KV-5 still got it?

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  1. Dank early memes

  2. IS3 Driver uses 1000 people in gulag to strengthened the side armor

    • all is3 drivers uses that force my dude… all …ALL.. yes i hate is3 and i think that tank is still good in the current meta
      not op but still good

  3. Sometimes KV-5 rules even with tier 9 tanks. BTW, thanks for videos and greetings from the country this satanic game was made!)

  4. The gun penetration definitely needs a buff

  5. circ is so good even klingons donate.Qapla’

  6. Needs a pen buff, from 167 to at least 181…

  7. The KV-5 doesn’t even need a buff. The IS-6 does though

    EDIT: Also boohoohoo stop crying about “Russian bias” and “sekrit documents”. The IS-3 sidearmor is realistic

  8. KV-5 can pen Defender frontally. Defender confirmed UP, buff pls WG.

  9. what is up with 10 premium tank on each side

  10. I love my KV-5 it’s not a bad tank. For me the DPM and the side armour makes it a good tank.

  11. This tank is complete shat

  12. Ofc KV5 still has it while going full gold

  13. Da Russian steel da to powerful da by the why Soviet crew always drunk da VODKA DA ??????

  14. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. what modpack is this?

  16. Let’s be honest it is the hit points 1780

  17. What mods does circ use?

  18. Алексей Сафронов

    Shooting IS-3 side armor with a taller tank and expecting to pen. My dude, IS-3 literally has hull shaped like _/

  19. Christophe Deblaton

    I am not sure, but for me the mod you use for armor/penetration, that should be illegal in the game

    • It just shows number, you can have it in the vanilla client aswell.
      I does not show numbers, but it makes your marker red or green depending if you can pen or not.
      So its basicly in the stock game, just less flashy.

    • Christophe Deblaton

      Ok fine then Circon 🙂
      But i must admit that thats not the thing u watch first when aiming at weakspots ^^
      Still a great game man 🙂

    • Is it on permanently or something you can toggle in settings? As far as I can tell the marker is red until ready to fire in vanilla. I doubt you need to see the pen numbers anyway.

  20. lol goldnoob

    • Don’t you know that this tank only has 167mm of pen with AP? That wouldn’t be so bad at a medium tank wich can flank it’s enemies, but the KV % has to go on the front and you can’t really do anything there with 167mm of pen. Listen carefully next time.

    • aboomination lol goldnoob? Wow you must be new and don’t understand todays meta

  21. I dislike facing KV5s in any battle, even if I am lucky enough to be 2 tiers up (unless I happen to be in an unmolested arty, lol)…as far as I am concerned, they still got it.

  22. They can’t buff the pen because it would be OP for tier 6 as it’s the same gun in the KV-2 and T-150

  23. I love my kv5. I treasure it more than my type59. I admit that you must play smart in kv5. Either hold tanks or if you are in mid table flank or ripp medium tanks. 175 pen would be lovely on this tank.

  24. KV-5 can penetrate the Defender on the roof, because it’s so tall

  25. Anytime I ever played with that tank I was easily killed because the R 2 d 2 turrets anytime I ever played against it it was a fortress LOL I sold that tank couldn’t stand it

  26. If you drive backwards the whole time you got a better chance

  27. And then you meet a VK 100.01 P

  28. 4400 for 300 alpha
    *laughs in Primo Victoria/Centurion I* (4400 for 230 alpha)

  29. Oh yeah, Christmas. Idiots x50

  30. is6 needs pen buff too

  31. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

    wargaming got exposed. they are ones funding kim jung un nuclear weapon development.

  32. Can you post one of ya shite games, so we can all feel better about ourselves!!?? 😉

  33. a long time ago i played against circon and i think sirfoch in himmelsdorf and they were driving kv5’s. i was in the unbuffed 4202 and he came charging down the hill at me….luckily i kept him tracked and actually started to damage him, then from behind, sirfoch…..blamo!

  34. I love my kv5 most played tank. cause I needs the credits. I wish that the tier 6 gun was the tier 8 gun then this would be really op tank.. defender driver typical gold tank user. couldn’t use armor. is3 made you troll gun show up by remembering you cant pen every shot or op would sneak into open.
    really helps tho when you aren’t facing a ton of people who know how to kill you fast or worse tier8-9 Japanese heavies.

  35. Da, KV-5, dominating with the base pen of tier 6 heavies, Da. Massive increase in APCR pen, Blyat, totally not pay-to-play, Da.

  36. ??????????What am I watching????

  37. Klingon High Command approved ✊️

  38. KV5 is my most played tank, the low pen is usable with knowledge of weakspots and r2d2 weakspots are manageable through sidescraping, so I’d buff its gun depression and gun soft stats, aim time, accuracy, reload. Maybe make frontal turret and mantle 200mm. Oh and make the APCR a little cheaper.

  39. 219 pen can pen the lower plate of the defender what?

  40. Thanks for uploading this vid. Made me want to go and drive my KV-5 and I got my first ever Kolobanov’s Medal in it

  41. Man.. grinding tier 6 tanks is so aids right now. Every game is T8 because of all the premiums

    • Joseph Tang That is great for grinding since u get extra XP and credit for damaging higher tier tanks. As long as u can avoid their shells, u should be good

  42. Hell, if they buff the pen to acceptable levels you don’t have to remove weak points for the KV-5 to be great. Doing it that way makes it more rewarding for playing it well and aiming effectively over making it easier for shit/can’t be bothered to improve kinds of players. Shit, if it had at least 190 pen standard which is less than the newer premiums, it would still be enough to use without breaking the bank on every tank you shoot.

  43. I got the feeling that most of those idiots you were facing, never seen a KV5 before…. hehe… It’s staring them right in the face…..The most obvious place to shoot, the R2D2 on the front…

  44. makes you wonder how some people are able to put on their socks in the morning…

  45. Feels bad playing my IS-6 or KV-5 now days. All the clan types and others on NA server bought heavily into new meta premium heavies, so I can barely justify playing KV-5 or IS-6 because of my fear I will completely let down my team.

  46. Sad that u have to spam apcr to Eve have s chance of penning at yier. I don’t play my kv5 anymore.

  47. what about R2-D2 at the front ? 🙂

  48. What is the mod that shows you the armor thickness when you aim at a tank?

  49. I usually take my Kv-5 where the mediums go and simply don’t stop moving, it’s high dpm shreds mediums to pieces and they can barely hurt you if they manage to hit your weak points at full speed. Kv-5 has atrocious accuracy but gun handling isn’t that bad. Have 3 marks and do big damage nearly every game, love it.

  50. so to get gud in KV-5, you jsut have to load justp remium, got it..:D

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