KV-220 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

It’s been a long coming …

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  1. one of my fav tanks…and the first prem I ever bought

  2. Yeah, I don’t regret mine either.
    I usually over-angle it (45-50°) because then, ennemy player are encouraged
    to shoot your side (which still have 150+ mm of armour) instead of your
    (“weak”) turret.

    It suffers though (like the T14, the churchill III and the excelsior) of
    new superheavy chinese tank with their big big guns and strong armour …

  3. Russian bias at its finest. I will continue to agitate against hidden
    nationalistic Russian (and other nations, but that is not relevant)
    superiority emotions in WOT. Why? Because they have to finally makea a fair
    (=balanced) game and not use it for their own national propaganda. So, my
    queeste is to combat Russian bias and artillery.

  4. I’m amazed that I’ve been playing this game for over 3 years and have NEVER
    seen anyone up on that hill like the PzIV was lol

  5. License to print ‘Steel Wall’ :)

  6. It never goes that easy when I am playing on mines… Great play

  7. lol ik that is a good tank and has lots of armour but i usually only shoot
    apcr at it when and if i play t5 so i never noticed it xD

  8. The HD KV220 will be 120/100/100 and have no frontal weak spots anymore,
    more powerful engine but soft stats nerfed to compensate

  9. Mushroom_Of_Mushyness

    hey Irish could you do another hearthstone bid again if poss the new
    expansion has come out

  10. Does that Stugg player even have any credits left after that match? If he
    paid gold and not credits that musta been like a $40 game…who goes into
    battle in a Stugg III G with that much prem ammo loaded??? A Stugg’s AP can
    pierce a Tier 8 tank, the APCR should be like emergency ammo for that got
    to win scenario….I just don’t get it?

  11. KV-220 is also apparently getting a engine power and UFP buff next patch it
    will be 120mm thick

  12. is-8 review plz/replay plz???

  13. Nice video, Thanks! Can you post the skills/perks on the crew in that game
    also if it’s equipped thesme as in previous video please. I have a KV 220
    and I find it hard to play.

  14. Did u do a Comet Ace? If not plz do one

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