LAURA GOES HAM! KV-2 BEST TANK – ( War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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LAURA GOES HAM! KV-2 BEST – ( Tanks Gameplay)


  1. First! Keep up the good work Phly!

  2. second

  3. secondsecond

  4. Sup Phly ;)

  5. Im here early
    Let me make a joke:
    Gaijing balancing the matchmaker fair :v

  6. Phly for super hard War Thunder challenge,

    You must go on a heavy Jap fighter plane with Scharge Musik kannon, then go
    into realistic or sim, and get a tank kill while upside down with the
    Scharge Musik.

    I promise you pain

  7. She had to look to see where the shift key was, but she made up for it when
    she blew up that first tank in one shot. 😀 10/10 would one shot again

  8. kv-2 so stronk even girl can boom enemy

  9. Yo Phly

  10. hi hi hi!

  11. 10th comment so excited yay.

  12. ima big fan actualy……#1 fan

  13. Lel

  14. Phly is probably one of the luckiest guys on the planet. Gets to play his
    favorite game for a living and gets to live with such a pretty girl.

  15. Phly you are the best. Greetings from Germany ;)

  16. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    dam Laura!, that was a good shot.

  17. u and Laura been together 4 a while

  18. Laura looks hot phlydaily you picked someone good for you

  19. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    what keyboard do you have phly?

  20. That “Around the world” in the back xD

  21. Laura fights with glorious communist strength, she go not to gulag

  22. The MLG is strong with her 😛 Nice vids Phly, keep it up!

  23. decent lookin lass….wot she doin with a crazy old bird like you? :P

  24. I just noticed fly uploads so much great content you deserve so many more

  25. good shot

  26. you make a good couple!

  27. Flash bang,out !

  28. Laura OP pls nerf

  29. laura BEST KV-2 Player comrades!

  30. Laura is OP good shot!

  31. Ye lucky basterd phly! :)

  32. shes better than me

  33. Great video haha


  35. The poor Dudes getting wrecked by a Chick……epic!

  36. they are my couples goals tbh xD <3


  38. Great job Laura!!

  39. daaaaang ur wife got Talent

  40. is it me or is it a coincidence that laurel goes ham in a kv2 in war
    thunder and world of tanks?

  41. Laura Kreygasm

  42. UNCW for the win!!!


  44. Laura is much more better than you :D

  45. #laurapro

  46. I’d be careful Phly, she might just take over your channel with skills like
    this :D

  47. Laura is far better than you XD

  48. Christoph Rantscher

    She looks kinda unsatisfied in the end, but she got 3 kills in her first
    game, wich 99% of the ppl couldn’t do, especially in a 5.0 battle! She did
    a great job!

  49. that first shot was god tier

  50. She in stronk Soviet tank,with good driver,soviet tank take out any
    tank,even when crew is on vodka.FOR THE MOTHERLAND

  51. laura is OP!

  52. She is good!

  53. Laura is op gaijin plz nerf!

  54. fucking impressive shots, I play this game all the time and never make
    shots like that, with so little room for error, like just to high hits the
    sea just to low hits a rock.

  55. Russia~So easy a girl that has never played before can rack kills.

  56. Laura shoots more accurate than Phly, lol

  57. Cheese is yummy

  58. a lot of people around phly must have gone deaf by now… ;)

  59. Wow the first 2 kills are with KV-2 HE shell?! That’s some nice shooting

  60. That first kill

  61. BProbably better than you +PhlyDaily hahhahahhaa XDD amazing

  62. You’ll make a tanker out of her yet.

  63. not gonna lie this video made me so happy.

  64. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    how do you not use glasses

  65. goes to show you even some one that is never played can do good with
    russia… *sigh* but nice job laura

  66. Holy shit 1:30

  67. Challenge: Kill an enemy figher with the schräge Musik of an Do217 N

  68. Phly and Laura play fridays?

  69. تخبل لورا

  70. Come on people, I would have expected more of you. Why do I see so sexist
    comments here. It has nothing to do with sex, how good someone is in a
    video game, that’s really what you believe?

  71. It’s nice to see the girlfriend get involved with your game.

  72. phly totally sounded like a stuka in dive at 01:40

  73. Clément Delcrosmaulion

    good game laura it is this first game

  74. You should take out the IS-1
    I never saw you driving it

  75. There should like be a couple of episodes dedicated to teaching her the
    game that would be so cool

  76. Gaijin pls nerf Laura

  77. Yo Phly Laura should start playing games with you

  78. Imagine if the kv-2-2-2 is in war thunder (a kv-2 with 3 turrets stack on
    it) it will change war thunder alot

  79. A True Wisconsinite

    Id definitely watch this channel even more if she played more.

  80. Damn shes a better shot than me

  81. Nice catch phly

  82. DA, Laura best stronk KV-2 commander in all of Russia

  83. good job

  84. I Don't Understand Math


  85. CB idea: get a big line of panzerwerfers, then you and a few other guys
    have to cross a field while the panzerwerfers fire at you. kind of like
    large scale artillery ! I would love to see it happen :D

  86. Whoop whoop – High Five!

  87. I love her reaction whenever she’s shot at XD

  88. A beautiful woman that gets exited by video games?! Ply you better never
    let her go.

  89. Laura– How do i play these ????
    Phly—-just point and aim

  90. Laura is Romanian for sure :D

  91. It’s lololol

  92. 007-goldeneye-N64 James Bond

    #Laura OP in KV2 R.B

  93. Laura should make her own youtube channel

  94. luara gots more skills than ya NoKappa

  95. Phly, the teacher will always be challenged by the student. Watch out! GJ

  96. can we have a vid with laura every some time or so, i need to watch a good
    player go ham once in a while

  97. LOL. Awesome. I take it that this was on Valentine’s Day?

  98. You and La are so fucking adorable

  99. We need more of her, so long as she stops talking.. Good lord..

  100. Is this a new trend, girlfriend gaming? Just saying, bc Nogla also
    introduced his GF

    (love ya both <3)

  102. Does she even know he is recording? :D

  103. that hapiness screem in the beginning tho


  105. KV-2 is sтгфйк тзик

  106. In finland laura is a mans name ._.

  107. phly, you like listening to daft punk? ;D

  108. Ur girlfriend reminds me of my my crush

  109. not too shabby…better than slick

  110. Best stream Ever

  111. holy crap….

  112. jonathan hellström

    More games with your wife pls (don’t remember her name) she is kinda better
    then you phly

  113. gg

  114. Phly i think you should let Laura (I hope i spelled her name right) take
    over the channel for a while.

  115. hahaha when she got hit her eyes widened like 00

  116. those shots,with a panzer will be just a hit.russians…

  117. Laura mlg pro

  118. And on this day, Phly’s subs went through the roof :P

  119. KV-2, the most balanced tank in the game.

  120. I think he should hang his gloves up and let his girlfriend take over

  121. I watched this live on the stream, amazing moment

  122. Is HE or AP better for the KV-2?

  123. Oh a KV 2 is mean to newcomers with Tnaks but the Maus is okay

  124. …so nice! Pretty good Tutorial too! You could be a really good Teacher
    for driving lessons. :)

  125. Does she have slavic origins?

  126. good game ;)

  127. Are these two married?

  128. Damn Phly…..Laura got skills!!…nice to put a face to the name too,you
    make a cute couple…

  129. Marry her……….

  130. Άκης Γκεμίσης

    Hey, Phly make a video where Laura will drive the tank and u will operate
    as a gunner, i think it’ll be cool

  131. Laura is a Soviet spy, I new it…

  132. Laura OP

  133. Why is everyone so obsessed with KV 2
    In reality it was a really shitty tank, russia produced only for 1 year…

  134. plot twist. its his sister

  135. This is so old, i saw this on stream. It was awesome though.

  136. You should have more subs man!! wish you did!!! One of the best channels on
    Youtube!!!! #myfavWouldOfWarships lol!

  137. Are you cheating on me?

  138. Gaijin nerf Laura 2 op

  139. I challenge Laura to a tank duel:
    Her Tiger II P
    Me T44 122
    On the best map… Poland!

  140. Girlfriend goals? Anyone

  141. Man, you know he truly loves her if he’s letting her play his game. That’s
    love, man… That’s love.

  142. LauraDaily taking over PhlyDay Fridays confirmed?

  143. Laura needs to have her own days on this channel of playing or her own

  144. She doesn’t like it…
    I think she’s a WoT player in your back D:

  145. KV-2 So strong that glorious laura destroy capitalist and facist enemy.

  146. Laura should get her own channel

  147. laura pro

  148. YES

    I spend at least 20 minutes sifting through my old music from years ago to
    identify the track that starts around 6:00, Feels so good to finally find
    it. It’s There And back by Wolfgang Gartner, for anyone else interested.

  149. ChaoticFluufyPlayz- Minecraft Pocket Edition

    how cAn one noob get 2 kills?

  150. Laura OP, Laura bias, Laura BR 10 :-)

  151. Wow! She’s a natural!

  152. wait phly thats your gf??? damm sun

  153. laura op!!! pls nerf

  154. Joseph Stalin himself is proud of Laura’s efforts in KV2. She will help win
    the Great Patriotic War!!! ??????????

  155. hey phly I think Laura is better than you xD

  156. You know… i’m probably the only player on WT who’s crazy about Japanese
    aviation, preferably the Zero line. Sure they catch fire fast but Unless
    you aren’t agile or smart, you can never get hit. My theory though is that
    when the Navy ships come out, all the players will start playing Japanese
    nation in order to get the Yamato… how lame…

  157. Oh no the Russians got their new super weapon. Mother of Gajin.

  158. soon wel see loura playng war thonder like a pro . nice nice.

  159. Soviet secret weapon.

  160. I’m not gonna lie, that was pretty entertaining. Mine always just complains
    about how all I do is play war thunder.

  161. She is rockin it. Try makin more of these videos where she plays

  162. So I just watched a new War Thunder video… Oh wait lemme look up how to
    make Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes because that’s what’s being recommended.

  163. Laura new tank camadeer. stalin new best dvarsh camadeer

  164. Her reaction to the first kill was perfect.

  165. Can you imagine if Laura shot down a plane with the kv 2 on her first try
    what phly what do.

  166. ????????

  167. Laura learns Warthunder series? :P

  168. Phly let Laura play the leopard and see how much kills she can get and then
    say in chat that your girlfriend that barely plays war thunder and never
    played the leopard before killed them or owned them

  169. at 1:48 exided much?

  170. she is the one shot king

  171. You have an awesome gal, Phly. Treat her like she’s the only one in the
    world who matters to you.

  172. thatbattlefield dude

    damn she srekt on some scrabs. the reactions were perfect

  173. relationship goals???

  174. Stalin smiles down upon Laura!

  175. nice man good shoot 1 shot one kill ;-)

  176. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    Laura kind of looks like Emily Blunt in the webcam.

  177. bet y’all ditent no that ply was I a college porn film,it’s on pornhub.

  178. 1:46 My little brother

  179. David “madindie” Dew

    I was pissing myself laughing mate when you were streaming this, about time
    you uploaded this mate. Put a ring on her mate BTW

  180. XD she’s a keeper phly

  181. The hardest challenge:
    Try to penetrate a T-34-1940 with a single shot in a tiger

  182. MLG Colonel Sanders

    Phly got waaay to excited xD

  183. plez have piper play kv-2

  184. VOLUME WARNING 1:45

  185. Laura better in the kv2 than phly even on her first time playing in it

  186. That first kill she did made me black out… Holy shit that was beautiful!

  187. That first kill!????

  188. few more hours of training and then phly wont have a job anymore.

  189. You could go on dude perfect with that type of celebration

  190. backseat gaming – the greatest sin of all gamers :D

  191. good kill Lara

  192. Ohh so cute…

  193. LOL good kills

  194. She shoot like Conrad Vasily Zaytsev.

  195. Jesus Gaijin needs to Nerf Laura. lol

  196. nice video

  197. Moped “the Troll” Tobias

    very good job laura !! very good job ! 🙂 pls do a costumbattle with laura

  198. I have a challenge for you. Kill 10 fighters in a bomber in realistic.
    Choose a bomber to use. 1 attempt per battle. Good luck!

  199. Laura OP

  200. Hell yeah Laura You rock !!!!!

  201. She should have a Chanel and join you and baron in games

  202. Or atleast play with yall on vids

  203. kill a plane with pantherwerfer 😀 good luck

  204. Dude i really like your videos but this one was just amazing

  205. Can we run over this tree,
    Da its kv-2 laura

  206. She’s listening to daft punk

  207. I was there to see that hahaha

  208. well phly this sucks laura is better then me

  209. She is better than me and I’m experienced

  210. Kv2 and German F2 tanks are utter bullshit xD

  211. GG laura, one shot one kill

  212. Plot twist phly was playing the whole time.

  213. Maybe u should have ur cat play War Thunder

  214. Phly you need to do some more tanks with Laura I can see myself and others
    watching this a lot wait to have some epic war thunder tank teamwork effort
    loved it

  215. You guys are so cute. :)

  216. Do you remember dumb ways to die by webe?

  217. ….who else wants to see Laura and Phly play a match together now

  218. Dang!!!! She did great , kv2 is her tank. Good shooting , I would trade
    three for one all day.

  219. RIP headphone users 1:47 ?

  220. Gamer girl ftw good shots (not greedy) :)

  221. Goals

  222. how did you zoom in even more after the shift zoom?

  223. He should make this a sireis

  224. And soviet haaks

  225. When she plays better than me…

  226. she’s not better just lucky when flydaily helps her, if she did it alone
    she would not even be able to hit the soda of a barn

  227. Lol I smiled so much when Laura got the kill!

  228. Dear phly, please do the M103 with the twin mustang!

  229. Wow she better than me when I started WT

  230. That Panzer 4 got annihilated

  231. wait phly did you shoot me once or was it laura?

  232. Stalin approve of gud performance. Now a fellow comrade of Stalin stronk
    tank corps

  233. if i put my girl to play it, the chair gonna be empty :(

  234. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Laura will not go to Gulag. Laura stronk with stalins blood! 😀
    Digging that Kylo Ren poster thing in the background, where did you get it?
    Also be carefil of the music in this, that it doesn’t get you a CR strike

  235. I tried letting my girl play warthunder. She got disoriented and decided to
    have sex instead. HUEHUEHUE

  236. Dayum phly, u got a good thing going… Looks like Laura has some real

  237. Proof of Russians being OP

  238. Not much girls play war thunder your lucky

  239. Kv2 hits Stug in the track and still blows the whole thing up¯*(ツ)*/¯

  240. Your girlfriend would woop my ass

  241. Yutyrannus Dinosaur

    She is better than me!

  242. It says he is focused around war thunder, world of warships, and starwars
    battlefront. But he hasn’t posted battlefront for about a month. Why?

  243. That is a keeper if your girlfriend is willing to learn how to play a game
    you love. What more could you ask for.

  244. Mlg Laura

  245. Relationship goals

  246. Carefull phly you could lose your job xD

  247. I have 6.7 tanks and she is better than me shit

  248. kv 2 stronk

  249. You are so lucky

  250. Fly out the yak 7b

  251. Top 4ce (Heiko Brunken)

    Hand of Stalin is stronk with this one….

  252. Phly, maybe she should try planes next!

  253. damn,this girl has better shot than me ,ive been playing wot for like 2 yrs

  254. Laura OP, fucking bias, bullshit BR pls nerf. Laura needs a higher BR.

  255. laura nice shots!your better than phly

  256. really cool vid phly, for the next challenge maybe we should see if we can
    get laura to go tank ace in KV-2

  257. When she gets The first kill you were so hyped phly

  258. Phly. Can we get more of you and Laura? Perhaps she shoots and you drive?

  259. Watched this live on twitch. It was just as epic

  260. can laura record a video alone to your channel

  261. I feel bad now I’ve been playing since last April and I some times can’t
    get a kill

  262. Where did he get his eagles?

  263. the first tank she destroyed…. i was just like

  264. “Can I runover this tree?”
    “Yeh, sure.. Kv-2”
    she has clearly no clue about dis game ?

  265. man, russian tanks are so hard to use

  266. laura op, plz nerf

  267. Симпотичная) здорово, что девушка не протестует против компьютерных игр! GG

  268. God it’s laura’s first time and she did better than me after 3 years

  269. She’s a natural

  270. Confederateno1 Gaming

    well done laura great shooting! my gfs played arcade before, but you were

  271. first timeplaying warthunder and she kills 3 tanks in rb with

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