KV-4 KTTS – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The KV-4 KTTS is one of the heaviest TDs in World of Tanks and this 8 premium loves to it’s weight around! Here’s all you to know!



  1. Thank you WG you spoil me I got this KV TD and 2 other premium tanks for just $20 🎉🎉🎉

  2. you could have compared it to a at15, looks pretty similar playstyle wise

  3. That tank is freeeeeee damage for me. I am thankfull to all players playing this paper 😉

  4. Love it more then my Chieftain Proto tbh

  5. The mighty Tankenstein

  6. You gonna have fun with doom eternal?

  7. wargaming adding ”new” tanks on pc which have been on console version for years

  8. Bottom right corner. 2:21 “steam has finished downloading DOOM ETERNAL “

    KV 4 KTTS it’s a hunk of garbage, sold it after I got it

  9. its 100.000 lbs not tons

  10. So the KV-4 KTTS hits somewhere between a WZ-120-1 and Vipera (if you account for DPM, Pen and Dmg), but maybe shares more gun properties between the WZ-120-1 and a Turtle 1 with the mobility like a Vipera.

    Its note worthy, how few tier 8 tanks have at least 360 ALPHA and +2,5k dpm:

    ISU-152 (15,2 cm D-4S),
    Ferdinand/JPanther II (12,8 cm Pak 44 L/55),
    ISU-130 (13,0 cm S-26),
    Rhm-B WT (12,8 cm Kanone 44 L/55),
    WZ-120-1 (12,2 cm 60-122TG FT A),
    T28/TS-5 (12 cm AT Gun T53, basically same gun)

  11. Sleepy quacky babs is still better than 60% of people who actually try

  12. It looks like WOT stuck a Leichttraktor ontop of a KV4.

  13. It’s so ugly though haha

  14. Is it safe to update World of Tanks when Russian is preparing for war?

  15. I’ve been really struggling in this thing tbh

  16. Alas, this seems to be a worthwhile addition, and which is not setting ‘a new standard’ for all tanks.

  17. Oh, so it plays like. KV-4, with better alpha and not a 360 turret then, haha.

  18. And yeah the amount of times doing dumb/crazy has helped me, os really high, haha. Sore that always doesn’t help your personal stats, it can help you win more at times.

  19. Oh hey. I got one of them fancy ISU-130’s, lol. Still made they took the tech tree one away. Was lame.

  20. Its a Russian At15

  21. By far, the worst tank in the game. absolutly horrendous

  22. I feel like the one we have on console is lil better than pc bc of the auto loader

  23. quicky talking about tanks bouncing on the 125mm back. but its flat armor. EVERYTHING pens it. try angling /moving with the Extreme slow turn rate, and weak power

  24. You can use all the cannons on console…

  25. as qiucky sais: doesnt do well against equal and higher tiers.. nough said

  26. Why… *twitch* why not just have 40 40 10 ammo… *twitch*

  27. are rate of fire same as attack speed?

    serious question..

  28. But does it reverse sidescrape?

  29. Its has a big weak on the big capola

  30. Won’t win any beauty contests lol

  31. One day I found a ISU-130 in my account. I have no idea how it got there lol

  32. T103 and T28 Proto seem like similar vehicles as well as could have made for good comparisons. Also in regards to the alpha damage, both the E75TS and KT have 360dmg guns at 105mm. Overall I quite like the looks and feel of this tank, just wish you didn’t have to gamble for it. Thanks for the review!

  33. Great review 👍👍

  34. man WHY does the shptk have 330 pen…

  35. Why tf is he not using a rammer on both builds with a tank that has 2.6k dpm base using vents over a rammer is such a bad idea

  36. WT E 100 I LOVE

  37. 1:55 um M4 Revas 105 mm does 390 dmg so thats kinda low for a 107 mm if you think about that…

  38. 2:19 anyone else notice that QB has finished downloading Doom Eternal?

  39. Holy shit this tank looks amazing for my playstyle I want it so much

  40. Hello. I need some help. In the first match, we can see there are tier 8 chieftains on both teams. Is this a replay bug? What is a tier 8 Chieftan? The new one the Chieftan proto is a tier 9 tank. And there is the tier 10 Chieftan. So did I miss that there is a tier 8 one?

  41. KV-4 KTTS Blends the lines of a heavy tank and tankdestoyer. Minitour: “Am i a joke to you?”

  42. I’ve already taken out 2 in KV-4 kitts in a battle with my Lowe.
    I can’t really see the front plate being 200mm. Because a Lowe has no trouble penetrating the front plate with standard AP rounds.
    Will I spend money to buy one…Nope! Nothing from War Gaming is worth wasting money on anymore.

  43. Can you make a another tier list video soon?

  44. Yeah I think once ppl learn aboutthe armor profile it’s not going to have such a good time, especially with all the gold rounds being flung around.

  45. Please do a Doom eternal stream QB since you already have it installed:)))

  46. losers with the mod!

  47. Worst premium in game, so bad

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