KV2 goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 8 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
Want to buy me a beer well this is where you click

I stream over on twitch 5days a week so come check me out!


  1. Ninoslav Markovic

    Wow, insane, two videos in less of a month! The Foch comeback is real ?

  2. Got that KV-1Sport vibe there

  3. Good game, My gunner just cant handle all the Wodka, so I miss too much :-/ makes this tank not fun to play…

    • no you are wrong he had to less Vodka, my friend more Vodka = more accurate no wonder you miss your shots you think Vodka is bad

  4. Very blyatiful and stronk premium tier 8 ruskie tenk

  5. When russian bias meets skill


  7. “Tier VIII premium tank”. LooooL

  8. I feel sorry, when such a dumb company is running your beloved game, while you can’t really quit because of the money and work that’s involved in there for you through streaming and ure subs. Sir Foch, my biggest respect. Suicide isn’t an option ever, but I imagine you had the wish to do that more than just once, hanging on Wargaming’s balls there. One day man, it’s all coming too an end and hopefully, you’ll be the one smiling!

  9. another 1 in a 1000 games where Foch had a good game (Ace tanker) and is sharing it x)

  10. I really do not understand why you don’t upload more often dude. You and Circon are the last dudes on wot that upload legit wot content. no bullshit, no beating around the bush. topped with some funny salt.
    Dez is quite boring atm and Claus is just blasting comic rage with no proper conclusions.
    Upload more often dude.

  11. Rasha Foch come in handy

  12. Very stronk comrade very stronk

  13. Oh how I miss comrade Foch and his vodka, DA!

  14. some capitalist map :))) some bullshit map
    that was funny, for reeal

  15. Easy Learning - Lätt att lära

    Da da.. very strong tier eight tank in premium-shop kv2 da. da.. 910 alphaDMG and russiian RNG.. da da.. suka.. bliyat

  16. This reminds me so much of kv1sport… brings a tear to my eye

    • 5 KV1s + 2 Hellcats Skirmishes… And my Clan Commander always wanted us to pick VK3001M bc it had more HP. rather unssuccesfull times xD

  17. Mohammed Aldarwish

    Before I start the Video, I know it is going to be hilarious as Foch is playing stronk rusky tenk.

  18. LMFAO !!! Cyka blyat Komrad ! Best commentary ever !

  19. Pickle? I thought russkies shat themselves for borscht?

  20. Boris Yeltsin approves this message.

  21. sounds like skill4tu

  22. wake me up when they nerf gold ammo to the ground.

  23. SirFoch serves best ham and a helping of sarcastic Mämmi for desserts.

  24. Your Russian accent sucks 🙂


  26. Da komrade, idzti na huy, cyka :V

  27. You had me laughing like a madman at 6 in the morning. More vodka for gunner!

  28. wpizdjec ambusz veri stronk

  29. that blind shot, sweeeet

  30. virtual Moravicus

    Enfant terrible + Memes of tanks = Great entertainment

  31. Blyat,this video preety much summs up the WoT experience.

  32. Epic. Just epic. Gj



  35. Best best bravo! Thanks Foch ?

  36. Loved this video, it has the lot; vodka, pickle, squats and a big derp gun, also loved the Ruskie accent. Brilliant.

  37. you’re a bloody genius! More, more!

  38. you should make a 2 hours long movie like this: “The adventures of suka blyat on the eastern front!” 😀

  39. Some Rassshan Dude captured the lazy Foch’s channel !

  40. that bush at the start was very sneaky breeky

  41. Kv2 doesn’t go ham. It always is ham

  42. ラー油美味しいチャーシューめん

    Best blind shot!

  43. That. Decap. Blindshot.
    Need some stronk vodka to recover my brain from that.

  44. That KV1 Sport vibe lool

  45. Those blindshots are fucking top notch, made my coffee come out my nose you fucking asshole!

  46. A sequel from the KV-1Sport/Str0nk, by your friendly g0ptnik Foch :v

  47. Ultimvtum - Jordan Kost

    two blind shots in one game ?

  48. I’m happy that you started uploading again Comrad!!!

  49. 10 of 10 for the game. 12 of 10 with some cold vodka and caviar for the narrative.

  50. Throwback ?

  51. Russian ham, best kind of ham.

  52. Funny stuff. More like this please. ?

  53. *Russian accent* Suddenly sounded like Italian XD

  54. Sir Blety Foch must have drunk too much vodka during the recording of this video, since the KV2 is a Tier 6 and not a Tier 8 tank imo…

  55. good game comrade ! but not as good as the legendery tier 8 kv 1 sport game

  56. Very most happy to be seeing many red tenks in bushes to be vaporized by Vodka swilling KV2 gunner. Nice. Very nice

  57. Nice battle. What happened with the quality? Love it. Thanks

  58. WTF is that? You stored AP rounds in glorious KV-2? You disgusting western spy!!

  59. Check it out

  60. DA, DA, DAAA!!!

  61. objective:
    *spread communism*
    accomplished +400EP

  62. Now I need a Life of Boris/Foch crossover

    • V Epsilon I seriously thought this was a Boris commentary for the first 30 seconds, I kept having to look at the title to make sure it WAS a Foch video, lol!

  63. nice and fun

  64. cant get enough

  65. “No problem suka”… love it,

  66. another tier 10 rusha cuka tonk

  67. WOW. Foch is back. One of the most, if not the most funniest video of the year. Da suka blyat. 🙂 Keep it going Foch. Awesome content. would give you 100 upvotes but only have one. Do svidanya comrade commissar.

  68. When did it become a premium?

    • There is a reskinned KV-2 as a premium tank in the game.
      So, if you wanna pay WG some money, you can get a premium KV-2 with Skin or you grind yourself the normal KV-2 like always.

  69. Piotr Mikołajski

    Po pervom ne pokushayu! Nesete mne bol’she vodku!

  70. like a BOSS!!!

  71. A good derp game in the KV2 always puts a smile on my face.

  72. Wachira Narongsack

    DAAAH gwell done ma comrade, guud use of tiz tier geight gheavy!

  73. It’s blyat Foch back! Kreygasm.

  74. Very good commrade! Kv2 can well punish capitalist blyads.

  75. SP1c had fun

  76. Russian Foch + kv2, would wish I could upvote twice.

  77. Ślązak Grzesiek

    Who was commenting this replay? Skill4ltu or TheFoch? 😛

  78. That Indian accent is stronk

  79. I am only halfway through the video… will he stop talking with that russian accent or will he go on until the end? 😀

  80. Blyatfull video

  81. After watching this one I had to go back and watch again kv1 sport tier 8 tank …. I ??

  82. Lol, I always watch the russian tank videos with Foch!

  83. “eat more peekle … do more squats.” classic

  84. Miss you SirFoch

  85. ayyyyyyyyyy great to see u again with stronk KV-2 cyka blyat

  86. Show to us the mark, KV-2R have a unique one

  87. love you man ….bliet…

  88. what a minute, why is Skills4U narrating?

  89. The Sanity Assassin

    sorry for watching

  90. Fritten Neuntausend

    Thats not correct. Its not 2020.

  91. Derping like tru slav

  92. tier 8? i thought that KV-2(R) was the first tier 10 premium tank

  93. Stronkest replay, enemy in cap no match for KV2 boolat, vjodka gunner no aim kill enemy fastur

  94. Something something 3-5-7 being bad for lower tiers LOL

  95. almost as legendary as kv1 sport tenk, but wargaming nerfed it for absolutely no reason! 11/10 would blyat again

  96. пиздец сука блять) Россия с вами)

  97. 7 people haven’t had enough vodka, squats and pickles….. go to gulag!

  98. nice, a sequel to KV-1 Sport!!!! 😀 was waiting for that since 3 years

  99. ???? It was a joy to hear your beautifull reconnaissable wlodka-sound.

  100. And the SP1C sitting in the cap……0 damage!

  101. bloody foch that blind shot on stg . how rude was that lol

  102. How did he paint over the style thing?

  103. I couldn’t tell if this was a Foch or Life of Boris video for like the first minute or two…well done!

  104. Is this same gunner from KV-1Sport?

  105. why you have to be bylat, its only game

  106. Russian gunners are like robots in Futurama, the less they drink the drunker they get, they require alcohol to be sober.

  107. Not enough blyat, must more.

  108. Epic commentary for epic tank bleat

  109. LOL, two blind shots, by drunk blind gunner, that seems legit!
    GG m8!

  110. Slow but steady, not only KV2 but Foch Youtubechannel, dadadadada,

  111. Good one, Foch.

  112. DigitalSynapse0101

    Potato vodka, best vodka!

  113. Remember when this was a tier 5?

  114. Awsome video good sir!

  115. Beautiful szaszłyk gaming

  116. Clickbait, title say KV-2 but he plays KV-2(R), not fair !

  117. The russian accent thing lasted for too long. After3 minutes I got a bit annoyed by it but funny as always…

  118. Haha this was cancerous to listen to. Blyat.

  119. Yay Foch must be allowed day release from prison again.

  120. I think Foch has been watching too much Life of Boris.

    Urod blyat.

  121. Sounded like russian version of White Ra. Nice!

  122. Aleksandar Milivojevic

    HAHAHAHA gunner needs votka , Foch needs tranquilizer… xD

  123. why does he speak like skill4ltu?

  124. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Drink everytime foch says Blyat

  125. Good ol Foch. Za Rossiu!!!1111

  126. Russian Foch stronk!

  127. From 1:20 comes the most intense 20 seconds of entire WOT universe

  128. Rumors say, that the Sp 1C is probably at the WOT forums, complaining about aimbots and hacks.

  129. Is foch ruski?

  130. When vodka bottle nearly empty, just throw out the hatch like molotov cocktail, then shout “RUSSSSIAAA!!”” with every shot – just as effective!

  131. Gareth Fairclough

    Recording has started!

  132. The CapoNero Official Channel

    da da comrade

  133. Worst russian accent ever 🙂

  134. Blyatiful! Pizdietz, no more vodka in my glass, time to play KV2, maybe I will receive some…

  135. Comhghall Geraghty

    Seen this live☺

  136. I like the original KV-1 sport replay better!!! cyka

  137. Cyka blyat Ballbreaker! Nice game comrade!

  138. Hhh f bleet man

  139. KV-2 goes ham in every match!

  140. Foch is my spirit animal!

  141. General Gao's Chicken


  142. You make this game look so easy to play.good job, comrade?

  143. And, as someone else said, upload more videos, man

  144. More Wodka da! Den Kemp Booosh!

  145. Kv 1 sport is no more. Now we have to choose kv 2

  146. Bljjet Foch has been squatting with Boris!

  147. Could you please remind us how bad the ru 251 is now

  148. Jesper Askov Møller Petersen

    Epic speech 🙂 …MORE!

  149. Immediately the game starts, drive Strong KV2 into bush for sneaky ambush. I think Commander started the game drunk. Then I saw your blind decap, so maybe Commander was personally guided by Hand of Stalin.

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