LEAKED! – ‘Convoy’ Mode – Lanchester AC & Mark I stats || World of Tanks

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Source: Sahm Lockhart

Game Mode with Two New Vehicles, the Lanchester 4×2 Armored Car and Mark I Male Tank.

This mode will be a 7v7 Attack/Defense battle with the goal of protecting/destroying the Mark I.

This event will celebrate the maiden battle of the Mark I Tank during the Battle of Somme on September 15th, 1916.

It should be available Sep. 15th, 2016.

Lanchester Armored Car
The first prototype was introduced by the Lanchester Motors Company in December 1914. The vehicle was intended to protect airfields and save downed pilots. The armoured cars were commisioned to the British forces in 1915, but soon the war became a stalemate and the vehicles turned out hardly effective. A part of the vehicles was sold to the Belgian armed forces and also to the Russian Imperial army.

Mark I Male
In August 1916 the vehicle has been drafted into service. The first use of the tank took place on 15 September 1916 at the Battle of the Somme. After the end of World War I, the Mark I tanks have been scrapped. One machine became a museum piece.

World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Belarusian company featuring early to mid-20th century era fighting vehicles. It is built upon a freemium business model where the game is free-to-play, but participants also have the option of paying a fee for use of “premium” features. The focus is on player vs. player gameplay with each player controlling an armored vehicle, which may be a tank, tank destroyer, or self-propelled gun. World of Tanks debuted as an eSports game at the World Cyber Games 2012.


Intro song: Black Veil Brides – In the End
Outro song: Tina S – The Trooper cover [Iron Maiden]

Computer specs:
ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K6
Quad Core – Core i7 6700K (4.0GHz)
2x8GB DDR4-3000 RAM
2TB hard disk

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  1. Just… why? Why I wasted my time watch fat ugly jerk blabluding all I know
    from official webs? Better go make some sport instead this bullshit….

  2. On the Xbox version of the game u can drive the mark 1 in the new game for
    the called trench warfare mode

  3. You know, I am absolutely gutted because we cannot drive the mk 1.
    Honestly, hands up, who would rather drive the mk1 then the bloody armoured
    car. It would have been sooo bloody easy to create a gamemode where we
    could drive these things, just do it like the tank football thing, match
    two 3 men platoons against each other, 1 guy drives the tank, and one guy
    operates each of the 2 guns, there you go, shitloads of fun, everybody
    happy, but no, it has to be a convoy mission. Seriously WG, sometimes I
    really have the impression you guys live with your head up your asses.

  4. At 14:00, what’s the reason he gave for no radio operator?

  5. the BT series was also designed to be used trackless

  6. this intro is awesome and what is the song called

  7. Hy! What is the intro s name?

  8. Cool intro!

  9. Christopher ItsaderpXD

    hey man awesome videos! I hope to see you’re channel grow! if you ever feel
    like platoonin im on west server @ Skinyman227! got the centurion AX, the
    50B the skoda T 50 and a few others!

  10. nice

  11. why not use the same thing that is used in world of warships for the mark 1
    tank…the guns each have limited arcs, so you choose which way to point
    and the corresponding gun is ready. and when one gun is reloading you have
    multiple other guns to use. great for tier 1 balance considering they
    remove the armor and weight

  12. Hopefully they are just using this to test new mechanics like multi turret
    because the game mode doesn’t look that fun, but if i can play japanese
    heavies and use the tank boobs i will be happy lol

  13. I feel sorry for anyone who has misophonia trying to listen to this guy
    including myself, its not that i hate the person its just… yeah fucking

  14. Georgeow Terminted_tank

    when you said no tank in the game can reach over 72kph what bout the RU
    German tier 8 light that can go 81?

  15. “..the penetration of the 7.7 or 7.62 rounds, based on AK-47’s with 7.62 mm

    No. Two different types of cartridges.

    The AK-47 uses the 7.62x39mm ammunition, a truncated version of the
    7.62x52mm Rifle ammunition.

    The Vickers Machine gun uses the .303 British round at 7.7x56mm, also a
    rifle/machine gun round NOT an intermediate cartridge like the 7.62×39 the
    AK uses.

    The .303 cartridge spits out lead flying over 100 m/s faster and with
    approximately 1300 more Joules of energy per round.

  16. The RU 251 can make 80kmph in-game bro……

  17. I’m going to ram kill the Mk1

  18. Tanner “sketchy” Lilley

    this game mode is BS…only good thing is new mechanics…also…ITS WORLD

  19. Pz 1c has a top speed of 79

  20. the ru251 and the pz 1 c can reach 80 km/h

  21. Here’s a tid bit of “tank” history: Many of the “tankers” that were found
    on WWI tanks AND manning armored cars (on British vehicles at least) were
    recruited or pressed into service on those vehicles from the Royal Navy!
    There was some heated argument at the time that tanks and armored cars
    should be assigned under Royal Navy command because the RN personnel were
    trained in mobile gunnery, navigation, and in the case of the early tanks,
    at least, it was felt that the RN had a deeper pool of mechanics and
    engineers than the Army did (which to be honest was all to true at the
    time). Armored cars were utilized by the Royal Army for years prior to,
    during, and well after WWI in far greater numbers than any Mark of tank
    partly because of cost and the higher level of mechanical reliability of
    the armored cars, many of which were based on Rolls Royce touring cars
    among other, now defunct, brands. The machine gun you felt looked more like
    a cannon in the illustration appears to be a Vickers, water cooled (thus
    the large water jacket surrounding the barrel behind the muzzle and forward
    of the receiver which is concealed by the turret) .303cal machine gun.
    Great video of a new mode in WoT that I probably will never play…..Hell,
    I pretty much suck at the CURRENT mode…But I did enjoy this video and
    hope you will continue to provide the excellent WoT content that keeps me
    and many others coming back!

  22. RU 251 goes 80 km/h and Pz I C goes 79 km/h

  23. Sahm, you do realise that the Pz 1 C and Ru 251 goes faster than 72?

  24. M3 Lee is awesome!!!!!!
    Dont take its awesomenees away.

  25. good thing asia have T 44 100 event first,so i can do all the fun on this
    mode without to grinding for the tank

  26. The Maxim type machine guns of WW1 sam where water cooled and the MG looks
    like a 37mm gun to you but its a cooling jacket around the barrel of the
    gun. the little nozzle sticking out at the end is where the bullets come

  27. The Machine gun looks like a Vickers machine gun, mate. That thick barrel
    is from the refrigeration system. That thing was water cooled.

  28. Storage tank I heard and read in many books it was water tank and or
    cistern to fool the enemy. Which you can imagine if the word tank did not
    stick but cistern did you would have anti cistern gun or anti cistern
    guided missile.

  29. why they dont use the same engine for the world of warships ?
    in WoS the Guns are fired one each time we click the mouse, and folow the
    aim sight, its no too hard tô make.
    Sorry about my english.

  30. If they bring out multi turret support I want them bring in the t 100 tank
    cause that is a beast

  31. sahm, the ru 251 can reach 80 km/h without getting speed downhill.-.

  32. SAHM!!! You forgot about the 251, he has 80 kmh speed limit.

  33. sweet!

  34. ru 251 can go 80…

  35. Lmao if Ashley was strong as a MK 1 every thing will be ok.

  36. you would think they would have put in the Rolls Royce armored car but
    maybe they didn’t get copyright.

  37. the BT7 can have its tracks removed or Lorr 40T

  38. do we keep the crew?

  39. The RU 251 can go over 80kph (its what it says in game)
    Sahm check your facts more please!


  41. I no longer trust you. This is total and utter BS.

  42. Please, for the love of all things holy, tell me they are finally adding

  43. Oy sahm!
    you maybe could dig into the WoT files to maybe get info about italian
    or maybe japanese tank destroyers? o.o
    maybe that rocket artillery of the japanese army of ww2?

    till now i trust your info ;3

  44. 14:20 the pz1c can go 80 km, the ru251 goes 79. And, in the tank football,
    you could go 100 km with nitro

  45. “100 years of tanks”
    * celebrates it with a armored car*
    Wargaming is utter shit

  46. I would still like the mk1 to be playable later on even if you can only
    control one gun it could be the replacement for the bottom line of the TDs

  47. when is out the 9.16?

  48. first comment

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