Leopard 2 / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

During the 1960s, global powers started using second-generation MBTs. But as soon as the first M60s, Leopards and T-62s rolled off the factory floor, engineers of the world started working on tanks the next decade. The USSR was the first to complete this task: their T-64 was cleared for production by the mid 1960s. Meanwhile, the and Germany poured resources into their joint program known as “-70”. It was supported up until 1970, but later cancelled due to costs and differences in requirements.



  1. My favorite is 2a4 from here but i would never give away T72 famely

  2. Give us Leooard 2A7 already Gaijoob! It’s not much different from 2A6 it has better thermals and composite armor on upper hull.

  3. Sound like a dumb question but where are the original by keybindings for the a.t.g.m on the warthog

  4. Erick C.S.d'Ros

    The voice of this guy is annoying as hell

  5. I like the Canadian variant ( totally not Canadian)

  6. 5:40 the “:)” on the gun barrel

  7. mike mastradonis

    I stoped to play in high tiers. Die from the air from the very begining of the mach is the most common scenario.


  9. Life of Bassman

    Bring back the in game chat

  10. No hate stop taking up my space

  11. Hi can you implement the leo 2sg

  12. leopard 2 revolution?

  13. Paulo Rodrigues Matos Gurgel

    Add the f14 on game please

  14. When is fps getting fixed, game is unplayable

  15. i wont hurt you

    Panfilov’s 28 Men the ending where did it took place i want to visit it after the war

  16. The Mighty Lemon TML

    “How did a Leopard 2A4 end up in Poland?” Well, we’re going to need to go back a couple years.

  17. 2001 for the 2a6? Dang didn’t know it was that new. Speaking of which, when can the US get a mbt made in the current millennium? Theres at least 2 SEP versions with a third being made in real life so come on. You keep adding more t72s

  18. CanadianLumberJack

    canada Loves the LEO as well

  19. Q: hi im having trouble with the custom loadout on the ps4 pro because there is no button for it for the a-10 late

  20. the 2a4 is a mix between both past and future

  21. Muhammad Rayhan Naufal

    Would you add Leopard 2 RI ?

  22. Frederik Beckers

    Can you make a video about the Marder family?

  23. fix sim

  24. Most recently 2a7

  25. TheSunknNorwegian

    Disappointed you didn’t mention the Leopard 2 service in the Canadian armed forces.

  26. We need the Leo2a4m and the Leo2a6m ok? Ok.

  27. Juego mas aburrido

  28. If maintained well enough and made with high quality material, anything can be reliable.

  29. Also Leo 2 PL cannon can use DM63

  30. I hope that the Leopard 2A4 gets DM33

  31. i am still waiting for the leo2a4 with the leo2a6 l55 cannon modification

    speed + amazing firepower

  32. DeeJay Luc Olivier

    As all german tank in this game, get one shot kill by a t-34.

  33. i wish there’s a Leopard 2 revolution added in the game

  34. Strv 122a & b is missing the slpprj m/95 shells.


  36. Kaan is my name

    Best tank in the world

  37. Cool so where the k2 at?

  38. i would really like to see gaijin severe any connection with russia

  39. i really wish teh 2k wasn in the research tree, was such a waste of rp to finally get to a production model

  40. and Leopard 2RI. MBT of Indonesian

  41. The writers were typing the script at gunpoint, if anyone mentions turkish leopards, they get shot

  42. Alessandro Danesi

    fix the game

  43. Leo 2 A7V …. for sure

  44. max van den beld

    Bring back chat!

  45. I love the leopard 2a6! But why hasn’t war thunder added the leopard 2a7 yet?

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