LemmingRush’s Opinion on the SirFoch vs Wargaming Drama @55:55

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. I like how you said you would not talk about that and like 10 minutes later you actually give your opinion. 😀

  2. Was confused when u said that Leo PT A was one of the hardest T9 tanks to play, 3 marked in 180 battles, I think that’s an okay result.

  3. Fuck WG come at me pussy

  4. I don’t think WG is feeding Sirforch, its the wot community that feeds the content providers as well as WG itself.

  5. How to get views now? Put sirfoch in the title:D btw love your content keep it up:)

  6. @LemmingRush I like your commentary and analysis about what you do, but lately your video titles are a bit like comercials, you put QB, Foch or other youtuber names in title (you could include that in video descriptions, that would be a bit more subtle), while talk about actualy them are minimal or very far fetch. I get that it gives more views and it is effective way to get more attention … but it feels a bit cheap. No hate intended, love your content and so on, just saying .. you are better then that 😉

  7. Circon and SirFoch have been playing the game a long time and are very hightly respected by many players for being critical and honest about the game and various aspects of it.  They have long made valid and fair critisizms of WG.  I viewed Circon’s video and was both laughing and a little shocked because it was not like him and it was kinda personal.  I did not see SirFoch’s video but I can imagin how it went.    I can tell you it seemed to me that Circon was just so fustrated at WG that it just came rolling out, and I imagin that SirFoch was the same, just absolutly fustrated with WG, and they have every right to be, because WG has a history of not listening to the community.   But Circon and SirFoch are Community Contributors and not only do they get some benifites from WG for this (like access to events and previews of new Premium tanks before the general player base) but they also represent WG, and there behavior was not professional and reflected badly on WG, not for their criticism of WG but for how they said it, and using such language as representatives of WG is not acceptable.   Worse Ciron should not have brough Serge’s family into the issue, although he did not really aim at Serge’s family but it kind of can be see as that, and Sirfoch was playing WG footage during his profaine rant which also reflects poorly on WG.  Disoney, Warner Brothers, Sony and other companies would not want that kind of profanitly associated with their copyrighted material either.  WG was justified in what they did, but is completely wrong in how it treats its playerbase as money bags.  Its a buisness I get it, but its also a game, and its not much fun anymore, and WG is doing little or nothing to change that.  When a game is not fun, people stop playing, look at the peek Server count on NA now, 23,000, thats down from even a few months ago when it was 30,000 with the new patch, and 27,000  before the patch.

  8. Lemming at 12:36 you said you have a motorcycle, what bike do you have?

  9. hy lemming tums up 2u . i have cet the t-30 today and i have fun in it . i love u videos and try to become a good player . greetz frome holland

  10. haha that T-54lwt

  11. The Chrysler K tank can’t even pen itself with 198 pen. Foch has a very valid point of game Development. Tanks like is6 still stuck with 175 pen is a complete joke to many tanks in todays game. Wargaming is focusing on the Power Creep meta that many games have gone. It’s a sure sign Wargaming is on its last legs.

  12. #FreeSirFoch

  13. Lemming, Jim Sterling is doing an inquisition into what happened to Foch, you really should get into contact with him before monday….here is Jim’s recent vid…

  14. WoT is dying and they are milking it instead to trying to fix shit…clown company

  15. Fuck LemmingRush! There I said it!

    Just kidding I enjoy your content, thanks.

  16. As for the hand that feeds comment:

    And for those of You who say: “Well you should not bite the hand that feeds you” WG is not my employer, they don’t pay me. I get payed by my community with the help of Twitch and Youtube, and World of Tanks is just a tool for me to do that. – Sir Foch

  17. clickbait

  18. Kingfish Gaming

    Anyone notice lemmings sub count go up by 4K in like 3 weeks

  19. Hey, Lemming.
    If you play CS:GO sometimes, maybe you should stream it too?
    I don’t like it and wouldn’t watch it, but there are people who would and maybe it would get your viewerbase bigger. Just don’t do less tanks if you decide to do CS:GO too 🙂
    Nice stream as awlays.

  20. Kingfish Gaming

    Dear Mr Lemming: If u start streaming on twitch put up a vid on yt saying your streaming. But keep in mind u won’t get to here about my dogs walking on my face

  21. The force seems to be weak among this one…

  22. hahaha he’s only typing de time stamp and nothing else, like the video is only about that=p

    I haven’t seen much of this video, but just the part about Foch and making the survey. It was fun enough for me. I like your personality as far as I can see in your videos.

    “so basically Lemming said “fuck Wargaming” ” “that’s exactly what I said” hahaha

  23. #FreeFoch

  24. what foch said was exactly right he just swore a lot but he was right and WG didnt like that fact and I think Wg are a business and want to make money and this is a cynical way of doing it.

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