Leopard 1 – Master Class – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Leopard 1 is as hot as it gets in World of Tanks! Controlling vision will make you a or bad player – here's how to master it!



  1. That’s one of my only tier 10s that I actually play. Used to play it a lot in ranked.

  2. 1:45 the commander, Gernot Huth, was this a special character? The image doesnt look like it is from the standard pool.

  3. One interesting thing with the ammunition of the leo is that the gold rounds are not that expensive compared to the regular rounds, so most of the time It is worth it to fire gold because you benefit more with less credit costs

  4. Leopard, psh… the E50M is a more fun tank 👍

  5. Thanks for the Leo 1 Masterclass QB. I havn’t considered using exhaust. Going to give it a go, and see if I can master the dead zone.
    Best regards Kathsija

  6. ty for reminding me to put cvs in second loadout. i just got my first ace tanker thanks to the cvs. spotted 8k and did 3,5k dmg.

  7. 20 wins in a row on that ‘tech tree showcase’ last weekend was epic btw!

  8. you land snap shots and moving shots that my account could never hope to achieve

  9. 17:58 checks distance, 768 meters. Not only proceeds to fire anyway even though max is 720 but also hopes to be hiting stuff xD

  10. I got the Leopard 10 days ago and am 0 for 12 in it. I don’t have the field mods yet. Hopefully your advice for the fitting helps. I want to like it. And yes it gets ammo-racked way too easily.

  11. Nihon YAMAZAKURA

    i enjoy these masterclasses appreciate it <3

  12. Jesus wins / birdofmichigan

    July-13-2023 _BIRDofMI_ , 2.5 months playing. Great detail, best training/YouTube ✝️

  13. Robert Nowagarski

    Hey only 4 hrs late

  14. the tank of the campers rats: when you have 2 of them in the team is a malediction

  15. GetSomeAdventure

    If I love the PTA will I feel same about Leo1? I do pretty well with PTA and love the tank so hoping Leo1 will also be good for me. Bought it as top of tree this week but waiting until I get better at PTA to jump up. Also wud you set up the PTA the same way with eqpt?

  16. Funny to think that a leo 1 premium shell travels twice as fast as a isu 152k shell for example which is 880 or 800 m/s if i remember that right

  17. Where is the 279e masterclass everyone has been waiting for we need it @quickybaby

  18. Triantafyllos Tsiakiris

    The Leo1 has an average DPM for a medium. So you should not repeat that it has godlike DPM. Its alpha makes its DPM more effective though, in practice.

  19. I just got Leapard 1 on Blitz.. 2 rounds I realized I will never (M)aster the tank.. I got class 3 with top gun and 4k dmg. And some assist 💔

  20. Its on xbox so its a bit different but my best game ever was in the leo. 8.5k dmg and 6 or 7 kills

  21. Me grinding leopard just because it’s look😂,sir can you review/show how to play STB-1 cause I had bad gameplay with it,the aiming is bad

  22. Jonathan Richard

    This tank with me is one day i can be godlike with it the the next worst wot player xD

  23. Can someone tell me how qb can zoom in that far?

  24. Just put an exhaust on my leopard – holy crap what a difference it makes – it is just about invisible.

  25. Lucas lawn care services L.L.C

    Lion is better I think

  26. I suffered in the old leopard. The leo of today is a far better tank than the original that went into the game.

  27. Why do we even have 2 sets of Equipment, but only 1 set of field mods.

  28. As someone with a 10k game in a Leo, I think QB’s equipment choices here are awful. Turbo, Ramer, Improved Aiming all serve to accentuate the strengths of the Leo much more than trying to finesse the view range like QB is.

    • As someone with TWO 10k games in a Leo, I think QB’s got the right choice. Both games were uploaded to wot replay with the same id as yt FYI.


    Do you have the same equipment setup for the Leopard PTA at Tier 9?

  30. this is definitely what the leopard feels like it was designed to do vs how most play it. great video quicky!

  31. Running2 StandStill

    i do ok up to leo pta only

  32. Yes I was waiting for this one, glad you got the big games in!

  33. Thanks for toning it down. It was a bit much with the smugness last video.

  34. PÄÄSTE - Fire & Rescue

    Where can I buy one as such (without grinding to it)?

  35. No hardening in any of the builds😭

  36. Any of y’all have tips for playing the AMX 65t?

  37. can someone explain how he got x5 or x6 times the same perk on one person?

  38. jeje nice but i get no luck with this MM is so horror only bad teams /streamers get best enemys to farm them .

  39. Uninstalled game again, after years it is still just a rigged game. It would be a great game when performance is stable, but it is not. One game you will hit a lot, next game all misses. It is WOT that before game decides if you will win or not.

  40. As someone who got 100% MoE with the Leo1, I recommend to go with T3 Exp Turbo + Bond Rammer/Vents.
    For the Field Mods, take full accuracy then you’ll have a tank that pretty can’t miss.
    200 DPM means absolutely nothing but 0.23 is noticeably different from 0.26.
    When you have everything ready, your Leo1 become a ridiculously fast tank that has a true laser gun.
    27% camo is good enough.
    The Leo1 even with a Bounty Exhaust can only reach 36% camo, which is still 7% lower than the 43% camo requirement to really compete with tier 10 LTs.
    In the end of the day, what you want with the Leo1 is farming your opponents like there’s no tomorrow.
    And that will lead you to go for either a Bond VStab or a T3 Exp Turbo.
    Moving faster or shooting faster, that depends on what you want.

  41. Ohhh, you are so good with all advantages. It is a clear rigged game for people who love to club seals. Same moral.

  42. How well does it do with bond equip vs regular?

  43. Game #1 Nearly 13K combined

  44. I’ve always found running the Leo as scout more enjoyable. Vents, CVS, Coated Optics. I’ll have to try your setups though. Especially the Exhaust. Always thought about it but never got around to changing it.

  45. Myron Schouwstra

    I miss my Leo so much.. I sold it to retrain the crew to German TD’s and grabbed a 430U and a Centurion AX for t10 meds but the Leo was so much more fun to play.. so much faster so much more camo.. I think I’m buying it back lol. I have German med premiums so I’ll make a new crew.

  46. Oh Yeah, without watching I can bet there will be some stupid ass equipment setup.

  47. Ömer Çağatay KARAKOÇ

    00:00 Intro
    00:34 Is it competitive?
    00:57 Stats
    01:35 Crew
    02:15 Equipment
    04:25 Field Modifications
    05:36 1st Game (Old Glacier)
    13:18 1st Game Results
    13:31 2nd Game (Karelia)
    22:28 2nd Game Results
    22:34 3rd Game (Prokhorovka)(From Tech Tree Showcase)
    29:35 3rd Game Results
    29:41 QB’s Personal Stats From Last 7 Days
    30:13 Purpose of Leopard 1
    30:37 Conclusion
    30:56 Outro

  48. Casper the not friendly cat

    I use to use the leopard in advances because it was my only 10 and they needed people, but I ran bond rammer, bond vents, and V stabs. I’d take a sniper spot and man that dpm was pretty fun

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