Lancen C.arnage – World of Tanks – Lancen C

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  1. So is this tank worth getting for a new premium medium circon? Or should I wait till the czech one?

    • If your looking to get into the new swedish mediums it might be, i like it.
      It’s not OP, but its fast (reaches 50km quickly) and a decent gun and an easy -10 depression.

    • ​+Circonflexes If they had given it the new hydraulic suspension like the line is supposed to have it would have been a sure thing for me. Not sure why they decided not to do so… There already is the primo victoria for just a swedish medium trainer so seems like a missed opportunity to make it something unique.

  2. Marthijn van Oorschot

    This honestly just makes my day a bit better

  3. Small tank, big boom. Had a good game on the same map, was nice.

  4. they need to make the t32 gun as good as this one

    • Kohagaan I guess I was meaning at least as good as this when it comes to pen ya the same pen as the is3 would be amazing 🙂

    • +Tyler yup, it will be amazing , i remember i grinded t32 in 2013, and i didn’t use any gold then , it was such fun to meet in battle e75 all the time , and to not be able to pen the lower plate + struggle to pen the commander cupola 🙂

    • Kohagaan ya for sure or even an is6 from the front crazy hard to pen

    • on console they recently buffed the pen to 218, it transformed from one of the worst T8 heavys to one of the best. i hope WG will do this to the pc version aswell, shits fun.

    • Skrall dang that would be sweet I would buy back for sure

  5. M103 vs Type 4 is like tier 8 vs tier 10 lol. fair MM

    • The m103 seemed to do ok tho with 5.3 K dmg

    • +Finn Grubb yes, but that’s only because the Type4 was very passive. He could have devastated if he just moved forward and took the damage for his team. One arty, he had no real threat

  6. you dont like the viking skin?

  7. Lools fairly balanced – unusual…

  8. Gotta love the friendly arty at the end

  9. Good to see you are still kicking names and taking ass!

  10. TVP VTU is better

  11. So when do you start playing?

  12. My Favorit tank magic rof xD

  13. Also aced this tank today ???

  14. I played the Lansen C and got 1300XP on my 2nd game, but it was NOT an Ace… now I know why 😛

    • It’s like when I played my 430 and did over 9k combined, over 6k damage in a all tier 9 game and still only good enough for a first class. I mean wth right XD

  15. Nice game ??

  16. ”brain damaged guy you are insane!” – circon circa 2019

  17. i bet the mobility is very alike to the CDC while it actually has some armor and a servicable gun.

    • my bad the CDC has 7km/h top speed more. it justifies a gigantic hitbox with no armor at all and a gun for gamblers. Ammo rack me 20 times per game because i dared to use my 240 alpha once in a while.
      it doesn’t even have a cool skin to make it somewhat special.

  18. BUFF CDC 2019 !

  19. Circon, put like 3 or 4 aces in a Youtube video. I want to see more of your games on here. Very nice game btw, the gun seems pretty interesting

  20. What’s that? I guess another tier 8 premium?

  21. hey man will you please respond to my comment so i can brag to my friends about it?

  22. Tard arty players, always here to fuck up your day even in your own team, it will never change I guess

  23. Is there no tank you can’t make look playable or down right awesome?

  24. Dez Circon Skill4 and Claus are the kings of WoT videos, great fun and down to earth guys.

  25. Could of sworn arta was there to help.

  26. Is this tank Siegfried Line exclusive? Quicky, Orza, you, all videos I’ve seen of Lansen have been on this map.

  27. Zero the Wanderer

    anti fun police = being against the fun police

  28. Is this tank worth it? Looks like a much more competitive version of the Ravioli that trades some alpha and shell velocity for literally everything else.

  29. would be cool if you could turn the turret by knocking into it

  30. is it just me or does this tank high roll like all the time

  31. Doing such magnificently in retarded tank… Only Mr. Circon! 🙂

  32. My m4rev cries

  33. What’s up with that frisian flag Flex? The fun parts of Holland were too crowded??

  34. Play world of shit, if you don’t want to win anything, want to put money in it and get rid of it, you really have to play world of shit.
    The anchored game of the century, world of shit, if you don’t want anything, if you have money, put it in this shit grave game of world of shit!

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