^^| LEO Tier 7 Swedish Medium #1

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Source: SirCircon


  1. thank god i put those christmas tree females on this tank, or it would be a
    bigger piece of trash than it already is…

  2. Talking about ammo, old FV4202 with 105mm had more ammo than FV4202 (P)
    with 20-pdr (83 mm).

  3. wow such dynamic gameplay this game was….

  4. Wow. I dare you to make a new acct and play it just so you can see what it
    is like to play without buffed RNG. Your laser guided shots are ridiculous.
    I am firm believer that WG makes youtuber accts have better RNG in order to
    get more people to play the game.

  5. I need to git gud in my Leo… it’s been miserable for me, with either gun.
    Of course I didn’t buy up a 100% crew, so that’s added crap and I stock
    ground, but yeah, it would be nice if I could find a comfy spot to farm.
    Hasn’t happened lately :P. Also damned if arty doesn’t have my ass in every
    battle. Last one I was in I was dodging all three enemy arty (including a
    Lef. God but those things are annoying AF) while trying to get in my

  6. #SirCircon As per usual getting screwed by RNG That’s what WG do to you
    when we slag them off ! They hit the “you’re gona hit nothing” button.

  7. MrImmortalityPrince

    There are 4 Swedish female crew the tier 10 heavy and TD both have 3 crew.
    Is this the tank to them all or just choose between TD or Heavy and just
    keep the last one which will waste its BIA

  8. Where i can find the ServerCross2 for 9.17?

  9. holy crap only a 1st?!

  10. got him

  11. Play with 100mm. Also – 75mm should have “APCR” as stock ammo.

  12. Actually prefer the top gun on this one… But I do like the higher alpha
    dmg guns usually need to try the 75 again maybe :p… Just hope to be done
    with this grind asap!

  13. how many crew skills u have in this tank

  14. Hey say what you want, but this tank is still way better than the t43

  15. Hey, Can you please tell which Mod are you using? Thanks. Anyway nice game.

  16. ah man, I really wanted to see you play with the 300dmg gun

  17. 5:50 IS be like someone just fucking me up slowly, lets stay here.

  18. another one another one and another one

  19. CIrcon= OP needs nerfed.

  20. We found the new comet to ace.

  21. This tank looks really cool, kinda like a small leopard PTA (much like
    RU251), but it’s basically a Cromwell with T7 MM.

  22. shoutout to the guy in chat with the Space Jam reference

  23. It´s just a Cromwell at tier 7.. dank meme

  24. thx god i finished the leo grind before they put the e25 on sale hahah

  25. mod pack? Is it ready yet?

  26. I love you

  27. wtf that SP was doing in the middle…

  28. Some of those shots were down right dirty… that tiny bit of IS cupola
    getting shot, very funny.

  29. Wow this tank is kind of disappointing. If they kept the initial mobility
    it might have been better.

  30. The Fadin’s faded away,we could say 😛
    The farming tho :D

  31. i dont like this one the t6 is epic

  32. Well that was quick! ^^

  33. wow

  34. better than comet

  35. under 50views club

  36. Looks bit like an RU251

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