LemmingRush’s Guide to Playing South on Mines

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Source: LemmingRush

North will be in a couple days, when its cleared waiting period for YouTube’s oversensitive demonetization bot.


  1. 4th-155th^4

  2. 2:32 you get shot by tds poking there

    • ok just keep on poking there if thats what you believe

    • You don’t get shot there…it’s a rock in the way from you towards their north hill that protects you.

    • If you look on the minimap on the line that divides the D4 square and E4 square, there is a black spot…that’s the rock that saves your ass from their tds.

    • AGFAGRG I have only ever seen one person get shot by a TD poking there. So you are right it can happen but it doesn’t happen most of the time. chances are you will take one hit poking there (if it happens at all that is) and you can take a blind shot, because there really is only one place that TD could possibly be, and just don’t poke it again until the guy is either lit, or sufficient time has passed.

    • Patricio Diez he is right but it is rare as hell.. ive only been shot once there, it is extremely rare so idc
      Good position still

  3. looks like someone won the Lorraine from the boxes, congrats 😛

  4. I don’t understand why WoT doesn’t put a ramp on the back side of the center hill by the town. Would make this map a lot better.

    • I was able to push teammate up the hill back in 8.x (or 9.1, I don’t remember the patch number), but you are right. The way this maps works is just stupid and gives advantage to the northern team. The good thing is that the control over the hill doesn’t give autowin. If the enemy/teammates don’t use brain, then you won’t win even when controlling it.

  5. I was watching videos you posted almost 3 years I collected in a folder and said to myself ” Lemming’s voice has matured.

  6. semi fun map when there is no arty, complete garbage when there is

  7. Do northern spawn on Swamp Lemming.

  8. Island on bottom left hand side of the map is important when you are defending on the F7 square. If your team is controlling this part of the map (J-K 1-2), you are fine. Other way, you are royally f*cked. Enemies will shoot you from the city and from the island and you won’t be able to do sh*t to defend yourselves.

  9. why not cover c8????? it is strong from south!!

    • Alexander Holt Once you have won C8 its very hard to push towards the north base because of all te camping tds.

    • C8? If you have made it as far as c8…you either won the hill…in which case…you won the game…or you will get farmed either by the camping tds…or by the ones from the hill…because you can’t push that and be safe from both angles….so C8 is basically useless unless you are 1v1 and you more or less know where the enemy is…most likely camping on the north hill…and if you play that you just rush between the buildings until you get behind their line of fire and just farm them from the rap in the middle of the hill…so basically..unless 1v1…useless because you will get farmed.

  10. Really love this style of vid Lemming, please keep them up, quite helpful! Thanks!

  11. Nothing pisses me off more than when a shitter pushes 1 line and gets shots into my ass

  12. My Master, one day I will become better yes?
    Yea right xD
    There is so many clips here, so great once that I have hard time to pick witch one take first..
    Ps. You comments are so fuk awesome xD ,you dont wonna die like a noob and cry you have ussules team, WTF xD Will paint it on my wall for my kids xD

  13. Well, I see you like Doug Demuro vids. This spot is key on this map, always go to it. If you like cars and stuff like that. Say something I’d like to talk about it.

  14. Hmm…that bush…thx for it lemming. Never really thought of it at all…usually if i get in that stage if i have more HP i juat drive straight underneath their line of fire and shoot them from the ramp they used to get up…or if i’m a one shot, i either go up on the middle hill and use the bushes there to try and spot or if i’m fast enough and 1 shot, i go around the hill and come from the encounter cap side sliding between the buildings until i get underneath they guns and shoot them again from the same ramp.

  15. many thank’s for the info mines always gives me trouble.

  16. At first I was like… why is he shooting rocks? Am I blind?

  17. What do I do if there are tanks already in those positions

  18. It's not what you think

    How do you play mines in O-Ho.

  19. Also if the enemy took the hill falling back will probably get you killed since you’re guaranteed to take hits from the heavies and from the meds/lights on the hill and even possibly arty. It’s a tough move to make sometimes

  20. Out of curiosity, where do you think soft TD’s in the north should go?

  21. No coverage of the bush in C9? Can be very potent from the south spawn, even more so if your team has won the hill.

  22. Could you do a guide on how to figure out how to play a map without a guide like this?

  23. Thanks for the useful video!

  24. Great .pls do more map tutorials pls .Love your vids as ever????

  25. How would you play the south spawn in a light? Do you mandatory to go hill in a light?

    • Good question mate. Hard to answer I presume 🙂

    • Typically I do the same thing as what Lemming do initially. After the early farming is done, I usually switch to line 1 to protect people who stay in mid like what lemming do in the second part of the video. Like what he said, winning (or at the very least not losing) line 1 is important for the survival of mid, which Lemming assumed will be done by someone else. Usually that guy supposed to be the light tank of the team, supported by low tier meds and camping TDs.

  26. Why do you describe camping TDs as assholes? Yes I get that they typically are camping and don’t ever move cause they are lower skill level players, but they are a dynamic of pubs that you have to deal with. I get also that there are many many players that are far worse players than you, myself included, but again these players make up the bulk of the community, without them WOT simply wouldn’t exist, so why are they assholes??

    • So what exactly other than camping on that hill would you do in Grille or Scorp G?

    • He actually said top tier TD, if you are top tier(not necessary TD) and dont use your tank you are basically losing game, unless on other team top tier tank drivers are even bigger morons, thats big problem with 3-5-8 mm, if you have top tier morons on your team you are very likely to lose.

    • In the current WoT meta the camping TD’s are more problematic than arta (to me) because:
      a.) there is a lot of TD’s in teams nowdays, more than arta
      b.) they don’t contribute to either team in the early game
      c.) if on my team, I often don’t feel the need to spot for them as they deploy poorly and cannot take the shots that I can spot for them
      d.) if on enemy team, and I’m frontline, there are places that they can overpower so much that if I’m the first tank there I’ll totally get wrecked by multiple TD’s as I had no info on their position prior to their first (and deadly) shots, while the same doesn’t hold with arta (you’ll probably know where arta is, also it cannot totally wreck you)

    • @notalltdplayers

    • Very to the point mate. I had a 3-5-8 game just another day with two of three top tier players in my team actually on my blacklist (and people do get on my blacklist only for being really bad, selfcentered and stupid players), while I was lowest tier light tank. Just imagine how that game went… Managed to be top on xp and satisfactory damage, last alive of my team, 4,5km traveled, but the game was lost 15:2 (my kills, 1 td 1 spg)

  27. So, by sitting the A4 position in a TD the whole game makes you an asshole or a camping moron? Try playing most TD’s for a while in a variety of ways before you criticize.

  28. 7:45 I love how casually you say assholes in tier 10 TDs camp here all game.

  29. *Im the random cromwellB sitting in mountains* <3

  30. If you are driving Grille 15, Scorp G or something like that on enemy team, where else should you be on this map to not be called an asshole? Or are you an asshole automaticaly if you drive a glass cannon? 🙂

    • Simets You’re an asshole if, while your team is on the edge between victory and defeat, you sit in a4 despite bring top tier and full hp and capable of one shotting people.

    • Ok, thanks for the explanation. I am not the one to stay back. When I’m in T95 for example, I often push middle. But I wasn’t sure where to be on this map in a TD without armor. But that situation, when the game is deciding and you just stand back, that really is an asshole 🙂

  31. Been on holidays for a month and a bit now…and no world of tanks. I’m starting to miss my game time. Help MEH!!!!! IT FEELS SO BAD MAN!!!

  32. thanks and merry christmas

  33. Finally a Guide that doesn’t ignore the fact that most teams are full of idiots 😀

  34. Is the lorraine reloaded when people rush up there? I dont think so

  35. thanks for the tips i tried them in my kv13 and they worked

  36. These kind of vids – showing map strategy rather than specific games – are a great addition, more please!

  37. Really useful as always lemming

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