LAST MAN STANDING – M3 Stuart – War Thunder Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Download IS-7 and :…
Big thanks to Beckett

Thanks watching!


  1. You should do a max BR of 2.3 Germans with heat rounds for tanks. The heat
    at 2.3 is deadly

  2. it’s not a tank but a battleship. show the people that the french dont run!
    play the dunkerque in world of warships

  3. Raad Khan Mohammed Ali

    American M4A3E2 jumbo assault gun pls

  4. How do u use the machine guns

  5. Use the cobra king or a British tank

  6. play kv2

  7. play a reserve tank against some top 10 pro teams

  8. do the M3lee

  9. M24 chaffee

  10. German kv2 unleash the German bias

  11. Cromwell or Comet please

  12. M4A4

  13. join the fascist siege and drive the 68 ton “king”

  14. baron play the tier 1 german gepard

  15. Baron I killed a plane with my Stuart’s main gun. It was awesome. You
    should make a series of plane kills made in tanks

  16. lets keep it low, t50 is a low tier beast with its angled armor

  17. Use the Sherman Firefly baron!!!

  18. lets have a challenge! Zut-37! i dont really know what kind of challenge
    you could make for it, but i think its a tank that’s severely underplayed!

  19. What about the Zis-30? The M56 of low tier.

  20. M4 Sherman it’s a classic



  23. you should do war thunder boat gameplay

  24. The next tank you should do is the t-34 with the long barrel

  25. tiger

  26. Take the M48A1 and AD-2 Skyraider, THE VIETNAM COMBO!

  27. M26E1 and AD2 skyraider pleazzz

  28. Tiger1H and Ju 87-D5

  29. please T 60

  30. SU-100y pls

  31. I can’t wait until you can show us the Japaneses tanks

  32. tetrarch

  33. when baron mentioned about his early mowas multiplayer, i expected him to
    say SHERMAN all you old subbers knew him, we want him back please :)

  34. Why not M18? Use your firepower and mobiliy to crush them!

  35. My favorite is the su-100Y

  36. T95 from America

  37. Comet V

  38. Baron can you please play the KV-2 or the Su-100y

  39. Jochem en Tinkerbell power


  40. Mark VIII A27M Cromwell RP-3

  41. Can you use the Chaffee next

  42. Can you use the Chaffee next time

  43. play in the t 34 for meh baron cheers

  44. I’d personally be impressed to see you score five consecutive kills in one
    round of RTB while driving an M2A2.

  45. I just killed you in your yak 9 I was logybeargangste

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