Leo Review/Guide, Creating Bushes for 1st Shot Advantage

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Source: Taugrim

I the Leo, a tier 7 Swedish in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier and tier 7 battles.

The Leo an oft misunderstood and misplayed tank. The 10cm gun has poor gun handling and a long aim time of 3 seconds base but it hits hard.

Strengths and Weaknesses (with 10cm gun)
+ Superb alpha (300)
+ Superb gun depression (-10)
+ Excellent top speed (60)
– Very long aim time (3 sec base)
– Low reload (11.2 sec base)
– Poor accuracy (0.42 base)
– Weak armor
– Large profile
– Slow shell velocity (785 m/s)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. Vents

You can run GLD instead of Vents, but I equip Vents for the improvements to view range and reload.

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Couldn’t sell this tank fast enough!

  2. I wasn’t a huge fan. Tried both guns, seems like a decent tank, but I couldn’t wait around to settle into it.

  3. meeh the T-34-3 is one of my favorite thanks, and getting used to its gun well any other tanks gun feels damn good. I really loved the Leo with the 10cm, Alpha is king after all, and peakaboom is much better play style with tanks that can’t take hits like the Leo. DPM is nice and all but its harder to use the dpm imo.

    • > peakaboom is much better play style with tanks that can’t take hits like the Leo. DPM is nice and all but its harder to use the dpm imo

      That is exactly right, and why I found the 10cm gun so effective. Granted, the skill cap for using the 10cm is higher due to the high aim time.

    • +Taugrim yes very much, you have to actually lead your aim not just your shots if that makes sense?

  4. This tank is perfect for front lint fights

  5. 2.8 second aim time is no good. Anything good about the gun (mainly that alpha) is immediately undone by that awful awful aimtime. The T20 is just such a better vehicle at tier.

    Im trying to get back into playing wot again after taking a break from it. We should play again. (Im also trying to juggle Final Fantasy 14 alongside it… which seems to eat up lots of time somehow… man MMOs are a hell of a drug…)

    • The T20 is much more flexible, because it has meaningfully better vision control and a smaller profile.

    • Indeed. Much more capable of surviving in late game situations in the T20.

      When do you normally play now? Evenings still?

  6. I thought you kept saying “Cheeto” and I was really confused but considering how you say “ “Lay-O” I should have known better…:)

    • I don’t speak Swedish but to my knowledge the “e” is pronounced in English as “ay”. So as you typed: “lay-oh”.

  7. I loved the boomsick on this tank. If I wanted a pea shooter tier 7 I’d use the Comet. The Comet is trash but better than the Leo with the 75mm.

  8. on the subject of Swedish mediums, what are your thoughts on the 3 new mediums?

    • Ask me after I play them 🙂

      I can say that the tier 10’s hull armor is ridiculously troll. I couldn’t get my pen indicator in the Emil II into the yellow color. So it’s auto bounce, just as the Strv 103’s hull is.

  9. Namegoeshere Orhere

    I wouldn’t say it sucks but it’s one of the more frustrating tanks I’ve played. Missing moving targets is one thing but so often you miss fully aimed shots on big tanks sitting right out in the open, over and over. Glad to never play it again.

    • I enjoyed it more with the 75mm, honestly. The good rate of fire and very good gun handling offers nice flexibility, particularly when tracking things. Snap shots are far more likely to land. Shell velocity is also better; losing 7mm of AP pen a not a very significant trade-off.

  10. You may want to substitute the term “soft cover” with “concealment”. “Soft cover” is an object which you hide behind for ballistic protection, which others can shoot through. “Concealment” is an object that hides you from view.

  11. YES! I’m glad somebody else uses the bigger gun. Not only is smaller gun’s dpm theoretical and requires you to fire non-stop…pretty sure bigger guns wreck components more. I got a satisfying full HP ammo rack on a same tier Italian tank earlier. I doubt the smaller gun would’ve obliterated the ammo rack like that!

    Quickybaby just loves his Comet.

  12. There are situations when the big gun on leo isnt usable, for example when you have to turn and shoot etc, the reticle is big as watermelon. The smaller gun is much more reliable for consistent output for an average player. My 2 cents.

    • For an average player, I agree the 7.5cm gun is more consistent. It has much gun handling and better accuracy.

    • Arijit Shome Totally agree with your comment the smaller gun is far better you can’ brawl same tier medium tanks unless they are on low heath with big gun You are singing dixi waiting on the gun to reload whist they are pumping shots into you. Reload time, Aim time and penetration ( but not by much with gold) small gun wins. Fit small Leo gun with loader and vents, crew skills brother and arms, gunner snap shot, tank optics for View range and rations, what you have now is machine gun with good aim. Facing tier 8 or 9 tanks no problem snipe and load bling and you will pen them but face tier 5 all the way up to tier 7 you will out trade them with regular ammo with no waiting on gun reload.

  13. Really frustrating when arty tries to “spot” at mid-high tiers. Idk what they expect to do with terrible view range and enemy tanks likely using camo crews and whatnot

    • I think most of the time arties panic and think they have to rush forward and shotgun things.

      It’s simply mind-numbingly stupid. But stupid is as stupid does.

  14. Martin Barilík

    i am using big gun as well (i should say i was using, because i sold leo after researching udes). Played with small gun for about 70 games and i couldn’t make it work, you cant trade, you won’t scare – you are a joke for others. After being frustrated so much i switched, guess what? First game with big gun, 2.8k Damage, next game 2.5k. I managed to do avarage 1.5k every game, why? Because you have that boom effect, you can out trade, you do damage and re-position or wait for six sense to go off and get another 300. With this experience i would never play leo with small gun, quickybaby is not right every time.

  15. Theodore Grissom

    great video Taugrim! love them and they have helped me get back into the swing of things since i returned to this game

  16. Comment 3:51 Lowe has backed up so much terrible thing to do so selfish save my own ass sort of thing. How dare that Lowe doesn’t he know that there s unicorn player on the team sniping who needs to farm his WN8?

  17. A video with great timing and purpose! Seem like I need an account on your server…all hopeless people driving around in the open field 🙂

  18. 8:49 Arty is used by driven by very bad players with no map understanding. News Flash! Tomato’s don’t limit themselves to arty they also like to share there special type of gameplay with every class of tank with every tier.

  19. I see you only play with 8x zoom. Would you recommend using 16x and 25x.

    • no reason to. just more space in your head to keep track of

    • Danial Malik sirfoch brought this up a while ago. The cons are that the bloom in sniper mode is not accurate to what it should be, particularly in 25x, in that with most guns with .35 accuracy+ the reticle can look aimed in but not really be fully aimed it(wait to hear the clink). Server reticle can in some cases eliminate this but it is a client-side mod and not vanilla. The benefits at 400+ are that it is easier to see a tanks overall silhouette, aim at weak spots and see what direction their turret is turned. You will not hit these targets with very much higher probability but the shots that fly straight on .30 or lower guns feel very crisp.

      Overall it is up to the user. I would definitely have battle sounds on for aiming/sixth sense cues and so the added zoom gives me an easier time understanding the topography and orientation of my opponent. But if you play unmodded without sound, or can easily make out targets and carefully mouse over weak spots, this option doesn’t have a point, and can only be a disadvantage particularly in closer ranges.

  20. Also, the a44 is even worse than the Leo. 2.7 aim time, 330 alpha is nice but aim time is shit, no armour, rear mounted turret with almoat no forward gun depression makes it torture to play.

  21. Another great video. I haven’t touched the Swedish tree at all except this medium line which I just started the other day. I have no idea what to expect, so I appreciate the heads up.

  22. I love the big gun. It’s hard to snap with it but it has meaningful alpha that you can sometimes trade with lights/mediums. But I prefer to avoid getting it.
    The meaningful speed of the Leo allows you to change positions a lot

    • pre-aim the turret and only move forward and backwards with the hull and you will have a much better time

  23. Miloš Poštić

    Good work, the commentary is on point. Using the Leo now to research the new tier VIII medium. I use the 75mm gun, just cant bare the aim time and the awfull gun handling of the big one. All round, the tank as you said is is usable. And I have a killer crew of girls in it with 4 skills, so that helps.

    And how don’t you have more subscribers? Your clips are some of the best advice in WOT I have ever heard. Anyways, keep up the good work and have fun.

  24. You mentioned s-51 running out of ammo, that’s why I prefer using the 152 on the s-51. It has one of the best reloads in tier 7 and the gun is still very good at stun duration

  25. At least the platform and gun are better than the A44, the useless amount of armor and boat like turning combined with 3 gun depression with the 107 limits the flexibility and camouflage way too much.

  26. In regards to the argumentation between the smaller or bigger gun. Although I’m not advocating for the smaller gun necessarily, one thing you didn’t mention in your “equation” ( 16:04 ) is that the smaller gun, because of its faster aim time and better dispersion over 100m, will hit the target more times than the big gun. This is without factoring in the reload speed which also further allows you to put in more hits. Sometimes you wont have enough times to put in that second shot but sometimes you will. The differential in penetration is somewhat negligible. In conclusion I must admit that I am not sure which is the better gun since the alpha offsets the extra hits but I did want to point out the factors which you did not mention.

  27. The Leo has a rather good dispersion on turret rotation, of 0.12. Making it behave a bit better while not completely fully aimed. Compared to the Chinese t-34-1’s 0.15 however, this does make up for it’s bad aim time on the 10cm and combine it with good depression value it becomes more useable.
    On the 34-1 you can clearly notice this difference in dispersion on turret rotation, even though it’s 100mm’s base aim time is a fraction better with 2.9 sec.

  28. Hmm. Looks like they gave you guys the MM we have been enjoying on SEA server for awhile now. Cool.

  29. Thats not how you pronounce Löwe 😀

  30. i play the leo as a ambush tank you have great mobility and the tank is low profile but the armor is nothing you can rely on

    10,5 cm HE has 410 alpha and 52 mm pen so you will wreck paper tanks with it. its really satisfying to roll 410+ on a type 64 or even one shotting a tier 5 medium

    if i wanted to play the 75 mm i would’ve played the comet -12 depression high dpm averaged it on 1.5K dmg 500 assist on average

    i played it with the following equipment : EGLD, Optics , Rammer & Food

    had 3 crew skills (BIA, Repairs, Smoothride/snapshot 6th sense & safe stowage)

  31. I liked using the reload time +1 sec to see when i wouldnt be spotted

  32. You need to consider that the Löwe and the T59 are both premium tanks which makes it more possible that their players are not very good. The Löwe especially is infamous for being bought by players who start the game and think that a German heavy must be good due to historical reasons. 🙂

  33. In the 1st battle you called the Lowe ‘selfish’ when he first fell back. This is what I would have done in his position, as the flank was failing, he was out numbered in a tank with so so armor. I am confused by this because you and most other streamers preach play smart and stay alive. Please explain as I do suck myself but continue to try.

  34. Cheers, great insight into playing the Leo well.

  35. The Leo is one of my favorite tanks. I’m surprised more people don’t like it.

  36. Michigan Skinny

    sniping from a bush in a medium tank…………is usually when I get called an idiot and half my team reports me for “inaction.” (And sometimes get a friendly TK shot up the tail pipe.) I wish more players would watch your videos.

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