Lansen C Review/Guide, How to Predict the Future Like a Unicum

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Lansen C, a tier 8 premium Swedish medium in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 8 Kharkov and tier 9 Ghost Town battles.

The Lansen C blends very comfortable gun depression with a high- gun and excellent camouflage. The trade-offs are armor and gun handling, but they’re it.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb gun depression (-10)
+ Excellent alpha (320)
+ Excellent camo (~34 with Concealment skill and camouflage paint)
+ Good agility
+ Good DPM (2176 base)
– Poor view range (380)
– Weak armor
– Poor accuracy (0.38 base)
– Long aim time (2.4 base)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Rammer

I talk through how I’m reading the as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Great video and explanation. It can be very frustrating to play even with good players that do stupid things or want our team to do stupid things.

  2. Keep on going man love your vids, always great gameplay and helpful

  3. I’m always surprised by how many small things you point out, that I can take note and hopefully implement myself later on. Great job! Was actually thinking of getting that tank myself, but I’m not sure I’m gonna do well in it, as a relatively average player.

    • And this is why I make these videos.

      IMO this is the best video I’ve made in the past couple years, in terms of educational value and pointing out meaningful nuances.

    • ​ @Taugrim Your overall educational value is the higest I have ever seen on any YT WoT channel. Sometimes I need to take break from WoT, for like 2 months or more (latest break was for 1 year 🙂 ), but I keep watching your content while I do not play myself. It always massively helps me to stay updated and my returns are so much easier 🙂 Thx!

  4. Perfect Lamb Ministry

    I find it funny how you state that wot isn’t rigged. Because it is & this is coming from a super unicum a 4k wn8 player. I know for a fact that wot is rigged. How is it that on most days my W/R is below 60% and yet most people in like MAHOU can avg 60 on up? I’m a 4k wn8 player I’m one of the top players on the NA sever okay so don’t claim that ‘this game isn’t rigged’ because it is. RNG is too point blank & I miss & miss etc. When my hit ratio is 70% on up. So no you’re wrong Taugrim it is rigged & that’s a fact.

    • @Perfect Lamb Ministry That’s just the nature of the stats heavily influenced by RNG. I would suggest reading a bit more into how randomness mathematically work, but I’m not sure it will take away the frustration from it. Also keep in my mind that there are a lot more hidden stats than what you can see in But honestly, the only time I think the game is rigged is when you activate your personal reserves 😀

    • WoT is rigged, period. Same tank, consistent results over all battles, some nights 0 out of 20 won, some 17 out of 18 won…throwing a dice and predict it correct (even/uneven) that many times, that’s mathematical impossible. Go too casino, play black/red on roulette, guess 18 times correct in a row, let’s see what the casino does…

    • It only appears rigged if:
      1. you aren’t good enough to carry on a consistent basic
      2. you lack a meaningful understanding of statistics

      Everyone has losing streaks, but the better players experience them far less and unskilled players experience them far more.

    • @Maarten Olivier this reminds me of the movie Platoon which includes a cool statement:

      Quote: “Claims are like assholes, everyone has one” 😀

    • @Juan Zulu Sure, I mean, everyone has an opinion, but you are only 1/15th of a team, so many times you literly can’t play good enough too make it even a good balanced game. There is no skill indicator in mm, so you get screwed sometimes.

  5. I like the way you glance at the IS2-2, look away and look back at him at 7:09. You were like “Nani?!” 😂 great video btw 👌

  6. Nobody gets to pick when or how they’re born. Haters gonna hate on something someone didn’t get to choose makes absolutely no sense at all.

  7. Great content! I really appreciate how you explain your decision making and the in game mechanics!
    Due to the toxic nature of chat i have it deactivated. So I would also miss out on any help from team mates i could get during the fight.

  8. TS-5 died by risky and greedy, then blame the team all the time

  9. The_little_Buddha

    Why don’t you play platoon with someone more. Live comments. It’s probably the best way to have fun. For us and you. Perfect games. Thank you

  10. Draws hurts me more than loses. Most of the times it´s camped-out or completely stupid “hard to watch” kind of games.

  11. Dude honestly think about it, if someone says the n word on the internet do you really have to assume they are racist? It literally doesn’t matter what you say on the internet and doesn’t describe who you are as person in real life dude cmon… wot chat is garbage to begin with and that person might just be trying to trigger people like you who take it way too seriously… If you can’t handle trolls on the internet maybe you shouldn’t have chat on or just block them dude idk

    • With everything going on in the world, when people use racial slurs like that, it’s a reflection on them.

      It didn’t trigger me, I calmly carried that idiot to a victory.

  12. As I am at almost 6k PR, I would say than anything above 4k is an average thinking player, not 5k. I would say anything above 5k is decent. Regardless, love your videos and I may be posting a T 50 2 replay a bit later in the week.

  13. Nice title!

  14. This is my favorite tier 8 med. It’s given me many memorable games. I once cleared an entire flank with a 279e, using him as the bait which he took on responsibly and playing on the fact I was being underestimated compared to the 279e. I recommend this tank but only on a discount of some sorts (never buy full price).

  15. Christian Petersen

    Since when did RDDT become good

  16. Taugrim, First I want to thank you for the SLAM against players with win rates of 48% to 50%! I am surprised that you would even make the statement you made. This game is FULL of cheaters and a simple search on google backs this up. This goes way beyond mods and goes deep into hacks that let you shot faster, never miss your target and on & on. The simple truth is wargaming could care less and does nothing, not one thing! That statement you made just makes YOU OUT TO BE A POSTER CHILD FOR WARGAMING! BTW, if any one has second thoughts on this, lemmingrush posted a video of a cheater on his channel that was so obvious and was a live stream on twitch that twitch banned the user while complaint after complaint was made to wargaming and again they DID NOTHING! NOT ONE THING! So stick that in your pipe and SMOKE IT TAUGRIM!

    • Oh please, I’ve given tons of constructive criticism about the game that WG should fix. They don’t care about what you nor I think. That’s the reality. You can either quit the game or play and accept it. Playing but not accepting it is pointless IMO.

  17. Final thought, take your channel and just move on down the road as you lost all credibility

  18. Along with the t44 100, this has been my favourite tank for a long time. Some very strong aspects to it that make it really easy and comfortable to achieve good results if you know what you’re doing.

  19. Hi Taugrim, thanks for awesome video. Recently I noticed several battles which, after 10 minutes, got into a situation where we have three remaining tanks and enemy has five or so. Still winable if your team mates play smart, but so many people will at that moment just go crazy and rush themselves to a suicide instead of taking a defensive positions and creating a cross fire. Any advice on what to do in such a position? Should I join them so at least we have some chance together or just accept the inevitable enemy yolo?

    • Always play smart is my advice. Try to get people to coordinate with you. Generally people go crazy because they panic and don’t know what else to do. Once you lose HP you can’t get it back.

  20. I have the in-game chat turned off because of the toxic remarks.

  21. André Oliveira da Fonseca

    Hello Taugrim is it possible for you to review the type 62 the tier 7 Chinese light tank.

  22. Good game, it was fun watching Ghost Town from your perspective.

    You read my plays perfectly. I was torn on following the T30, and eventually decided to because that was my last chance to win that flank.

    I was indeed pinned there because of the Jagdtiger. I was glad I brought Binocs over Optics, because it let me spot a bit at the end.

    I finally decided to escape one second too late – the camera angle doesn’t show how close I was to escaping. Arty would’ve surely finished me though lol.

    • You played a smart game. Going with the T30 as the right thing to do as that broke the T69 and forced me to run.

  23. Its very fine good you can see things and write in chat…. BUT.. I hate selfestabled “Pattons” there use chat to try decide all and call others idiots and noobs and so when they not do what they decide… Even worse is if there is 2 or 3 there use chat that way same time. So Anomizer and No chat are often good features when just want to enjoy a good game in ones own style and pace…

    • As the saying goes in RU region: “the skilled players die first so they can tell everyone else how to play”

  24. How the TS-5 player behaved is even more ridiculous now that I have looked up his stats. His average damage is ~1100 and his average Tier is 7,41 so he usually does less damage than he has hitpoints.

    Thanks for the videos Taugrim, my performance in the game has greatly increased thanks to your videos I’m now close to getting 2 marks of excellence on most of the tanks that I play and my WR of the last 1k battles is 54% (before it was ~48%)

  25. I got the Lancen C becourse of the Odin Skin and absolute love the view of that skin. I dont know if Im ever be good to the game, but I shure like these speciel nice skins 🙂

  26. Joackim Lauridsen

    Do you have some tips what you do when you on avarage get 3-5 players on your team that do 0 damage? I’m only 46% or so winrate and I usually loose around 10 games b4 I win 1, on good days it’s around 5 loss 1 win. Any tips u can give when most of the time u get tjoae 2-15 kill losses?

  27. Do you stream on twitch or something?

  28. it’s heartbreaking to see how you are trying to help your teammates win the game and point them at the right plays but alas sometimes all you can do is watch and cry

  29. NothingSweetAboutMe

    Waiting for the IS-3 to turn up and cry 🙂

  30. Thank you for pointing out the racist commentary by the TS-5. While I’m white, my kids are black so i’m particularly sensitive to race. But regardless, it’s wrong. It’s vile the things that people are willing to say w/r to race, sexual orientation. bu

  31. Props for calling out the toxic T5.

  32. “Jak_Atackka”, such a cool call sign.

  33. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Lancen or Ravioli?

  34. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Great premium

  35. Thanks for the continued videos man! I’ve learned so much from you and a couple of those “other players”.

  36. This in by far my fav tank in the whole game. I run it with 8 skill crew by now, all bond equipment. Such a fun tank to play.

  37. As intelligent as you are, you still haven’t yet learned that once dead, you can’t carry a game from chat. 

    Just let it go.

  38. Thanks for great vid, once again. I would really like to see more tricks and tips on how to predict and read the game in advance, as I’ve always been just reacting to the stuff that happens in front of me…

  39. I know this is for the Lansen, but i used this video AND the leo one, now i three marked both of them
    thank you Taug

  40. The Lansen C is a great premium. It’s well balanced, makes decent credits, and is a lot of fun to play. It doesn’t have much in the way of armor, but if you play it right (sneaky), that’s not too much of an issue. Great video as always, Taugrim!

  41. Michael LaBossiere

    Two factors that might cause people to think the game is rigged are skill and wealth. As in physical sports, a skilled player can be so good that it seems that their good decisions and capabilities are the result of cheating. As in real life, wealth confers meaningful advantages that can seem like a person is cheating. When I first started playing I remember well pitting my 50% crews, no equipment, no premium consumables, no camo paint against high skilled crews, tanks with 1+ million in equipment and consumables, etc. I’d get spotted from afar, every enemy shot would hit and pen and my feeble return fire would go a mile wide.

    Now that I have some skill and wealth, I do much better-but still go up against folks who can dump a fortune into their tanks.

    • For sure paying customers have multiple advantages in this game, including better crews and ability to afford more premium ammo per match.

      That said, WoT really has taught me how bad the decision making of many players is. Unlike MMORPG PVP, lost HP can’t be healed. Mistakes are punished harshly in WoT. And WoT has taught me the reality of Dunning Kruger – many people believe they are better than they are, e.g. “I’m better than my stats.”

    • Michael LaBossiere

      Taugrim True; stealing from Socrates, you need to know a lot before you know you know nothing. Some seem to also play WOT like a FPS, missing that it is a tabletop tank game at its core. It just has 30 players rather than 2 and does require some physical skill in working the mouse and keyboard properly.

  42. Michael LaBossiere

    Could you do a couple battles, lower tier, with 50% crews, stock tanks, no equipment and no premium consumables or camo paint? Mainly I am curious to see how much skill can offset those factors.

  43. 13:08 Once you had the IS-6 down to 78 health, why not switch to HE?

  44. Very nices matches. And fine explanations. So rational and sound.

    “dont mistake movement with action”. So true. Will make a post-it out of it for my monitor.

  45. If that last battle says anything, it’s that you need to REPAIR YOUR TURRET RING!!!
    You lost the snap-shot to the AMX-30 because you were trying to get your gun aimed onto him. You couldn’t face him, to make his shot harder, because turning caused your gun to go the other way, because the traverse was slowed. These little things make a really big difference.

  46. I have all chat options turned off – looking forward to the new communications options coming up in 1.10: no need to deal with toxicity and totally able to better communicate intentions to team mates… that is, if they even care or notice 😉

  47. The problem is, there is a certain NA CC that has devoted his very large youtube channel to spreading BS about the game. Special sigmas for certain tanks, rigged MM, rigged games, Russian cloaks of dispersion around Russian tanks.

    On the lansen c, it is one of my favorite tanks. Very good dpm and alpha damage for its tier. Glad I got it in the black market because I wasn’t going to pick it up for money. It is like a down tiered amx 30.

  48. “Our team is going to build a little bit of a deficit” – probably the nicest way of saying “my team are noobs” I’ve ever heard 🙂

  49. Thx T. I appreciate your insights. 😊

  50. Thank you for the insight and the replays often Unicum’s don’t explain thought process. Cheers

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