Leopard 1 HD review!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. What is called soft stats by wot community is what you actually can’t
    manipulate/influence with crews skill level, equipment or perks. Those
    after movement dispersions always stay the same (unless module is
    damaged?), right?
    So they should be called Hard stats and the soft stats are those that can
    be changed with aferomentioned means.

  2. The worst thing about Leo is that arty hunts him a lot. Especially being
    unicum/blue player in Leo hurts.

  3. mediocre at best….and I was so hyped to get it

  4. Fuck arty!!

  5. I somehow bounced a whole T54E1 clip in the turret of this thing. Terrible
    RNG or magical spot?

  6. i think Leopar1 HD model could be reworked same way as M103 was. Great
    machine, not for all

  7. The Leopard needs the A1 spaced armour on the turret, if it’s gonna keep
    its current gun handling. This would allow it to fight hull down vs other
    mediums and lower tiers and eat at least a portion of shots aimed at the
    turret front, much like the STB1 but a bit softer. It could also do with
    better terrain resistances because right now an object 140 (13hp/ton)
    accelerates faster and maintains similar speed to a 20hp/ton leopard on the
    flat. If the Leopard has to turn at all, or isn’t going downhill, it can’t
    get a very 55 kph, and the Object 140 happily cruises along at the same
    speed no matter what, despite being better at almost everything that

  8. I went down the Leo 1 line when I started playing WoT. I think it made me a
    better player, since you have to be so damn cautious and aware all the time
    while playing the mediums in this line. Makes it not that hard to adapt to
    other mediums afterwards imo.

  9. Entire broadside of the tank … Someone is secretly playing WoWs, or
    atleast watching videos of it :D

  10. “fuck arty and I’ll see you on the next one” haha no other way to put it

  11. GLD? You mean vert stab?

  12. wat 4 mins 900 views?

  13. you can use optics on your leo, i have optics on my leo

  14. 7:15 moment of carefully thought out assessment right there. :)

  15. fuck arty !!!! :D

  16. You got my thumbs up for the ending comment 🙂 Fuck arty!

  17. Can u do a T62a review ?

  18. so it’s literally only good at running away now.

  19. Arty needs buffing.

  20. Love your vids Foch

  21. So, this or 30B?

  22. fuck arty indeed, great review

  23. Nice review, i havent played in a while and this used to be my fav tank,
    i’ll see how it rolls when i return

  24. that feel when you have a chance for an early comment and cannot come up
    with anything funny or witty

    ahwell, have a cancerous comment

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