Leo 1 goes ham again!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 90 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 0 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. Leopard 1 OP, NERF!!!

  2. Good luck Foch, I hope what ever you chose to put your time into goes well for you. You are one of the few honest producers of WOT content and some of it has been very funny over the years. Fuck the shitty comments made by tards they just don’t have a clue…

  3. Awesome Foch!

  4. Please more videos!

  5. He is not dead !!!!

  6. Stay salty, Foch.

  7. Very happy that you are back))

  8. Did you pinch your nose while you were recording this. You sound wierd.

  9. That had to be Steve in the IS-7,back again in his best tank !

  10. In case u have a cold…get well soon! Glad u r back!

  11. What sacrifice we had to make to the gods that Foch FINALLY makes a video

  12. Fritten Neuntausend

    Nice youtube video, mr. foch. See you in 2020!

  13. Who is thus new guy ! I like his style. I bet he’ll be like Quicky Baby and drop a new video everyday….I just know he will !

  14. Tomáš Chochola

    Leopard gun hits where you aim…cheats comfered. Foch is dirty hacker

  15. Flying Berserker

    only foch can make watch a WOT video after leaving the game and 2 months without watching a video related to this game 🙂

    • electric messiah

      Same – by a great stroke of luck, I hadn’t watched any WoT vids, just randomly looked, and hey, 12 hours ago, a Foch, the first one in 5 months.

  16. Jesper Askov Møller Petersen

    Go make some more!!!?
    …but we amateurs need the Leo-buff!!!

  17. Great to see you again, MrFoch. And im hoping to keep seeing quality videos from you. We re missing a great player, which taught us a great deal of things. Thnx.

  18. I love seeing bad tanks doing good

  19. he’s alive he’s aliveeeeeee…Dr Fochstein

  20. Play the Leo 1 on the NA server and get showered with gold from 54-64% win rate players who only play op Russian tanks with few exceptions. Those same people Need gold to kill armor less tier 8s in a 3-5-7 hell while playing CW tanks.

    • no they dont need gold, they would kill tier 8s also not shooting gold, they just dont care enough to switch between ammo types

  21. Who dis guy? I like him, he should stick around.

  22. SirFoch + Skill4ltu 🙂 my fav WOT-tubers. There should be a third amigo tho. Orzanel, Dez, Circon?

  23. Two bonds lol

  24. People still play WoT?

  25. Great game with leo, nice to see your video again, i know ppl are hungry on great stuff and content on yt so keep going on, and make more videos often, i know that wg did some bad shiit with you, but they didnt won the war, they only won 1 batlle, and the one is smailing last are those who smiles switter…

  26. best wot creator ! ! !
    missed you man.

  27. Blocked Nose?

  28. Aivis Imants Augstkalns

    Saw beach in thumbnail. I thought what is going on.

  29. Foch, you lazy bastard, nice to see you back on yt! So, I don’t have to watch Env1ro’ or Skill4ltu’ channels to see you playing, for once! 😀

  30. he lives!

  31. great vid as always foch . hope to see more ay

  32. Scott McLaughlin

    These videos are like a fine aged red wine if he oversaturated his channel every video would end up like I piece of shit rose wine that costs £4.19 from Tesco, keep up the quality content?.

  33. Which is the more egzotique,rare paranormal activity here,Rossia DADADA tonk missing on move during turret rotation or precision accuracy deutschland kartoffel catapult hitting and penning fully aimed shot on heroic USSR liberator tank ?

  34. Wargaming Super Noob

    Foch, I’m amazed the enemy team lost. They had a super conqueror… Great game. Keep up the good work. We need your no shits taken attitude.

  35. I enjoyed you work. I came over after seeing your platoon with Skill. It’s good to make your acquaintance.

  36. Yes a Foch video

  37. I get this feeling that the latest accuracy nerfs are still a thing.
    Still not playing that game, but appreciate your efforts Foch.

  38. Good to see you back man. Keep throwing salt in the wounds of shitgaming. Not holding my breath that they will try and fix issues with the game lol

  39. What’s the camo on the tank? I don’t recognise it.

  40. Just happy to view whatever u manage to put up on youtube mr Foch 😀 btw was awesome seeing u and Skill tooning!

  41. 2000 years later and he is not banned #kappa

  42. What sort of dark sorcery is this

  43. Same old tanks going ham over and over again… He’s back after half a year with such replay.. WhatAFoch? No more good old vids by Foch 🙁

  44. i love how u r so positive and never let your bias seep through <3

  45. Welcome back Commander!

  46. well atleast your unbanned now XD

  47. What an amazing game.  Welcome back  Foch.

  48. Spiderwebs?! Burn the house down. Cobwebs are aight though.

  49. shout out from Dublin Ireland , nice game bro
    i really enjoyed you and skill teaming up
    need to see more of this , so get the finger out .

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