Leopard prototype goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. little man , take me by the hand , I’ll lead you to my van

  2. So how’s the new update ? I’m not touching wot, untill kids stop trying new arty changes.

  3. Hope that Foch will tomorrow upload video of what he thinks about 9.18. This nerf of sky cancers is a joke…

  4. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    whats with the low quality lol

  5. thats a top gun robbery if ive ever seen one

  6. looking forward to hear Foch what hes opinion on the arty stun and Lt nerf is 😀 fuck i hate playing and wont until a Meta is set… 3 artys in grp.. if enemy dont stun you hell your team arty will

  7. Kids….calm your ass and wait until YT is done with the video. After that the quality is fine. Always the same shit here…

  8. I think it would be cool if when you take a blind shot if you put an annotation if that shot actually hit? Or if it or another blind shot on that tank hit. I dunno i would like it.
    Love your videos!

  9. after 27 min from upload i cant watch the video only with HD quality and my net is too weak for that

  10. Love this tank, amazing view range, 268 pen and an insta-land shell. ❤️❤️

  11. one of my first tier 9s, 🙂 only reason I dont quit WoT. almost have enough XP for the leo 1, but should I buy it, or keep on saving for the russian meds?

  12. Wouter van der Welle

    360p best quality FeelsBadMan

  13. Stupid question, anyone else suddenly got shitload of window lickers teams after update? I mean, I haven’t seen such a streak of pathetic rotflstomps for like a fucking year. And I feel it’s not your ordinary baddie, it’s like common test level of camping base backwards in e100s.

  14. So Foch, when you are going to play artillery?? ?

  15. Och no, patch 9.18 nerfed Foch to 360p.

  16. Foch, please cast the match you streamed yesterday (26.04), where you drove E50M and that Swedish TD flipped himself twice. I was LMAO when I watched that and would love to see it again with your additional commentary.

  17. waiting for Auschwitz goes ham!

  18. wtf lowest quality is 720p,rip my monthly data

  19. 8:37 that quote made me laugh my ass off
    That’s why i like you Foch! ?

  20. Whats better ? Amx 30 or Leopard prototype ?

  21. lol shitter leo comes to steal the kill after he only does 324 dmg all game.

  22. TDs are useless and pretty much need pity in wots…

  23. Foch, you guys in EU are still getting the x5 Anniversary event? It only lasted like a week here in NA. #Feelsbadman.

  24. man i live in algeria and the conexion here is kind of shit
    so please no more HD only videos if you please ….. and ai still can’t watch it by te way -_-

  25. There are more people going valley on this map lately… I have no idea why. It is very unfortunate.

  26. keep it up fochy you funny fuker 07

  27. Fantastic commentary on this one Foch, great work. Thanks for the video!

  28. Grinding this thing stock will make you wanted to KYS

  29. Wg f us real good in Blitz. Well I needed to spend more time outside anyways. Tnx for the inspiration Wg. ..

  30. Fuck valley on this map…. I can never even consider going there because of the assumed idiot play that will go on there, because it will have 5 people already covering it, and because it is inferior to going city.

  31. Hi Fochie, how did you know the jagdtiger was shooting HE before it hit you?

  32. i dont really like the t10 lights on t9 the t40 the amx and the lightweight are good but the t10s are really bad

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