KV-FOUR-TRESS – World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

The KV--Tress has become exactly as the name suggests an absolute meat ball of a tank that also packs a punch!


World of is a Free 2 Play game published by and is available as a free download.


  1. social3ngin33rin

    Needing to load the gold…

  2. I love new KV4,it’s a defender killer.Its so fun to trick people with its 140mm side armour.I wish it could be more mobile or it could have better gun depression,it’s tall tank.

  3. All hail the You Tube algorithm gods.

  4. I think I remember watching this on stream, it was a great game

  5. I use the 122mm gun on that tank now. It does have a worse gun handling, and penetration values, but the dpm is still good (approx 2000+ vs 2200+ on the 107 mm gun). Plus you gain 2 more degrees of gun depression (-8 vs -6), which comes handy sometimes wherever there is some terrain elevation, a quite significantly higher alpha (390 vs 320) and an overall better chance to penetrate thin armor thanks to a higher caliber and 3 and 2 caliber rules (implies autopen against all 40 mm armor plates, e.g.)

  6. Maximilian Haller

    Maybe it’s worth to take up the KV-4 again…

  7. KV-4 isn’t that good anymore due to power creep. I miss the KV-4 being a good tank. The armor is easily penetrated by meds

  8. i don’t play WOT but look forward to every video from Quickybaby

  9. Would love to see QB with his refined playstyle platoon with Honest Gaming.
    It would be like watching a Samurai and Drunken Master work together

  10. “not because your in an over powered tier 8 premium tank” you won simply because there was no arty, a single arty player with 2900 pr would have sent you back to the garage very early. its honestly why i hate arty and i dislike anyone who run arty, it’s a sham, it’s unfair and it robs players of their wins, it takes away all your skills and hard work during the battle, over angling armor, poking properly, flanking, having good timing and staying calm and working your tank with all the skills youve learned , all that is rendered moot by one bad player in a class of tank that basically cheats.

    but yeah, i’m glad you didnt have arty in this battle, you were allowed to actually play the game, it’s gotten so frustrating for me, i am close to walking away, i’m not really that good in the first place, so throw 2-3 arty in every other battle i just cant do anything anymore

  11. Solid gameplay direction based on the catalog performance of the tank. It’s the biggest strength of QB and what I learn from QB. This video shows these strengths well.

  12. Justin justintheman

    When I first started playing this game the kv-4 was a scary tank for me

  13. Yes, i like to see more free to play tech tree tank video’s
    Like to see you review the ST-1 again with equipment 2.0

  14. KV-4 holding mastery badge: ”I’m still stronk!”

    I remember many moons ago when Jingles showed Paradat playing the KV-4tress and getting tens of thousands of damage blocked. This old comrade still has it.

  15. So sad tank KV-4,really need some love.

  16. Kv4 has good hull armor but it’s not very angled so have to angle it yourself

    Turret crappy af due to that giant cupola and when they gold spam sometimes even tier 7 penetrates

    Gun is very good high rate of fire
    The only thing i don’t like bout it is the alpha dmge

    Goodluck if you meet tier 9

  17. Last time i was this early WoT was not pay to win

  18. Matos Gaming SVK

    The 703 II was paid actor 😀

  19. Edit:Also wth those players??OBJ 703 or T-55A can win that game easy:)

  20. Speaking as a console player this tank sucks.

  21. “Do not fear the one who played 10.000 matches , but fear the one who played 10.000 matches in arty” :DDDD

  22. Its my favorit tank on wotb 🙃
    Its so stronk
    The side cant be penned by heat(for some tank)

  23. He saw lynix video with that thank i know it dude

  24. I love it when you post videos of tech tree tanks on your free to play account so please keep them coming!

  25. Badass kv4 game! Yikes.

  26. You have an advantage that you cannot buy quicky, its years and years of experience, that nowadays players don’t want to spend on this game because its not enjoyable. Who would want to spend 5 years learning a game just to try and have fun? This game is motly played by old people who have been playing the game for long time, maybe not good players but old players.The game is dying and its not that slow as people think

  27. Pablo Cruz Larsson

    I would say that the kv4 is the king of boringness

  28. Airinei Lucian Ionut

    I was always afraid to say that the is 4 line is my favourite line in pc and blitz cuz i would be named noob, why u choose this line , u borned wrong and soo on, but after this vid i gained some power to can actully play more btter and more confident in those type of tanks, thx qb

  29. Hey QB, piece of advice for someone who plans to start wot pc soon?

  30. This video was brought to you by that udes…

  31. I loved it 😀 kv4 my favourite

  32. *buys KV-4*

  33. raphaël Tertrais

    My best game in damage is with kv4 on Berlin

  34. When will you play some more war thunder ples give me an answer this

  35. Strelock youssef

    Thats why i love playing chinese lights and mediums
    If tou win and destroy the enemy you feel like you did a great achievment not winning because of a op tank

  36. Im new in WoT and I have question… What is better Foch B or Grille 15? 😁

  37. KV-4 became a very good T8 tank

  38. Jetson Reginald Baltan

    I even carried a Tier X match playing in this KV-4 once where I almost blocked 6k and damage 5k if I remember correctly.

  39. Steel_ Conquerer

    This is ironic but when ou get Uri as a commander will you have a game with him in the Comet space man and Comet?

  40. I love my KV4

  41. all we do is lose

  42. could you do a video like this in the is 3a? because youre last video on that tank was 2 years ago and alot of people like it

  43. What I would like to see are more Techtree Vehicle Fights, in where you fire no Gold Rounds or in where it is Neck in Neck while the enemy only fires at your weak Points !

    It was a bit disappointing that no Body fired at the Biggest Weak Point, even it was Buffed a little , at the top of the KV 4 Turret , in this Video !

  44. It’s great to see you still enjoying this games after over 8 years – from a long time subscriber

  45. Love how everyone complained about the 703 vid saying ‘oh its cus its an op prem’ but he does it in this and nobody says anything. You all look like fucking fools and are probably all 46%ers

  46. Tomáš Karafiát

    Good tip QB 😉 I go for KV 4tress 😉

  47. Hey…How much does WG pay you to pump out all this crap? Why don’t you tell them to stop putting people on dedicated servers where there is nothing but bots? If people are stupid enough to spend money on this crap, that’s up to them. However, you should be ashamed of yourself for leading people to believe they’re actually playing against ‘real’ people!!

  48. i often ran out of ammo in this tank

  49. Thumb up for Dead Space 2 <3

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