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Source: QuickyBaby

The -5 is so chonky it might as well be immortal in World Tanks – here's why!



  1. one of the the few balanced original premium tanks that wg hasnt buffed to be insanly op along with the mutant. when i played kv5 everyone hit my weak points 🙁

  2. No! Disaster!!! You called the KV-5 a KV-2 at 9:04!!!! I forgive you. They’re both epic.

  3. Probably if he didn’t lose his HP like a Muppet, as relying on your teammates is a roll of the die. Keeping yourself alive as being one of the better players would increase your win rate and damage. Luckily his team was better than the enemy team. I had this situation myself when the enemy team were much better than and was on low HP but was alive at the end of the game after killing the artillery on the enemy team on mountain pass.

    • did you even watch the video? He did 5.5k dmg, you muppet

    • @djuraster I did, still losing HP when your side on and having camped enemy tanks is one of the ways dying quickly. Still if QB died right there, the odds of winning would be lower than if he was alive to not only guard that flank but distract the enemies enough in the rear to make a difference. As for damage wise, I would do 5-7k myself in tier 10 and not die.

  4. Does any of this matter next patch?

  5. I got this tank a few months ago and absolutely love it now

  6. basura de juego

  7. thats how its gone be from now on forward

  8. Wait did I hear quickly baby call the KV-5 a KV-2???

  9. OK quickie that was not a great game on your part. More the other team just had a lot of inept players.

  10. 5:21 Guys is there a setting to see tanks behind obstacles better when bush sniping? I always struggle with it but in this video it looks very clean

  11. Isnt intuition switch a random factor? sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt?

  12. I have 8k bonds and need a credits grinder is this the tank?

  13. You shoulda seen it in WW2.

  14. couldnt make KV5 work for me. Too bad.

  15. QB, serious question. What will you do when WG eventually drives the last nail in the coffin of WoT?

  16. 9:07 you said KV2 not KV5 took me a couple a second to realize until I played it back

  17. QB might as well be speakin *Alien* to this old WoT player lmao.

  18. Imagine QB is cheering you on, but you dont even know its him, because of Anonymizer.

  19. yes engine goes red, if you use it to long

  20. I would like to see more games on the new(er) maps.

  21. The kv-5 as a tank is like the world of tanks community in the last month, it takes a lot of damage

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  23. I became disillusioned with WoT when the gimmicks got out of control.

  24. This is the why my dad bought a KV-5

  25. OH your forgot to put 2 bz-176s on the other side…and watch him get 2 shot .. and straight to the grarage.– and if you can pen their 300+MM effective turret armor..
    But after my 2 year hiatus .. my first game… KV-5 on himmelsdort 8 line. get in my sidescraping mode.. . saw a tank green reticle BOUNCE.. of course right…. WHAM.. 800+damage …..Me wtf is a BZ-176….pop back out shoot bounce… SURE WHY NOT.!!!! next shot… WHAM … 2 shot straight to the garage — and then looked what a BZ-176 was……rockets now.???? 800+damage HE with great pen.???? all my old ass premium tanks SUCK compared to these made up BS op pay to win — and ive been trying to overmatch their roof……but when they have a -10 depression and mine is like -6 IM F,ed plus they aim at 2 bumps…..and WHAM 800+ insta damage

  26. disturbeddude123

    4:20 nah, soviet tanks are just ork enough that if you believe, it will come true

  27. kv5 has better armour driving backwards.
    you will be able to run it with full bond equipment soon too

  28. 9:04 immortal kv2 xD

  29. Dude,. really? Every since the beginning of WOT all Russ tanks have been OP and have alway TROLLED thier way through the battle, Top damage, One shot kills w/ derp etc, take low damage. by the way, I never Russians Tanks and never have. maybe that’s why my so important WIN rate is low?

  30. Guys what to get – 121b or kv-5? Intermediate player

  31. immortal kv 2.

  32. Ahhh I love my kv5, most games played, the nerfs did it no favours, but the cheap ammo still makes it a winner and always fun to play

  33. Reverse side scraping kv5 was and always will be the only way to play

  34. everyone claims theyre quitting but they wont

  35. I’ve even stopped collecting drops now all the changes coming in the patch will see me not bother with the game anymore.

  36. And we’re back to throwing our wallets at Wargaming… SHOCKING

  37. Any time I play my kv5 I just get torn to pieces even playing it similarly to you.

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