KV-4 / Sacred Valley / “The Fortress Rides Again”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Yes, yes, I remember why like this tank again…


World of Tanks is a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here: http://play.any./SHL9q

list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. DubstepinWithSmoke

    yes, yes i remember why like this tank XDDDD

  2. KV-4, stronk tank, yes?

  3. Hi Jedi :D

  4. YES! KV-4 is still fortress, and will always be (hopefully)

  5. KV 4 stronk tenk

  6. Even now Jedi is thinking about what ships to use in his World of Warships
    intro…. :)

  7. Im so glad I have gone this line considering I don’t have any tier 9 or 10
    and ht mission 15 is only possible in this tank at tier 8. I actually did
    it two times, second with honors :)

  8. It’d be cool to be able to use multiple guns at a time, like in War
    Thunder. If you get the side or rear you might be able to some extra
    damage. The Lee and Churchill wouldn’t be so shit.

  9. Finally some said it. Lots of players action are not factored in to stats!

  10. This wasn’t really even that good of a game though.

  11. KV-4tress ftw!

  12. nice match ! makes me want to grind the kv3 haha

  13. And people say this game isn’t bias…

  14. This tank is in my view one of those tanks that either works really really
    well or not at all. (armor-wiese)
    Anyone else?

  15. If you were forced to keep one tank in your garage. What tank would it be? 

  16. tanks like this, churchill, b1, m3 lee/grant, maus, and the future AMX 30B
    make me really wish hull guns and coaxial guns, and second turrets could be
    used.no small arm machine guns of course

  17. I hate super Pershing so much, i often struggle to pen them, and aiming for
    that weak spot i miss often. in my stock is-8 i took on two of them and
    killed one and the second one killed me after i left him on less then 100hp
    but i bounced so much i was upset. i need that thing were i can look at
    armor layouts…

  18. Just got KV-4 recently myself…stock is not fun. 

  19. Quality of this vid is a tad dodgy.

  20. Is there a possibility that you upgrade your internet? You know, 720p can
    be a pain in the arse^^

  21. EmperorNefarious1

    I am having allot of trouble with this tank, the turret is to sluggish for
    me, I’m used to the low speed since I love the churchills, but the slow
    turret on the KV-4 means any good player out plays me by getting close and
    simply moving around unpredictably… any advice?

  22. shouldnt the title be: “kv-fourtress rides again”?

  23. MrImmortalityPrince

    Just hate it when someone from your own team stops you from side scraping
    by smelling your ass

  24. it would be nice if that 37 mm gun on the KV-4 works, so you can shoot
    buildings with that one

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