KV-4 / Arctic / “Large, and in charge”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

In a change of plan from what I did have lined up for today, I present what is my very first game ever in the -4. Honest.


World of Tanks is a free--play online, multiplayer tank game – you can sign up here: http://play.any.tv/SHL9q

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website – http://www.sgta-clan.com/


  1. Damn, T34 248 pen, IS3 225, get you stats right, because knowledge is power
    in this game :)

  2. Nice one Phj

  3. I really need to play mine more. Still don’t have the top gun for it. :P

  4. Weird camera work at the end

  5. Dude…..the turret on top of the top turret is 250mm……tier 6-some 9
    can’t even pen that

  6. Why are there 2 many Jedi doing this, and which one are you? Are you the
    sister of AgeingJedi?

    “Sister – you have a sister. Obi wan was wise to hide her from me!”

  7. the first few shots you took look like they probably would’ve gone in
    regardless of which turret was trying to tank the hit, those were some well
    aimed dice.

    the top turret being heavy and covered in flat bits left it as the last
    thing i unlocked when i was grinding this tank.

    i didnt use the 122 to grind out the top gun though, zis-6 for all *z*
    worth there

  8. Lorenzo Hastings


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