KV-220 – NEW SOVIET TANK & Olympic Rant (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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– NEW SOVIET TANK & Olympic Rant ()

War Thunder Operation Summer news – https://warthunder.com/en/news/4151-special-operation-s-u-m-m-e-r-updated-03-08-2016-en/

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  1. The Olympics has become the Superbowl. fifteen minutes of truly amazing
    athleticism, wwayyy too much fucking ads.

  2. wow 7 min of olimpicks sooooooo cool :/
    (soz about the spiling and if that is to mean but rilly)

  3. Rio is probably the worst Olympic location so far. how many times have they
    dropped the torch/have it stolen?

  4. eh I want it but I just started warthunder and I’m not good enough yet. lol
    plus im having major lag issues with my ps4 controller in the game….its
    weird as fuq. good hunting everyone check six.

  5. why is it called the kv220 its clearly a t150

  6. Phly, on the Jumbo, aim for the MG port. Gets ’em every time.

  7. This is one of the sexiest tanks I’ve seen in War Thunder! I hope they add
    the KV-3 aswell and maybe the KV-4!

  8. a jumbo hulled-down… rip. If you can’t hit it’s side of the hull or it’s
    MG port… nope.

  9. CBCs (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) broadcast was better. Shame you
    guys don’t get them in the states

  10. Waffles

  11. I am 4 weeks on holliday and than war thunder does this kill meeeee

  12. big a the of the home

    go australia

  13. I want to play war thunder, but my video card is beat ;-;

  14. Xavier Sweeney Cootes

    phly, take out the geopard. they have updated the sound on the 20mm and it
    sounds sick!!!

  15. HAvok_ SH00TR_OPS

    To those people constantly bitching about phlys commentating here’s a very
    useful news flash DONT WATCH THE FUCKING VID

  16. NBC is honestly a really awful in business in general

  17. Phly will we see more Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades? There is
    bolt actions in the game now

  18. Tomas Mikalauskas

    I believe there are replays of it, without all that crap, that you can find
    on the internet.
    Chillax Phly :D

  19. Dude see if you can get BBC iPlayer working might have to use a region
    spoofing utility or something.

  20. What’s great is getting 30 spawn points per hit that you take.

  21. PhlyDaily Since you are playing Toy Soilders try Toy Soilders Cold War

  22. In England the BBC just shows the ceromony

  23. Don’t know what to say about that tank, seems quite op / undertiered.

  24. thats a salty intro

  25. This is T150 in WOT. Great video again Phly.

  26. Богдан Роман

    6:08 is where the rambling stops(i think)
    you are welcome
    edit: nope its 6:20

  27. Pleaaaaase do the M60 Tank!

  28. Did anyone else notice the “flap” of armor above the mantle can get blown
    off? He loses it when he gets bombed.

  29. Tim “Kuddfiskarn” Gustavsson

    Use a dogfighter plane next, with facecam. But! Use the face cam to show us
    the keyboard/joystick while playing.

  30. 3:22 Twerking is an Olympic now?

  31. well atleast here in Finland it’s different in olympic on TV.. no
    commersial breaks and commentators talk before the stuff happens and no
    talking doring in some events :)


  33. Please Phly try the jumbo Shermans, you just saw the power of a Jumbo. Try
    the early Korean war combo 76mm Jumbo with AD2 loadout with bombs and
    aassault fuse.

  34. Beast from East

  35. I don’t even know how to get this tank xD

  36. Hey phly 5th time lucky. Play out the a39 tortoise. Show them panzer
    Pansy’s who’s boss with a 32 pounder though the turret

  37. Notice me

  38. 12:00 I thought that blitzkrieg was the german tactic…

  39. Phly have you seen the Dunkirk trailer?

  40. Андрей Местяшов

    I love Russia !! ?????

  41. PhlyIsHere

  42. hey phly its not kv-220 its the soviet tank t-150

  43. Whats that sherman that he could not pen at 19:30 ?

  44. 6:20 for real vid

  45. jay robert colada

    whats the gun?85mm or 107mm?

  46. Alfred Bennettwallis

    phly do a csgo vid

  47. Anyone else see the A113 on the turret on the KV-220, illuminati confirm XD

  48. magicGfinger Grant

    Should have watched it on the BBC, no adverts lol

  49. IrradiatedMushroom

    Thing is if you’d have watched the Olympic OC on the BBC then you wouldn’t
    have to deal with adverts. You can even watch it over on their website.

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