^^| Leopard 1 Replay Cast

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Source: SirCircon

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  1. Nice game. What’s your win rate nowadays Circon?

  2. I’m the 666th like on circon’s 6660 damage replay vid.

    I’m too young to die D:

  3. Like the these types of new vids that you put out Circ, keep it up!

  4. Circon sounds like a gay Christopher Walken.

  5. In terms of the gun, would you prefer the Leo or 30b?

  6. Great vid Circon, keep them coming.

  7. These casts are great! Keep em coming Circon! :)

  8. Keep it up Circon you are creating DANK content GJ! much nice much wow!

  9. That looked fun to play, keep the gun firing

  10. Oh my God, that crosshair is what I’ve always looked for in my life! Please
    tell me where I can find it!

  11. I always die when I go there as you in the beginning, so I kind of gave up
    on that position.

  12. Moe Dali (Addicted2Trance)

    I love my Leo. It really is fun to play. Did you try the Grille yet? Do a
    replay. See what’s your feedback on it.

  13. WOULD


  15. Marshall Allshouse

    loving the replay casts!

  16. ✪ lenek (leniuszek0000)

    exactly 60 000 subs when i started watching NICE CIRC o7

  17. sovelis holimion

    this was the best cast up to now
    well done circ :)

  18. This one was better than the earlier casts, I think you are getting the
    hang of it

  19. Wouter van den Brink

    60.000 subs! Grats man! Keep it up!

  20. Is the top of the turret of the object. 260 like the is-3 right?

  21. Yo exact 60k subs while I’m watching the video! Way to go Circ!!

  22. why no ram at the end?!?! sad times….

  23. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    I believe you about the hill but hard to get this map without arty and with
    my luck arty is usually the best player on the enemy team. Other times in
    lower tier games if I take the hill the enemy rushes the 1/2 line and caps
    us out. I’ll keep trying though.

  24. 60k subs

  25. Malith Loki Melkor

    Glad you are doing these regulars Circon. Awesome. Especially to learn
    tactic stuff.

  26. Love leo1, but ammo rack on it sucks big time! Overall in 50% games you end
    up with damaged ammo rack. Not unusual to see two times ammo rack damaged
    in one battle. Hate when tier 7-8 lights pen me with one round and hit ammo

  27. Heyo, i’m live right now at twitch.tv/circon /w WorldofTanks :)

  28. JimPanse19921992

    good stuff so far ;)

  29. Krzysztof “KillCookies” Jakubiak

    Hey circon, loving the recent uploads, keep up the consistency and quality
    content :)

  30. This is replay cast of very big stats?

  31. wow great casts so far Circon. there is a lot to learn from your games

  32. Great game. You completely dismantled that IS7 when he had every advantage.

  33. love it when u say ‘obviosuly an ace..

  34. love it when u say ‘obviosuly an ace..

  35. The Flying Dutchman is back :D

  36. Aaron Ferrari-Woodward

    That was a lot smoother commentary than you’ve done in your previous Replay
    casts mate, it’s like you’ve been doing them as long as QB

  37. upvote HYPE … now let’s watch

  38. ole solstad hansen

    The reason i started watching you are the T14 Reweiw Circon. The salty
    Circ. Gave you a like for this 1, but I need more salt

  39. eerrrrmmm ok ur 1st …

  40. QB says hi to you!!


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