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Source: PhlyDaily


0:00​ INTRO
4:26 today me and petey are going for a walk (game one)
:19 my wife is huge (game 2)
17:04 baby almost here (game 3)
26:24 (BYE!)


  1. *Here is the full video to that gameplay that I showed. First game ever in War Thunder Ground Forces :)*

  2. T34 prototypes? Naaaa
    German Sherman? Yesss

    Playing German Sherman in sim is a good time. I mean you get team killed all the time, and sometimes by the enemy….okay everyone tries to kill you…but sometime you cam trick allied team : D

  3. I like your notes lol

  4. 14:08

    Almost got him? Oh no, you got him, and he got you haha

  5. Get out of here Stalker!

  6. TheRottenWelshman

    I remember this bad boy being at Rank I 1.3 and going up against poor Pz.II’s, the onslaught was glorious.

  7. I think grieving other peoples game intentionally is pretty poor sport, especially since you play cancer vehicles yourself as well. Be better than that!

  8. 4:49 Why shooting a tank looks better back then?

  9. Phly can we have a video on the MiG-19 PT or alternatively the MiG-21 F13? 🥺

  10. phly u already on russia please play yak9k

  11. One day, I destroyed an Abrams with a T-34 1942

  12. You make me laugh so hard I wake ppl up in next room

  13. At this point Phly is just talking to himself in the chapters

  14. now that you have brrted some squeezy bois go and brrrt some panyer 2s in the t17e2!
    attempt 50

  15. yo Phly play the Tempest Mk V (Vickers P), the last time was in 2016

  16. João António Jacinto

    10:56 “There’s a beast deep inside you. It will not die… It’ll fight back!”

  17. when fighting shermans shoot the trasmission. it’s only 50mm pretty much unangled

  18. パス [Pasu] _HK香港加油

    7:13 *Apes together strong* XD

  19. パス [Pasu] _HK香港加油

    Hum: ___

  20. Day 8: How about playing all-Shermans lineup

  21. Why’d he ram the t55e1? What did he do wrong?

  22. Oh man i wish i could play War Thunder on my PC too, but every time i start it, it just crashes the whole thing

  23. actually you’ve been killed by the sole french light tank with 3 crew. That tank was sold to Belgium but only a few came out of the factories. It was even considered a medium tank at this time!

  24. “Shoot’s just shoot right?… omg” – you gotta show baby Phly the babyPhly vid when he gets here man 😀

  25. PLHYYYYY play the SU-85M, it has fantastic armor that can block tiger 1s and sometimes panthers, its amazing, (attemtp numbr 69)

  26. woah. what was that cool suspension effect when you pressed the gas in the classic footage? tank almost did a wheelie lol. seems more realistic. they should bring that back.

  27. What an ass that player in the m4 Sherman was to get his own team mate killed like that at 5:50
    Total loser

  28. I love LAMP!!

  29. Kerbal spacepolice

    I used to have my proto camoed with the large lucky 13 stickers when we could do that, giant bright green t34 that was broken and couldn’t be penned, the good days…

  30. Yo bring back the old mic

  31. i love videogames because they are fun and i love fun and thats why i love playing war thunder i love grinding modules for aircraft especially ground attack aircraft to use in ground battles i love being forced to play 30 air battles before i unlock tier 1 and 2 modules to use ground attack stuff i love that feeling of being forced to play 30 air battles in a plane that has no way to defend itself or kill ground targets to get the modules i need to be able to kill ground targets while i die over and over its fun because its a videogame and i like fun and im glad war thunder is a game that constantly expands to allow me to subject myself to bad experiences over and over for hours on end for the mere glimpse of something that might resemble something approaching something similar to what a small proportion of people would consider fun i like artichokes too because at their heart theres something nourishing and tasty and 90% of an artichoke will kill you if you tried to eat it except for that 10% but i like eating artichokes from the outside in slowly exposing myself to toxins and diarrhoeah just for that sweet sweet moment of delicious fun and even though it makes me angry while im eating the artichoke i know i cant get that taste of artichoke anywhere else and my artichoke dealer knows about this but he doesnt care and every time i ask for more artichoke heart he just gives me more toxic artichoke outside but i cant help myself i just love that sweet artichoke moment and i love having fun in videogames and thats why i play war thunder

  32. Melting ice Gaming

    Oh my gosh the Cromwell came back from the dead
    I nearly died from laughing when he said that

  33. Yak1B just got the usual wing 50kilos btw.

  34. Benjamin Diakonov

    Dude that old video is gonna remind me of old thunder

  35. No one tell his wife what the title of chapter 3 is, he won’t survive it.

  36. Benjamin Diakonov

    Lmao I was in your second game without knowing it

  37. Phly play I-185 with 2X250kg bombs in mixed battle.

  38. Still remember your first War Thunder cid of you shooting down a plane with a KV-1 lol

  39. As you said “brrrrrrr strobe light, blinding the enemy” a song my teacher was playing through digital class said “blinded by the light”

  40. Corsairs of Nar Shaddaa

    8:40: “Can I go through here? I don’t really know how this round works” *Goes right through Sherman
    It’s Russian Phly. Point, click boom. That’s how Russian rounds work.

  41. He played the t34 before any other tanks owo

  42. I somehow got this tank despite having no idea how I obtained it, I dabbled somebrfore but I didn’t start playing (and paying) until like around Cold Steel.

  43. Bad dude corn pop guy was a saint trying his best

  44. oil or water heating affects the engine ?

  45. slav temporary
    monke forever

  46. Некто Никто

    How could you make a T-34 into SU-122 for a preview?..

  47. You having every vehicle annoys me because I want to have the amount of vehicle’s choices that you have

  48. Springbonnie Gaming

    U should play the T-28 (1938)

  49. 4:05 Steve tryna have people doing the harlem shake in their chair 😂

  50. In my 3 years of war thunder, I have never heard of this thing. Anywhere.

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