LARGE BOXES + HOLIDAY OPS 2022 REVEALED in World of Tanks!!!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks just revealed this years Large Boxes Holiday Ops 2022 content! Tier 8 premiums, Arnold Schwarzenegger and MORE!



  1. Yet another very informative video that has got my all excited for the Holiday Ops! Been a subscriber of yours for several years now QB and rarely comment however just wanted to say “thank you” for all your hard work and excellent videos. Really enjoy your tank reviews and watching you play! Have learned a lot from you! I do have one question for you and any of your subscribers who would like to chime in. My question is when is the best time to switch from using battle xp for accelerated crew training to using the xp for field modifications? For example when all your tank crew has 3 skills fully trained or 4 skills or … ? I thank you in advance for replying to my question, QB, and keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. I personaly find the whole thing kind of a money pit
    You buy 50 boxes and get a 122TM ? Why ? Because of RNG ment it to be, bullhit. If the 122TM would not be in it i would say its a great deal but no.

    And i dont speak about those overpowered thing. That bofors cannak even be pened with anything consistently…

  3. Next year they’re gonna add Sylvester Stalone, because then we’d have Rambo in the game

  4. i might be able to afford all of the t10 t9 t8 t5s i have unlocked 😀

  5. In Aisa server , they say every 49 large box with no gold tank you’ll get a “new” tier VIII tank next box (for 8:25)
    And we also have low tier tank introduce (for 9:44) (not details)

  6. I havent played WoT since world of warships came out, my PC was struggling then to play Wot on decent settings, but I’ve now got a new one… Is it worth re-installing and playing again after about 6 years out of the game?

  7. I mean sure, he will open 100 free loot boxes and get all the goodies and then some, while the peasantry will gamble hundreds of dollars away for tier 3 premiums and an old 3d style for the Conq GC, just like every year. When will people realize that CCs have a special RNG for everything in this game and all they do is a marketing ploy to get people to gamble their money away?

  8. I love how as soon as Holiday Ops are mentioned QB turns into a little kid. Lol

  9. Their 3D styles looks good when its not mainly AA guns

  10. Regarding the sucking in your three preferred tanks one after another 😀 I want to whine a little too.

    51% player. No statpadding. Yesterday out of 23 battles I got 6 victories.

    In my 8 years of WoT I have never had such a dramatic losing streak. Anyone can chip in with some opinions or info?

  11. yeeeeeeeeeees omg finally thank you so much

  12. Does the tank discounts stack with Top of the Tree discounts?

  13. What is the Black Market Quicky you talk about spending huge amounts on ? Ive been playing 8 months and im not aware of such a Market ? 🙂

  14. Nauris Krišjānis

    Yeah, I also don’t get it, why they haven’t released 3D styles in regular shop. Look at league of legends, how much money they are making just from skins alone, it’s clearly visible, that skins give you a lot of profit. It would be great also from bussiness standpoint

  15. Probably a worse overall droprate for the tanks than the last years to make up for the “awesome” “guarantee 50 boxes drop”.
    And if you could get a tank you already got….wow 🙂

  16. Another good informative video. Thanks QB.

  17. This is just one of many reasons I have uninstalled the game. I hate gambling that has been put into games. It is just disgusting.

  18. WOW why not “I’ll be back” when you die in a game.

  19. But is the Bovorst better then the Concept 1B

  20. “it’s not gambling if it’s in the game” – EA. So to the loot boxes everyone and have something for yourself in this holiday 😉

  21. I hate how WG is selling these loot boxes. 2,4% to win a premium 8 is too low. If you open Steam, you will see that games that cost 40-50 Euros are down to 5 during the holidays. In Wot tier 8 premium costs between 20 and 40 Euros, so they can also discount them to 5-10 Euros or increase the chance of winning tier 8 premium to 15-20%.

  22. QB, kettlebells not dumbells.

  23. Hi!
    Finally my favourite event is here soon!<3
    Can I ask you a favor? Maybe you can present me at 24. or 25. Some gold for Christmas? I rarely buy gold, but even if i buy some i only buy 300 or 400gold, just to have enough to take off the faster reloader for example. I just want to have some just in case, and maybe buy some premium days from gold, because i will have a lot of time to play in Dec.
    Thanks! See you later in your videos! ^^


  24. Play wotb I wanna see someone suffer 🙂

  25. Play wotb I wanna see u suffer 😉

  26. Wow the Taliban tank looking interesting!

  27. TYPE 59…..Give us game play from back in the day when the TYPE 59 ruled. Lets face it, at one time, we all dreaded seeing a TYPE 59 on the other side. Rock on QB

  28. @Marciano van vulpen Did you get a duplicate while NOT owning all the offered premium tanks? QB can’t figure this out because he already has all the tanks, but I’ve always opened premium tanks that I did not own, and got duplicates only after completing the full collection.

  29. can i get arnie without spending money?

  30. I really don’t understand, why YOTH tanks will can move with big track damaged and AE Phase One not! AE have real four large track and i think if one is damaged, easily go over!

  31. DO NOT spend your hard earned cash on a pixel gambling system, spend it on soemthing worthwhile. you dont NEED that 25th premium tank to sit in your arage. fook WG and their policies

  32. Black Market ?
    Rofl, field mods….

  33. Best part is Arnie drove tank IRL.

  34. 33:15, what u said, man ? 😛

    Generous or desperate 😛
    I mean, i do hope the farther, but i fear the latter (is that english ? hope so)

  35. WG is once again carried by their art department. I do enjoy these contents even though I do not play any WG games anymore.

  36. lol WarThunder modelled rocket batteries on tanks and they made it so any explosion nearby would make their warheads go off and destroy the tank equipped with the rockets. I hope wargaming were taking note. The people that bought them unwittingly werent best pleased. A ONE IN FORTY CHANCE TO GET A DECENT TANK…..AND HAVING TO PAY FOR LOOTCRATES REGARDLESS? They are out of their minds. No way in hell im reinstalling.

  37. bad-fake -cheap acting…

  38. @zemickey I’ve had several duplicates and received the garage slots and an amount of gold as compensation .

  39. I will buy 0 boxes in this more and more frustrating 15:2 game… with 0 balance 0 skill full gold (name matters so PREMIUM AMMO) pool of maps always the same and 0 fight to cheaters from WG… coincidence ? I do not think so.

  40. The American tank is basically the same as the German prem tank just with a useless pimple on top.

  41. Hi QB when is your charity event ?

  42. @Philip Kerry Hello, but did you get them while NOT owning all the offered tanks at the same rank? Again, I also received duplicates, but only after completing the collection.

  43. i hope FV4005 has that Steam Engine Sound when it Drives otherwise dosent Worth a Penny if it has the same rumbling engine sound

  44. OMG i am so exited.

  45. I’m for Belgium and now I’m wondering how I can get my hands on a Caliban… I support my governements action against gambling, but I’d like for Wargaming to supply an alternative for us belgians…

  46. That fv is sick. I just want to cry

  47. Living in Belgium so I’m really happy I won’t get tempted to buy them 🙂

  48. The 3d styles with stowage, camo nets, additional guns look realistic. I like them all

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