LEAKED! – 9.X Speculation on Japanese Heavy Tank Branch || World of Tanks

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Source: Sahm Lockhart

The release of the Premium 6 Henschel likely foreshadowing the release of Japanese line branch.

a massively multiplayer online game developed by Belarusian company Wargaming.net featuring early to mid-20th century era fighting vehicles. It built upon a freemium business model where the game free-to-play, but participants also have the option of paying a fee for use of “premium” features. The focus on player vs. player gameplay with each player controlling an armored vehicle, which may be a tank, , or self-propelled gun. World of Tanks debuted as an eSports game at the World Cyber Games 2012.

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  1. is this only for america ?

  2. amazing WOT Replays

    they should add this tank too , if they are adding this 😛

  3. If this happens i will grind soooo hard :D

  4. 14:24 That is a fake, it was a kitbash made around the mid 1990s by a
    modelbuilding group with a bunch of spare kit parts. The real KV6 was
    either a prototype for the KV7 TD or a flame thrower tank (sources vary)
    but the KV6 land battleship is a myth.

  5. the ratte isnt even the biggest tank designed by Germany in ww2 it was the
    third biggest:)

  6. Good Work Sahm – you are a credit to the community!

  7. DubstepinWithSmoke

    Use the fucking gaythunder intro for GAYTHUNDER VIDEOS NOT WORLD OF TANKS

  8. got to add – I love your videos as they are really helpful for upcoming new
    developments – also this is the 1st video
    I always watch and prioritise watching over jingles or quickybaby etc
    I would love to know WHEN Chieftain exactly will be released !

  9. Maus weight is about 193 tons fully loaded. and I WANT the Japanese Heavy
    tank line! they look cool.
    BTW, I LOVE my Maus!

    PS. they need more slots for med kits I think, 11 crew??? holy hell!

  10. I want them so bad now that i have seen your video good work.

  11. Hey dude, what song do you use for your World of Tanks opening title?

  12. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    germans have the best heavy tanks

  13. Great video as usual. I would rather watch one of your “speculation” or
    “leaked”, if you prefer, videos than some of the “action packed” efforts
    from a test server provided by certain other YT providers, mainly because
    your leaked/speculation videos tend to be more accurate, and even when you
    are a bit off , YOU admit it! Which is refreshing. Just a bit of “ginormous
    tank” history. Many, but not all, of the giant tanks, proposed and
    otherwise, that are found in WWII records were to be armed with “left over”
    naval guns/turrets. Both the Nazis and the Japanese (not to mention the US,
    the UK, and the Soviet Union) had “back of an envelope” tank designs that
    called for guns/turrets that were either to be salvaged from beached or
    otherwise damaged beyond repair destroyers (the Nazis even had a couple of
    such “designs” that would have mounted 15″ guns and turrets originally
    intended for “Bismarck” type battleships that were never built. Those
    “designs” would have made the Maus and similar never built super heavy
    tanks look tiny in comparison had they ever reached even the prototype
    stage.). Over the years I’ve seen vague references to Japanese super heavy
    tanks that would have followed a similar path as that intended by the Nazis
    (in other words Hitler) with the intent of fielding them, primarily,
    against Soviet massed armor/artillery/infantry in Manchuria since that area
    is one of the few areas in Asia that could, with the technology available
    at the time, support heavy( mega-super heavy?) tanks. Again, thanks for an
    entertaining and educational “leaked/speculation” video. I enjoy every one
    of them. 

  14. Andrei George Jurj

    GOTTA GET THEM ALL!!! And they’re really coming! Look at this:
    https://youtu.be/3qft0DocNIM?t=48 Look from 5:45 in that video to see the
    Type 2604!!

  15. if these tanks actually come into game, it will be my favorite line. i love
    big tanks i mean i got the maus cause it was big

  16. They better use the same modules as the jap meds that I’ve grinded and
    wasted time to research otherwise o wont play them.
    Maybe they will fit 7 in a tank as max ie 2 gunners 2 loaders and a radio
    opp and commander and a driver or maybe 2 drivers. Maybe THEY NEED 2

  17. hey sahm, i play on the xbox and dont really play the japs, but if this
    were to come out on the PC and xbox you can bet i’ll be playing them! wont
    get to exited until it comes out on the PC

  18. the really big jap tanks with no armor are probably going to get the most
    HP tier for tier in the game since they wont have armor like a tier 5 tog

  19. im starting to wonder about what would be in 10.0 ish.
    i would like to see more consumables and equipment for tank, bolt on armor,
    would be sweet

  20. Can’t wait for the Japanese Tiger. 

  21. Oh my god :3 RWBY !!!! Love this channel !

  22. BTW I don’t think they’re gonna make a full heavy line. Its probably gonna
    branch off at tier 5 or 6 like the Chinese heavies. 200 mm at tier 7? No

    • the porsche tiger has 200mm frontal armor and it’s tier 7

    • ladawg81 the last one in the video was confirmed as a tier 10 with a
      massive naval gun and a lot of armour and nearly no weak spots and of
      course the downside of it the volume,if there will be a tier 10 heavy tank
      then they will make a full brunch i don’t really think the brunch will
      split up from the chi-ri don’t you think so?

    • +Sahm Lockhart yeah but it has weak sides a giant commander hatch, weakspot
      cheeks and lower plate, and no armor behind the drive wheel. You can perma
      track it and do damage. But I’m just assuming the tank new tanks will have
      that much armor. Maybe it will have a thin strip of 200 mm because they
      always report the max thickness not the thickness of a plate that covers
      the most. Or equivalent armor. So maybe we’ll see.

  23. This is how I know major wot YouTube channels get paid. They never create
    speculations because they already know what will happen. And its historical
    things like that and leaks that make your channel more interesting than
    jingles or quickybaby. Hell you make original content and they rely on fan
    submitted games and make reviews sometimes. That’s why when I see your
    video in my sub box, I watch it first. Keep it up. Hope your channel gets
    more subs. 

  24. these have to be 1st of april jokes right uglier than an ugly mud fence

  25. that P1500 was a rail gun…. not a tank.

  26. maus weighs 188 tons.

  27. cant wait for this

  28. oh my god i cant wai for them to be added to the game.the tier 5 is big as
    a maus. and its tier 5 … TIER 5

    • nothing special, considering the British have a TOG at tier 6, and if they
      would add the TOG I, it would be tier 4ish

    • youare right actually 😛 but if there were TOG I in the game it would be
      tier 5-6 i think.its too big to be tier 4

  29. the 0-1 had a prototype got tested in manchuria-china but as the maus it
    failed to cross bridges etc so they scraped the tank and used it’s metal to
    build battleships/aircrafts and so on the gun that supposed to have was a
    naval gun,sadly the japs didn’t take any pictures for the tank they only
    left the blueprint interesting yah :D?

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