LEOPARD 2A4 HAS ARRIVED! REJOICE Wehraboo’s & BF-109Z (War Thunder F-82E Gameplay)

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LEOPARD 2A4 HAS ARRIVED! REJOICE Wehraboo’s & BF-109Z (War Thunder F-82E Gameplay)

Link to download – https://live.warthunder.com/post/737654/en/


  1. intro song is austrian btw


  2. but this is just another prey for Bt-5.

  3. If the Americans get the M1A2 then the Russians should get the T-14 Armata

  4. German Bias… -_-

  5. Can you take out my current favourite tank, the A.C. IV Thunderbolt, a 5.0 british tank 4 crewed with the almost broken cannon the 17 pounder with APCBC shot and a low silhouette and nice sloped armour that granted isn’t too thick for the guns it faces but it can and i have bounced an IS-2 shot with it.

  6. reinanda chrysilla

    Its all about beer….. Wait, what does the French got? Nothing….

  7. Where’s the french Leclerc mbt?!?!!

  8. i think the later abrams are far too op

  9. Not M1A2, but M1A1 maybe.

  10. Intro so german, i just rebuild the Atlantikwall…
    Guten Morgen from Germany.

  11. Turbopotato3000

    the a7m1 is really, really good, would like to see you play it, because i feel there’s no real way of winning against it , other than outclimbing it in one way or another

  12. For the Crazy enthusiastic and naive people out there.
    This tank will be a good tank for about 1-2 weeks, after that it will be NERFED in the ground and it will become the semi compatible .. almost mediocre german tank that we are all know by now until the next patch and so on. It’s how Gaijin works.

  13. Did i hear this right? U want Abrams M1A2?!

  14. Christoph König

    Jawoll Konis Hupen 😂

  15. According to the mods in the dev blogs there’s still a Russian tank to come. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they just forget about Britain top tier now, had enough of gaijin insulting Britain so unless they want to fix the Challenjoke then best they concentrate on fleshing the AA and scout lines.

  16. Tryfon Farmakakis

    I don’t think that anyone, in the Western world at least, who doesn’t come from Germany and has actually lived there would prefer to have been born in Germany …

  17. Someone should do a user mission with a twin spitfire- we’ve got the iconic American aircraft in a twin, now the iconic German aircraft in a twin, it’s time for an iconic British twin

  18. Time to bring the Challenger 2 into the game then 😉

  19. Challenger 2 plez

  20. Why not a Leopard 2A5? Not fair! US has the M1 A.

  21. Tryfon Farmakakis

    Those two BF-109s should have eradicated you… Neubs…

  22. Tryfon Farmakakis

    Beautiful kill the G. 55 !

  23. And what about the Soviets, nobody is talking about how they at top tear are uncompetitive , they should put in the t-80s , now they have to put in the t80-u. Because the Soviets have less then 50% win rate

  24. Leopard 4th reich, this will fix several issues such as que time for Abrams hahahah


  26. When you put P and H together, you get the most fun you can get with your pants off alone.

  27. Harris Papadopoulos

    Type 90, leo2a4 are going to smash the abrams

  28. I reckon that the 2 a 4 is going to actually be able to stop rounds, and the gun handling will be better. (Hopefully)
    They could give it the long l/55 gun as well.



  29. Scharfschutze 99

    1 50 cal don’t do much? these day in WT. you just need 1 click when pointing at enemy with 50 cals and their wings rips off. happens all time when I fly arado. I spray them with 20 mils needs 2 or 3 burts. if one of them with 50 cal get behind me im dead by just 1 single burst (not spray)

  30. Hey! Soviet got nothing too! T-64BV is useless because everybody uses kinetic rounds!

  31. Leclerc for france would be nice, otherwise amx 30s won’t do the trick…. Even if they put some prototypes like AMX 32 or AMX40 they won’t be competitive against M1a1 Abrams (or even a2), Leo 2a4 or T72Bs, T80s (90s perhaps).. Leclerc will be needed, in the previous patch, AMX Brennus was already overmatched easily…

  32. Salut phlyDaily es que tu pourra tourné une video de war Thunder avec le M4A1 76 w s’il te plait continue tes video son super j’aime trop !!!

  33. Harris Papadopoulos

    Level of pleasure in each country for this patch:
    Japan :10/10
    Britain :6/10
    Murica 🙁
    USSR :7/10

  34. Scharfschutze 99

    how this plane can roll that fast?

  35. If America gets the M1A1, then Ivan should get the T-72 and T-80. Also Warthunder, please please PLEASE add a 3rd person camera lock in this next patch so that when flying a plane in third person the camera rolls with the aircraft. Just…please? I can’t believe this hasn’t been added yet.

  36. But still no T-72…

  37. Connor Fleetwood

    They should atleast add the Vietnam era B-26K COIN invader.

  38. Don’t you mean M1A1?

  39. think you find the British came up with the Giro on a tank gun this k you find us British invented more than any other country

  40. Leopard2A4 isn’t the newest leopard the newest leopard is theA7+

  41. Next T-80?

  42. Deus Immortalis

    I very much prefer this turret to the later versions (2A5 onwards)
    Dunno why.

  43. Mr daily r u streaming tomorrow or tonight

  44. have to play WT again :O

  45. an OldRustyTruck


  46. Phly it should be noted that the 12kg/s is actually much more impressive than the 14 of the 262 because the 50cals are significantly faster.

    This means the actual energy and momentum outputted by the f82 is higher than the 262. This is what does damage, not pure mass (unless its pure high explosive)

  47. Hey Hey, i see our right eye , hahaha go BOOOOM!

  48. No Phly you just Shh!
    The murican’s do not need the Abrams M1A2.
    German’s are in pain now and this is a relief we need

  49. Well i am German and i absolutely love that intro because it’s true!😂

  50. maybe instead of the M1A2 Abrams, we should get the M2A2

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