Leopard evolution / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

With the latest update, a brand new Leopard appeared on the very top of the German tree — so today, we’re going to tell you… no, not just about the latest Leo; let’s trace the history of the whole Leopard family, instead — starting with the earliest models.

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  1. Mjsmythe83 Gaming

    I don’t think the Leo 2A4 didn’t need to be added when it was, it is a fine tank hunter.

  2. Von Millard Manalastas

    Speaking of the Leopard 2s, What about the Leopard 2SG? If the Singaporean Variant of the Leopard 2A4 was added, which nation will it be in? Germany or Britain?

  3. Remove Maus from German tech tree… it’s torturous…

  4. Put the m1a1HA

  5. Y’all remember when leo 1 got added and it was the God tier tank?

  6. did the nerf the 2a5 yet?! no? miracle

    • they nerfed it pretty much lower/upper hull can be ez pent gunmantel is made of glass now only cheeks are still nice but 1 HE between hull and turrer or on that Rangerfinder optics on top of turret will nuke it 99,9% with 1 shell

  7. *Article 13 Passed*

  8. Leopard I designed by Necmettin ERBAKAN.

  9. Where are my economy changes ?, GAIJIN LISTEN TO YOUR COMMUNITY FOR ONCE

  10. Please do a Video on the IS Evolution

  11. Bu where is the leopard vk 16.02?

  12. IS evolution plz

  13. It seem other is leopard light tank WWII she has never build because on back engine boost and turret they are planning.

  14. Are we getting the Leopard 2AV as a premium?

  15. Every Leo is Worth checking out only 4 million rp needed

  16. Soon we’re going to find a modern-day Blitzkrieg

  17. M1A2 SEP v3 with latest DU APFSDS shell when

  18. Would be great time to start calling the A1A1 as Leopard 1A1A1 and the L44 should be Leopard 1A6

  19. Its kind of outrageous that Leopard 2A5 is 3 times better at doing the job of the Challenger 1/2 while still doing the job of an Abrams and T-80U better then them. Borderline broken and biased how good it is. Also we need thoes economy changes quickly! And pls give some love to SB! At least 24/7 10.0 tank SB battles, I hate the cycling system of BRs!



  22. “The evolution of the leopard nerf and the under modelling and performance we game gave them”

  23. How about the British Challenger 2 actually get realistic because of I
    swear to god its stats are very similar to challenger mk3.

  24. Does anyone call the leopard the Leo pard.

  25. Challenger is toast..

  26. Warthunder pay attention to my comment!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been playing your game for a while now, and I am obsessed with all sorts of fighters and bombers of all nations, but you guys seem to be lacking a lot of the iconic American planes. I would love to see the following planes added to the best game of all time


    XF-85 parasite plane ( was released off of long range bombers to engage as needed) “the parasite plane”

    B-36 the largest land based bomber in the world at the time

    B-52 (jet bomber) “strato fortress”

    B-45 (jet bomber)

    B-47 “The big strato jet bomber”

    F-89 “scorpion” (jet interceptor) (long range fighter)

    YB-49 “Northrop flying wing” (heavy bomber)

    Tog2 (iconic British heavy tank)

    Veskink (Canadian/ American, armored aa, something that the USA seriously lacks in warthunder)

    C-130 (or ac-130) (first flight in 1954)(the us’ main gunship)(was a US gunship holding the gau 12 equalizer, a Gatling gun that is extremely iconic)

    Vought V-173 (flying pancake)

    Vought xf5u (flying flapjack)

    Sr-71 (black bird) (first flight in 1964) (stealth fighter)

    X-15 (hypersonic rocket powered aircraft) (first flight 1959)

    A4 “Skykawk”

    F101 “voodoo”

    USSN “Scorpion”

    F104 S”tar Fighter”

    F-5 “Neofighter”

    F8u “crusader”

    F111 “aardvark”

    MORE MODERN (past 1965)

    B-1 lancer (supersonic jet heavy bomber) (first flight 1974)

    F-177 (stealth)

    A-10 “warthog”

    B-2 (stealth bomber)

    F-15 (fighter jet)

    F-14 “tomcat”


    More strategic maps

    Wingman events

    Badges(loyalty badge)

    Lower prices on everything in general

    New commercials…. Not going to lie, your commercials are beautifully made, but don’t get to the point of the game, and what’s its about. They simply aren’t up to par with all of the other games in this era.
    Take hints from world of warships , and that whole franchise. Their commercials are clear and to the point. There is also no reason to try to get it on the TV, many people watch YouTube way more than the TV now. Just make ads for your target audience.

    PreviewPreview0:44You Haven’t Played World of Warships Yet?!YouTube · World of Warships Official Channel · Jun 9, 2016

  27. Yeah, they’re a fun bunch of tanks. But that doesn’t matter if it takes so long to get them that people just get tired of grinding and ditch the game.

  28. Could you please make this a series about the evolution of tank manufacturing?

  29. why is the lorrain 40t 22k SL repair cost STILL GOING

  30. War Thunder needs the Canadian leopard 1c2 and the leopard 2a6 and 2a6

  31. R u guys gonna add the WW2 leopard… u know the one from WOT?

  32. Evolution of cancer lmao

  33. 한국인 있냐?

  34. No armor=best armor

  35. And guess what the leopard 2A5 also got given the name of being the first tank to reach a win rate of 90%

  36. Cant wait til they add an hover tank

  37. Could you update the UI in the game? It is higgledy-piggledy.

  38. JasondamianlolRBLX

    Dang i love how these leopard animals have evolved. Best nature video

  39. Question:
    Can you please fix the sounds for firing the canon and machine gun while scoped in. It sounds very distorted and needs improvement eg. more bass and boom!

    Attempt #1

  40. Look guys! Tanks I’ll never get!

  41. The german guns always have the best cannons

  42. High Mobility and firepower? Greeting’s from the Blitzkrieg

  43. Add m60a3 plz.

  44. Can you add Yugoslavian tech tree they had many good machines like:
    BVP M-80A
    OT M-60 PB
    M636 Kondor
    G-2 Galeb
    G-4 Supergaleb
    J-21 Jastreb
    J-22 Orao
    Vozilo-A(Yugoslavian version of T-34/85)
    And many more…

  45. great vid, but we all know russians are Biassed as Fcuk. change that, and it will be a better gameplay. nerf that HE.

  46. U added the 2A5 too early Gaijoob

  47. cheaper ammo for germany tanks, when?

  48. Why didn’t they talk about the amx 30 ?

  49. Do this with the Abrams Family of tanks

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