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Source: PhlyDaily

Today on Sprocket we step aside with my slow brain and showcase some amazing designs that users have created. INSANE. Credit below.

IS-4 made by Arttuv01
Leopard 2K made by Apollo1641
Leopard 1 made by Ex+Xcalibur117
Leopard 2A6 made by Ex+Xcalibur117
made by Ex+Xcalibur117
Merkava 3 made by Ex+Xcalibur117
Obj490A made by Ex+Xcalibur117
T-14 Armata made by Ex+Xcalibur117
T-54 made by Ex+Xcalibur117
T-54M made by Ex+Xcalibur117
T-72 made by Ex+Xcalibur117
T-90A made by Ex+Xcalibur117
ZTQ-15 made by Ex+Xcalibur117
ZTZ-99A made by Ex+Xcalibur117
T-44-0 made by Miir
M48A1 made by Apollo1641
BMD-4 made by Nova
BMP-1 made by Nova
M113 made by Nova
IS-3 made by Nova


  1. I hope

  2. players creating something and then put those creations into one room is a big task for a single person developer to do. hopefully that’s one of his goal for his game!

  3. Hey phly you should do a video on the russian su-6 youll love the sound of the machine guns

  4. Just become a sprocket only channel 😅

  5. Keep playing war thunder also plz

  6. Maybe some love for chinese tanks?

  7. Steve, shut up, I think it’s perfect the way it is

  8. I would love your idea.

  9. “Is this becoming a main game on the channel?”

    It better be.

  10. those explosions on LEO2A6 when u got hit where ERAs

  11. Lovin this game Phly! Keep er goin!

  12. This leopard is so awesome I done one by my self and man he is the uglyes tank I have seen

    But I build a tiger 2, a Jagdpanther, a Jagdtiger, a KV 2 and a FV 4005 and I thing I made a great job

  13. can anybody tell where i can download the blueprint in the video, cause i already check on sprocket guide is not there

  14. I just want a single-player campaign mode, world map capture points with tanks you design. Way too many games go the mmo route these days. I want more games I can play in a few years from now.

  15. phly just please play war thunder

  16. Love watching you play this game. Literally saw this game and thought “i can’t wait til Phly gets to this!”

  17. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not again phly

  18. “Halte meinen Schnaps” … Bwahahaha, ernsthaft ? Nice, you gotten me with that joke.
    Wait he is amazed by and compliments my profession ? Thank you, i take it with pride.

  19. Connoissuer_Of_Classieness

    The reload rates are based in WW2 tech/ timescales. In future there will be the option for additional loaders+auto loader systems. Most “auto-systems” now work by people modifying the vehicle files.

  20. Whether you make a ridiculous tank or a cool tank, I don’t mind, I like your videos!

  21. *Halte meinen Schnaps*

  22. commit self deletus

    Yo phly I think you’d also like the game called from the depths. It’s similar to this in the sense you can make whatever but you can make basically everything type of vehicle imaginable

  23. You are stretching too much

  24. Phly If you like the idea of building your own ships and having Mass Battles, you should try out a game called From the Depths people have made some INSANE things on the steam workshop in that game

  25. this game and Wat thunder are the main games that i see you fit in with, Both deal with tanks and battles. Keep up :3

  26. Yes. Main game alert!!!! We like the creativity you put in, we will support you!! 1000%

  27. If you like this whole Warfare + Logistics thing you might wanna look into the top down shooter foxhole

  28. The Leopard is a little bit to tall and narrow

  29. I think a multiplayer mode where you fight other people creations would be cool

  30. Does anyone know what the German dialogue said means? The one just before the Abrams gets defeated

  31. This and Ultimate Admirals are the holy grail of creating your own war vehicles

  32. Why everybode use this fucked word “cursed”? One idiot somewhere says it and whole youtube like parrots started “cursed! oh cursed! oh oh”

  33. PhlyDaily, i made a ‘pancake ‘ tonk that is just armour on all sides (of course within space limitations) the front upper glacis has 5600mm eff thiccness at hull down just for lols

  34. War thunder : suffer
    Sprocket : another suffer
    – me

  35. This game is meh, but War thunder is getting (has gotten) um we’ll go with reee, so you play what you want phly we’re here to watch you, I’d watch you open tin cans you been in my life for like 7 years now so I’m not leaving.

  36. My friend made some of the tank, for example the OTOMATIC

  37. I love these videos phly <3 ... to be honest I was getting tired of only WT content

  38. Bro modern tanks have less armour then ww2 tanks how u not know that (the shells from ww2 r way to powerful for modern tanks)

  39. Could you friend me on warthunder I think my gamer tag is General2553 or General2554 I’ll let you know what it is exactly later on plz it would be an honor to play with you in a game

  40. need some tow missiles

  41. Halte meinen Schnaps 😂

  42. Oh my! I just watched your previous Sprocket videos yesterday! I love the game! Or… well… the videos that people put up of it, cos… ya know… my laptop can barely handle a 2d dungeon crawler…

  43. Just so you know, Phly, the game has settings from WW1 to late WW2, so you have to take into account that those leopard’s and Abrams’ are gonna be using 1945 technology at best, at least for now. When creating your own vehicle, you can see the time period in the top left, if I’m not mistaken.

  44. My dad is steve. Dad?

  45. I have made a jgpanzer E100 replica how can i share it with phly ?

  46. I recon if they were able to add a ranked online fighting system to this game, it would be a very interesting game. You could see some really weird designs come out of it

  47. Its actually not cursed

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