.

    I loved the closed beta, after that, they fucked it up. And i have made
    tons of constructive posts on the forums, all in vain.

  122. Gaijin is crap they one strike Phly for showing the truth and claim the

  123. Could you point those of us who are not up to our elbows in the Gaijin
    community to details about the controversy you keep referring to?

  124. If you never pay to play this game, it’s like playing an EXP fodder in a
    demo where you can’t really progress. It’s kind of free if you don’t mind
    getting raped. I’m having second thoughts about my priorities because my hd
    porn collection is getting bigger and i’m getting older quicker than i can
    grind. Such a nice game this was, now it’s such a mess. Greed really took

  125. Honestly, i am not upset at ATGMs anymore like i used to! But i am ticked
    that Gaijin added the Tu-4, huge slap in the face to my Americans and
    should not be added!!

  126. Rick McLightning

    Personally, I’m still waiting on that Japanese armor tech tree

  127. Okay first, Baron, man, c’mon. YouTube is an independent site, where
    criticism is welcomed as a necessity. You have a right and a DUTY to at
    least touch on the critical events in War Thunder. You don’t have to give
    an opinion (although I HIGHLY recommend you do) but acknowledge the issues
    and give your unbiased explanation on it in a professional (non-toxic)

    For your question, 1.59 is another negative indicator. Why? Well its
    simple: Gaijin is making the same mistake that let Sports Chalet go out of
    business in the USA. Over-expansion. They continue to add more and more,
    but do not fully (or even come close to) balance out the new additions with
    the current game mechanics. This mistake goes back to 1.45 with the US
    ground forces, the game mode of which was already unbalanced significantly
    (IS-3 at 7.0/KT-105 at 8.0 anyone?).

    This would not be a problem if Gaijin actually gave a damn about community
    opinion and producing a balanced game. But they don’t, and they’ve shown
    that they just want to advance their own agenda, with little regard for
    those who play the game.

    YouTube censorship controversy is a perfect example of this. Throw the
    community in the shitter to get their way. ZERO regard for us players, and
    YouTubers like you who have given so much positive input to the game.

  128. The problems are not in contents. Every kind of new contents are welcome.
    Their problems lie in their company model, and not treating their customers
    as what they should be deserved. Gaijin has been not listening to their one
    and only customers, gamers, and not taking any of their recommendations
    simply because of post-communistic pride, and the feeling of
    know-where-we-are-heading syndrome, meanwhile their future is becoming
    darker and darker…

  129. they should have a world war 2 mode a cold war mode and if they want to go
    all the way to modern times a modern mode. hell maybe evn a ww1 mode just
    for lols

  130. negative after the first hour and a loooooot of Gold i spend in this game!

  131. Some interesting campaign missions would be recommended!

  132. Is War thunder fun? Yes. Have i put money into the game? Yes. Am I willing
    to put more money into the game? No. I am scared for the future of this
    game. Gaijin does amazing work, their devs are fantastic, lower level
    public relations are fantastic. Just who ever is calling the shots is a
    real backwards asshat that somehow manages to fuck over every success they
    achieve. And while i enjoy the game I am unwilling to put another cent into
    the game until gaijin regains my confidence that they wont just screw me
    over in the next patch.

  133. I just want War Thunder to advance its WW II factors, no special korean war
    shit or any f 86 and things. ww II

  134. yes

  135. Roderick Mammah

    Atgm bad trend

  136. jean-francoise marco

    i think that when they have enough post war vehicles (tanks mostly), they
    would make a clear seperation.
    like there would be a ww2 tree and a post war tree with separate battles.
    so everyone would be happy, those who want to play only ww2 will be able to
    and those who will want to play post war will also be able to, all with
    less complaints.

    and yea i’d like to see french, italian and japanese tanks too (and the
    centurion Mk1 as well, with the 17 Pdr and a 20mm MG)

  137. I’ve been out of the WT loop for some time – what was Jingle’s stated
    reason for dropping WT coverage?

    Not to judge him, just trying to get the facts of the situation.

  138. Baron do you think That they should add the Commonwealth and Canadian

    Also I agree with you on having addition of the French and Italian tanks,
    but they should also focus on Japan first even though they didn’t have many
    tank types in the first place. I mean they should represent all countries
    that fought during the world war.

  139. Just asking cause I’m curious.

  140. My issue isn’t content.. though they keep adding stuff and the grinding is
    the suck.. imagine trying to get in to the game as a new player right now.
    Another issue is there apathy towards cheating…. to there out right
    denial of it when we know it happens.
    There blinds eye to low rest setting to remove terrain to gain advantages.
    There “balance” being well biased.. I remember a post a while ago when they
    data mined the Russian Sherman and the American Sherman when they looked at
    the ammo the Russian round had 2x the explosives… this type of issue just
    gives more full to the fire when it comes to issue with the company and
    their creditability.
    What they did to Phildaily… saying he is spreading cheats because he
    points out a cheater and asks what they are going to do about it… talk
    about bs…

  141. The grind of RP and the Economy is a real problem, I am going to go out on
    a limb and say a good 70-80% of new players will quit long before tier 4/5.
    And that is because it is way to over reliant on excessive play hours and
    overly repetitive gameplay. The other single largest problem, is the lack
    of a democratic type of system to see what the community wants the game to
    be, not what the developers want it to be.

  142. Baron you are a coward. Stop sucking up. Your channel is garbage. You’re
    just a big apologist for war thunder. Missiles should not be in the
    game.The br is still to high being at 1.0. They don’t listen. Sick of being
    low tier most of the time. Cost of credits to run or buy a tank are too

  143. I think it will lead to ranks of 6,7,8 and modern jets and tanks

  144. justin mccaffery

    its stupid hard to get tanks now I have 90 hours and I’m o my at the is2 I
    avrg like 2-4 kills a game to

  145. The day that WWII tanks do not face Cold War mbts with pre modern heat
    ammunition is the day that war thunder will be good and the day that I will

  146. Gentleman's Gaming. A proper channel

    I like the patch I think they’re starting to see their errors and are
    trying to correct them. Also I hope they develop the game into modern

  147. war thunder master

    I think that the D13 needs to stop being nerfed and it needs to be buffed
    because now with all these nerfes it can’t compete with spitfires alone,
    the only reason the D13 is still playable is because of the German teams
    and this needs to be fixed.

  148. Hmm i am a bit torn about the road WT is going.
    First of all i like the variation of planes. People can get what ever plane
    they want and the chances that you have the exact same line up as the next
    guy isnt that big.
    Secondly. How much fun is it? Its still among my fav games but i lost my
    joy a bit lately. Why? Its just one of those questions there are no
    definitive answer to. But one thing is for sure. The lack of communication
    from Gaijin. I know they stated the player council, but truthfully its more
    of a name than something real.
    There are also several things wrong with the BR system. THey took the 20
    tier system that imho worked much better than the 5 tier system ehy are
    doing now.
    About 1.59.. The road they are on now isnt what was promised from the start
    where it shouldnt be that new vehicles as they are coming with now.
    Ofc the game shall evolve otherwise it will slowly die. But there are
    others way to do so other than keep adding questinable vehicles into the
    About the amount of premium vehcles, i actually dont mind that. If people
    will put so much money into the game then let them. Its not the planes that
    win matches its the pilots skills.
    But i am not a fan at all with theese rocket missile tanks, and that is the
    biggest setback for me due to the patch making my overall joy at about 45%.
    Hopefully it makes sense but its late and i am to tires to express myself
    better at this time

  149. Honestly, if they fixed the match making so i’m not fighting Tiger II’s at
    5.0 that if they decided to continue down tank years would be fine, or
    maybe split off the years just idk i’m mixed

  150. I made this comment during a match..”Man, there might be some things wrong
    in this game, but I keep playing it because there are soooo many things
    right….” and in my opinion, that still rings true.

  151. What about missiles being more expensive to buy or battles that allow or
    don’t allow missiles

  152. baron the addition of the new and most times unneeded vehicles are nothing
    more then distractions to keep the discussion away from things like the MM
    BR outrageous repair cost and ammo cost and economy for high tier which is
    really bad the forums are run by mods who rule with an iron fist this game
    is from a nation that has been run by dictators since the czar they are
    just rinsing and repeating the cycle

  153. Most of yours and Phly’s Opinions speak for the community in how to improve
    the game if you two could goto gajin and represent the community i belive
    the game will head in a positive direction

  154. Gabriel Sink (BurntWaffles)

    lol I’m =U2= burntwaffle I can’t believe this got uploaded

  155. I actually don’t like it going further in time I like or War thunder going
    back in time

  156. Ardachoke Onenwalker

    I’m not a huge fan of your gameplay, but this video was in itself a source
    of faith for the game. Thank you so much for staying positive, and keeping
    happy. This means so much, and honestly the worst part of this game is how
    negative the community is. But that’s fine, of all the problems a game can
    have, that is probably the least problematic. I love this game, I’m happy
    other people do, and I’m so happy a youtuber is saying this too.

    And yes, it is going in a good direction. And it has been for its entire
    existence. Of course there’s ups and downs. But the game is always moving
    forward. It is very easy to say the game sucks, that a feature sucks, and
    it’s a lot harder to actually propose an idea and create a solution. I
    believe that if the community chilled out, the community gave suggestions,
    if the community created solutions, there would be so much more community
    say in the game, because the company that makes this game would want to
    listen to us.

    Fav vehicle is the German premiums

  157. I’ve washed my hands of War Thunder, personally. The only thing that might
    recapture my interest is if they introduced an Enduring Confrontation using
    ground forces.

  158. The Flying Führer

    Personally I strongly disagree with guided missiles. The new tanks, I think
    are great.

  159. I have lost my faith in WT’s ability to entertain me recently, i’m trying
    to stay out of the drama, atgm’s are fine imo, they are a bit op but what
    isn’t in wt. I’m PISSED, down right pissed about the T29. it should be
    there in place of the T32, more t29’s were built and they were intended for
    service. we begged them to put it in the game and they slap us in the face
    by giving us a bundle premium that doesn’t even have the rangefinders that
    the tank is best known for. hopefully some day they launch the navy
    portion, that may bring me back for a while.

  160. All i know is my p47 has been shit for the last two patches.

  161. I think the patch is good. BUT anti tank guided missiles in B.R scheme may
    not work. those missiles went up against different tanks. not against
    tigers n maus n pershing. So it’s a little unfair.
    Not to mention the sheridan never could fire missiles. they just tried it
    and it didnt work.

    Too many premium and one off protoypes n things keep getting added making
    the game less of a ww2 fighting sim and more of a COD of tank games.. i
    love warthunder and i hate WOT but its getting hard to enjoy the game when
    the updates n things change the game rather than work to make it better

  162. they need to slow down releasing new tanks and planes and make more maps
    very sick playing on the same fucking map in RP

  163. in 1.59, with ATGM tanks and such, I think that if they are going to start
    going down this road, they need to really expand on the Game. like
    implement a whole new tech tree that’s accessible with a tab in the hanger
    to go to modern times. it could pick up from where the old tech trees left
    off and you could make it so you can’t fight the 2 tabs in normal
    matchmaking. personally I would like to see them go completley modern, like
    A10, F16, Abrams type modern. I think a lot of people love the ww2 stuff,
    but there are only so many vehicles that you can add from a short war. its
    just a way to expand even more if this is the road they are starting to
    look at. who knows, maybe more people will play.

  164. Negative trend! Now my crummy 1944 era. tank is fighting HEAT-FS rounds
    with 500mm of pen instead of 400mm of pen. Gaijin still hasn’t fixed
    simple things like lousy spawn in crap that causes non stop team killing.

  165. So this is the guy they mistake me for? mhhh just like in that chat at the
    start once in a while people will be, “omg it’s baron!” I’ll be like “I
    think you have the wrong guy”. I always feel bad about it when they get
    their hopes up, all for nothing. Thy_Red_Baron is close to his name but not
    that close. Sorry to everyone who thought I was him. :3

  166. RIP Baron. The gaijan monsters are gonna come for him. The kaijus cant
    protect you anymore buddy.

  167. yes its a pozitive Patch because same happened în history technology took
    place time changed , i want this technology even for more new jets for
    America and every nation those are the times

  168. I dont know, I never like a lot the high tiers, for the time desface on the
    tanks you know vietnam tanks agains IIWW tanks… maybe high tiers will be
    more afected for this topic

  169. My 2 cents (like it matters): Without the implemntation of missiles. What
    did WT honestly have left to update to not only keep its current players
    busy, but draw other people to it. What? Be WOT and do nothing but paper
    tanks that literally did not exist? Without getting more modern, all that
    could be done is to add more maps, which honestly doesnt matter to me. So,
    i hope they continue to modernize and bring us “new” content

  170. Since we are having anti tank missiles why not add a fucking M1A2 Sep V2
    Tusk II Abrams?!

  171. really hurts to hear channels on YouTube being afraid to voice their

  172. Maybe if they add more modern vehicles the br will get less cluttered

  173. Tanawat Leelayouva

    Yeah this company will treat you same as it treat players don’t care and do
    what ever they want
    ATGM is ok
    Bigger map on RB is suck Also it not balance spaw point is bias
    There are some have to fix t29 binocular is blocked by50 cal
    There are no control setting for Guide the rocket
    Overall without any fixing thisis downward

  174. Baron are you talking about the controversy between Phly and his
    Glitch/Cheat video and the mighty Gaijin?

  175. my biggest issue with ATGMs is that the war thunder specifically said that
    they wouldn’t add tanks made after 1970s because of ATGMs. as long as they
    are well balanced i won’t have too much issue but i still don’t like the
    idea. but yeah one of the big reasons why i don’t play war thunder as much
    now is the grind. i am typing this in my 10th year of playing runescape but
    damn… over 100 games to play just to unlock one tank in tier 4, and 300
    games per tank in tier 5? not to mention dozens of games per modification
    in the tier 5… it’s just insane. the BR compression from a few patches
    ago (making most T5 tanks 7.7) basically did me in. i had worked my ass off
    using the crappy is-1 to get the is-2 and using that to get the is-2 mod
    ’44 and then they decided i should play against T5. it felt like i wasted a
    huge amount of time and i struggle to enjoy playing. i really want this
    game to improve, this is still one of my favorite games but i feel
    discouraged and even punished for playing.

  176. Flawless_Victoryy

    Lets see how long this video stay´s up :/

  177. I don’t wanna rant hard but why are all the new vehicles that are planes
    fucking premium! Who the fuck at Gaijin thought “duhhhhhh we should make
    premium tanks cause we’re noobs and want people to buy gold. Hehe!” Like
    this shit makes me wanna punch someone at gajin in the face sooooo bad.
    Like I wanted the wyvern and now I have to pay for some dumb ass eagles so
    I can have it. And after Ima purchase that shit Ima regret it. To be
    completely honest FUCK YOU GAIJIN! Ughhhhh I’m so mad this game is becoming
    world of tanks 2.0

  178. @14:50 “hey man let me lick your butthole!” baronvongamez 2k16

  179. Play more crossout

  180. The only patch I would be interested in is one that bridges 5.3-7.3 .. this
    is the weak link in the game and has always been. WT starts so strong,
    looks like with 1.59 is ending stronger but that 1945-1949 era and so so
    many possibilities with community feedback for tech and trees ignored or
    not implemented, they have to focus on that era. The whole game should flow
    right to the last tank or jet not come to a sudden abrupt grinders halt in
    attempts to over nerf or under nerf whats currently limited in game. This
    era shouldnt trail off like it does then “jets” or “guided rockets” its an
    opportunity to go from realistic to alternate history and a fattening up of
    the amazing concepts put to paper if not actualized in reality. Thats the
    patch I want to get me to come back and invest another 6 months+ Theres
    room for more nations ofc and ffs they gotta overhaul the customs area into
    a user friendly GUI with a strong admin for custom makers to set up what
    can be used, wheres things start with some XYZ co ords etc. 1.59.. eh more
    shiny wrapping that lasts a few days of play then off to play something
    else until something more substantial is released.

  181. Been on a break from WT. Probs won’t come back until they introduce Italian
    or French air trees.

  182. Boycot the game

  183. They need to re-focus on WWII and interwar stuff. There’s still a lot of
    fun vehicles they can add from those periods.

  184. CronicHurricane FireFly

    Sands of Tunisia is biased towards the northern team.

  185. Maxime Carpentier

    French tree could go to tier 5, with the planes of free France, like the
    vampire, or the meteor. It could be an interesting tech tree because France
    used french, german, british and american planes during the war

  186. If it goes in that direction the german needs stronger tanks…look at the
    russians, Brits and american tech tree… 3 tier 5 heavys? German only got
    2? Why? Or t 54 we have 3 of them? Why not add the Leo 2? Rigth now the
    german armor is so low The maus is rediciulus against the Brits, they pen
    the maus with a 20* armor sideplate… Why do the brits have this op pen in
    tier 4 and 5?…. Who diceded to give the Brits so much pen? Do we know how
    much pen they Had/have?

  187. I’m just getting pissed that they add loads of tier 5s for other nations
    and not Germany

  188. Honestly i switched to World of Tanks from War Thunder because it feels
    more rewarding

  189. Charlie Silveria

    I think this patch is going in a good direction, and I dont personally feel
    there is much russian bias in the ground forces, especially if you know
    where to shoot.

  190. My own opinion I think they are going in the wrong direction just like
    world of tanks. If was looking forward to a WW2 game play style. I dont
    like the direction they are headed. That is one reason I quit playing WoT
    besides being burned out, and stopped playing war thunder. . If I wanted to
    play modern tanks I would play armored warfare.

  191. lewis rassi (murderface)

    it sucks liked it as a WW2 game its not no more

  192. I don’t like the way it’s going. In my (non professional) opinion they need
    to spend time on fleshing out other countries tank tree. Looking at you
    Japan. I would rather see them do that. Or even better, I would love to see
    them add ships.

  193. how about dutch planes they had som good planes for like the brits premium

  194. The Tu 4 spam is horrible. ATGM tanks should of never been in the game, T5
    battles now are just horrible and really bad.

  195. It feels like with this patch Gaijin is saying “Hey! Look at the shiny
    thing!” As though they are trying to distract us from what they are doing
    to the community and stop us from noticing the glaring faults in the game
    itself, honestly I haven’t played War Thunder in a long time, and I was
    playing it back in 2012, and I don’t think I will be returning for some
    time, if at all, which saddens me greatly as I can see so much in this game
    that it could have been…

  196. You do good here. You show us the War Thunder we have instead of talking
    about what War Thunder should be in your opinion.

  197. Make war thunder great again!!

  198. AT missiles are a slippery slope. They make big tanks like the Maus
    obsolete completely and the mouse aim is WAY too easy. Simple to crossmap a
    big tank like the Maus. Just look at Phly sniping planes with his. It’s why
    the Germans made the Leo real light and fast. Tier 5 tanks are already
    pretty bullcrap with the post war ammo versus WW2 era tanks, so this is
    just going to make it even more of a fuster cluck.

    The Tu-4 is what I’m pissed about. That plane is 10 pounds of bull in a 5
    pound bag. I keep seeing it in my 5.7s and almost every time it kills me
    before I can get close. EVEN in a dive.

  199. Black Metal Daz 666 (Cyberdeath666)

    I’ve put in on the wt forum (constructive criticism) and I’ve never seen
    them put it up for others to comment on, I tried to talk about spawn time
    times for ground forces I.e ps4 (me and other I play with from other
    squadrons) have noted that there is in about 45-50% of games a spawn in lag
    of 20-30 even 40+ sec where your team and the enemy team are moving up
    getting ready to fight and your having to play catch up I’ve not seen any
    feed back about this from wt but I know they are aware of this.

    I asked if a ready up system simailr to COD may stop this lag but still
    nothing on it

  200. Music name at 1:00 ?

  201. Akaliptos O Megalos

    I think that patch 1.59 went to the wrong direction. Wt is a WW2 game and
    it should stay a WW2 game. If they want to put futuristic things they
    should put them in another game. WT is a WW2 game and this should not

  202. Jingles gave up on war thunder because of the way gaijin went after Phly
    with strong arm tactics and intimidation.

  203. baron is right: look at phlys rant video and then look at the player count
    in war thunder. people saw that video and people rioted and a lot of people
    left war thunder. sad to see on man change the idea of many : churchill,
    phly, hitler, jfk

  204. they need to make it to where you dont get your gunner knocked out on every
    first shot you get hit with on low tier british tanks cause its quite
    annoying, and make it where you can actually unlock vehicles a little
    faster so it doesnt feel like a p2w game, ive been playing warthunder on
    and off for maybe 3 years and im still barely getting into tier 3, hmm i
    get 6 kills in a game bam 500 research on a vehicle like its so stupid how
    slow research is…

  205. Rambo_Lambo_Bear

    The demand seems far higher for more low to mid tier vehicles compared to
    higher tier vehicles so you would think that Gaijin would focus more on
    this demand. However, we also need to take into account that WT is a free
    to play game and therefore needs to have incentives for people to spend
    money to get to these higher tier vehicles. I sometimes wish that you could
    buy WT as a full game and in turn make the unlocks much easier to progress

  206. I brought war thunder for WW2, I’m my opinion this game is going downhill

  207. MonarchTherapsids Inostran

    How is it cultural differences? The fact that Russia has more nationalism
    than Italy in the 40s? Yea sure, but it doesn’t excuse a lot of the shit
    they’ve done. Like mixed realistic battles. Wtf? Why? Nobody asked for

  208. Wojszach Wojciech

    Going for armoured warfare,that’s good

  209. Pietro “PeterF98” Fariello

    Tu-4 is op as s***

  210. I personally think Warthunder has gone to shit ever since i quit the game,
    as the balance was already what it was. I don’t think the developers of
    this game even want to listen to any critic, because they try to adjust or
    control the mind of some youtubers in the way you’ve probably found out. If
    they can’t change their logic on how to think of things and the game
    universally, without mixing politics to it constantly. I don’t think
    Warthunder will be very long lived, unless russian government funds it and
    uses it as a tool for propaganda.

  211. So far (haven’t unlocked Panther 2 yet) the lower BR’s at tier 1with
    germans and tier 3 with the t34s are where I have the most fun. When you
    get into BR 6.0 and higher the OSK and constant sniping get old to me and
    the Grind is basically a joke.On PS4 there is not enough resolution to
    consistently see tanks on a 60 inch Plasma not playing arcade so you follow
    the leader or get dead. They need another visual que for non arcade on PS4.
    Not sure if 4K would do anything or not. I end up sitting about 4 feet away
    and still cant find them quick enough. This game other than that is very
    good, but they need to spend more time fleshing out the true ww2 trees
    across other countries, and fixing the 2.3-4.0 gaps.

  212. Stick to WW2, make a separate mode for the Cold War.

  213. (German) KV-2 with the 152mm is overpowered

  214. introduction of the newer era vehicles/planes/weapons is alright. as long
    as it faces opponents of same era . I personally like the WWII era better.
    I agree with the introduction of tanks from France and other countries, a
    whole new line that would make it even better than this new era stuff.
    thats just my opinion, there are others who may prefer the newer stuff over
    the tank lines from other countries.

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