^^| LEO Swedish Derp Gun. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    Again with All Them Witches? Dude, stop, I can’t focus on WoT with music
    this crisp and sexy.

  2. I thought that WG made that zoom out mod illegal in the fair game clauses,
    but I guess I’m mistaken…

  3. I love the daily memes, you rock Circon

  4. Damn straight, circon’s channel is the only place for top memes

  5. does circon have a set time and days he streams ?

  6. and we appreciate your hard work…your a gr9nd monster!

  7. Krešimir Košutić

    you need an intro and the thing at the end of the video, would make your
    gameplays even better!

  8. Do you release your modpackS?

  9. hahaha that stab though at .. made me laugh out loud ?? hmm lets show off
    other peoples games instead of my own.

  10. That was a really awkward game. Tanks on both sides not doing what you’d

  11. Grinding the Leo. I don’t like it at all when I’m not top tier. The gun is
    potato…spuds mcderpy. The style is not for me but I dont like the 75 not
    for its performance, which I think is very nice, but simply it has no ammo.

  12. Don’t always agree with Circon but when I don’t I’m usually wrong

  13. I can confirm circon no other world of tanks streamer or YouTuber has as
    many daily memes as you

  14. Samuel Peter Hunt Hunt

    one question circon, why do you have the language at standard english.
    wouldn’t it be more inmersive having it in national? just askin

  15. That raidboss is definitly one of the hardest.

  16. Of course Circon has the dankest memes out of all WoT content producers.
    How could anyone doubt that?

  17. so is this worth selling my sweet strv 74?

  18. The boasting at the start of this particular video, i cant help but think
    it was out of context. I can understand it, the way you play the game, the
    skill level you display in most of your video’s. But i really feel it
    subtracted a bit from this particular video. Perhaps a downside from using
    stream material.

  19. man the gameplay on your server is so different from NA which is a cluster
    fuck of shooting til everything explodes

    so much passiveness going on here

  20. isn’t zoom out mod illegal?

  21. What is the Amsterdam flag doing above your head?

  22. I really liked the 105 on the Leo, more than the little pop pop gun.

  23. #Circon you think its better to go on with the derp gun? I just unlocked
    the leo and I am alrdy wondering cuz it cary only 50 shots with the small
    gun anyway ….. kinda low I guess

  24. you and foch have been doing a great job at youtube uploads. its been

  25. I still think the smaller gun is better because it plays more like the
    comet. Had a great game with it too 4789 dmg. 8 kills in a tier 8 mm.

  26. play with kv-4 pls

  27. I see no memes :(

  28. Glad to see you and Foch pouring on youtube these days. Pretty difficult to
    keep up with the stream these days, except weekends once a while.

  29. We love you Circon, you got the best WoT memes.

  30. Tell me!! Tell me now!! What music is he listening? Me want to know!!

  31. i had a 3500k dmg game and have a 1 class….. SURE

  32. Comet better tier 7 MT confirmed

  33. I am loving these daily uploads to be fair

  34. Hi. Please identify song in 1st part of this excellent video?

  35. i just want to say that i look forward to your youtube videos everyday and
    it’s the first thing i watch whenever i see a new upload. I’m going through
    tough times and you’ve helped me combat that in a positive way. thank you

  36. Hey Circ, do you prefer the derp gun on the Leo? Personally I just think
    the Leo is a poor Comet with the small gun but a lot of gamers think the
    dpm and consistent damage is the way to go.

  37. Thanks for the content Circon – EVERYDAY! Much appreciated;)

  38. Any word about background noise? Pretty good.

  39. Michael Pearce (Trendiix)

    why did someone get chat ban for saying “quickybaby has more memes” at 1:46

  40. Circon do you have merchandise because I’d like to buy a tshirt or hoodie
    with your logo

  41. Wow, the meta is so changed. 25k games sunken into the game and haven’t
    played in over a year. Almost intrigued to come back.

  42. circon: play wot and get pussy
    top kek

  43. I must say this tank is better than the T-34-1

  44. A-44 is so useless now :(

  45. D. Hall (Whiteknight 717)

    @SirCircon, just wanted to thank you for the tips you give, even when you
    don’t explicitly come out and do it. I started going next to that hill on
    Swamp, after seeing you pull it off several times, and more often than not,
    it works. Works coming from either direction, too, but having at least one
    guard makes it more doable. You can interdict the tanks heading for the
    castle, and are mostly safe from arty.

  46. Oh so saying Quickybaby on your stream deserves a bann. Now I at least get
    why did i get permad.

  47. Hey Circon could you check my replay out?

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