Let the Adults Play… World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download.


  1. “Hello everyone, it’s qickytard”… Game is paid off trash. F WG

  2. Id be curious to see quickybaby make a console account and see if he can make a free to play account work there.

  3. this game has been plain hostile for me lately

  4. Can you play WoT for free? Sure, just complete 20K games on another account first.

  5. “is it 50% ptw.. no” delusional.. its 70% ptw

  6. I was like my life about to be runnined by the title I thought

  7. QB sorry can you explain why it is important to save up the free EXP? coz I am always using it to research Modules and Tanks.

  8. LOVE FOR THE MUPPETS!! without us their isn’t U

  9. Um I am concerned about my child he is mass murdering artilleries……

  10. Hey QB, can you make a video on making credits free to play in WoT? After all those marathons you committed to, you have more premium tanks on this account than some willing to pay gamers, and I think you are missing part of f2p player. Yes, you deserved those tanks, but most of us are not able to take part in marathons.
    Some questions I would like to hear you answers to: which tiers are best for earning money? Which vehicles available in tech tree or as collectors’ vehicles are good for earning credits? (Apart from M44, obviously)? Which tanks available for bonds, especially, is pz iv hydro worth anything or not?
    80% crew and stock tanks are part of the game, it’s credit grinding that’s a challenge as f2p.

  11. 5% pay to win my butt. It is actually around 60% pay to win.
    I say 20% for firing premuim round spam esp in tier 10 games that go straight through heavy turret.
    20% you need to purschase premuim tanks to grind credits especially for crew training.
    10% buying premuim time get next tech tree to unlock faster.
    5% crew on crew training and another 5% on equipments especially the new bond equipment giving insane view range, rof, and repair speed.

    • Actually it’s 0% P2W. If you are up to the challenge we can take a 1v1. You pick any “P2W” tank with all the equipment you want and I’ll take a tank which you can’t buy with money with equipment you can get for completely free.

  12. How about some short clips grinding stock in free2play?

  13. So appreciate the work and effort that keeps these deliveries 97% clean and professional and fun. I enjoy sharing some with the kids. The dialogue is fun and its entertaining. Thanks a lot for the entertainment and knowledge and info you provide!

  14. What is the share of free-to-play players in wot?

  15. I played my first game in 14, and my father played his first game on the same day because he saw me play like shit.

    Now he plays more than me.

  16. its still a shame that you have to play tier VIII premiun tanks to make credits to play the Tier X toys..economy on tierX is so broken..

  17. Great ebr tactic against 1 Ebr try 3 in game. No fun at all

  18. Quicky did you miss a shot? Even on the move? Seems bizarre my LT 100 misses and bounces

  19. but Quicky free to play players carry only 5 or none premium shells ,have no cammos on their tanks whatsoever and they pick silly crew skills which are mostly useless also they put equipment on which makes no sense like cammo net on a heavy so if you wanna really be free to play then you haveto be a muppet first

  20. 6:03 penetrate 🥴🤤

  21. Hosybosy111 Minecraft

    Who else watched this battle on stream the other day?

  22. The right tactic to use against EBRs, classic lighttanks remain relevant.

  23. 1:00 best summary of EBRs I ever heard

  24. and if you want us to realy think what you say at 5:00 show the games with untraind crew cuz that is what a new player realy feels (i meen nothing bi saying that )… i am no longer a new player but i still remember that part … i am a guy with a job and a family so that new player part was a bit long
    sory for bad english =>not an english man 😀

  25. Ho Huynh Quoc Chuong

    Remember when the time M24 Chaffee tire V is top LT in USA, even burn the whole tier X vehicle by yourself, still lose silver.

  26. aren’t the premium rounds on the T-100LT not worth it? only 16mm more pen but 2/3 of the shell velocity…

  27. Why don’t you present games that show us what a tier 9 stock tank has to go through? Maybe a clip of 100 fails would make a good video.

  28. How about playing with 50% crew on a stock tank without equipment ? That would be the real “playsforfree”.

  29. we missed u baby

  30. I use technical experience for the important modules on the new tanks. Playing stock tank is just painful.

  31. Back in may day (old man voice) T-50-2 is the only speed boi unlike those wheeled citreons.

  32. WoT is p2w and not just 5% but way more. QB, you say F2P is rough but you have a massive advantage of having years of experience to know how to manage your account. A new player has ZERO chance.

    • @VioletStatPedder – Both is true, they aren’t mutually exclusive.

    • @tomzicare Yeah but you can’t call the game P2W if you get advantage from knowing how to play. Of course F2P is rough. If it was easy nobody would buy anything. That doesn’t mean that the game is P2W though, because it’s not. There’s nothing locked behind a paywall that would let you “win more”.

    • @VioletStatPedder – WoT is p2w. This has become more and more obvious and even MORE obvious to people like me who played since 2012.

    • @tomzicare WoT isn’t P2W. After they introduced premium rounds for credits P2W was gone. I think this was in 2012.

      There’s nothing you can buy with real money only that would give you an advantage over something you can get completely free thus this game isn’t P2W.

    • @VioletStatPedder – How old are you? You seem to have zero critical thinking skills. WoT is P2W. Firing premium rounds with credits on a F2P account yields a minus 95% of the time. Even if you hit all the shots you don’t always make a profit.
      Unless you buy a premium account, then you can fire all the premium ammo you want.

      How about that game mode where you had to pay money to get an enhanced gun rammer? That’s P2W every day of the fucking week.

      Premium tanks have been P2W since defender came out. No tier 8 heavy could compete with it and guess what, It Makes credits. I could go on and on but honestly, it’s a waste of my time with someone so ignorant and so enrooted in fanboyism of the game that it’s borderline vomit inducing.

  33. that’s why im never aggressive with my ebr at the start of the game
    so i can put the grandpas in a hearse

  34. QB. you are a great player and I think that premium consumables will be more noticeable for you.
    The vast majority of players suck ( I’m not great myself wr 50%) and the premium consumables don’t make such a difference.
    On a side note, if everyone was ftp there would be no game.

  35. My honest opinion is that this game is currently ~60% pay to win. Between the gold spam at every tier and the trash powercreep caused by it to the amazing bonuses given from prem consumables, The necessity for premium tanks is astounding, especially when every time they make a new one, its so much better then all the ones before it.

  36. Your videos are the Best

  37. QB I’ve been doing a bit of an experiment for a few years now. I and a few of my friends and Clan mates have also found, using a automatic extinguisher, in *most* matches, results in less credits spent on an extinguisher overall.
    The 20% protection prevents it being needed and used, enough, that we’ve been spending just about as few credits with auto extinguishers, as we have in the same tanks, with small extinguishers.
    So, when getting free auto extinguishers, and collecting a few when on sale, we’re all managing to keep ourselves around a spare stock of 50~ auto extinguishers.
    The argument brings up, the fires we don’t see. We get many more shots off, do more damage, and earn more, because we don’t burn up. Which overall, negates the occasion the extinguisher goes off when on 100~ Hp, and we die 2 seconds later anyway (as frustrating as that may feel).
    Selling the earned small ones is a nice injection of credits aswell.
    All in all, even at the worst of time, we don’t spend much more on automatic extinguishers, and earn much more for it.

  38. you don’t need to play the broken wheeled vehicles if you want to win, you can play the op russian ones too

  39. Another issue that needs fixed in WoT’s……..The fact that tier 10’s make no credits….Just because that’s how it’s always been doesn’t make it right. Rock on.

  40. 0:09 the rock *yeet*

  41. Try to do that with 5 cz and 6 pl proplayers in team

  42. I think you should be using automatic extinguisher. Even as a f2p, I still use it.

  43. I really love your content. I am not good player but it seems that everytime I watch one of your videos I did learn a tiny bit to make me a better tank commander.
    And not to forget: The overall quality of your videos including your comments are really high class. Thank you!

  44. Let The Adults Play… its the game…

  45. the fact that QB have all the vehicles on his “premium” account contribute to that win rate on his free account.

  46. Fried Beans Deep Fried Beans

    can you bring back ‘quickybabay best moments’

  47. its more than 5% for sure. Why? Because you must consider your oponents too, not only your way to play the game
    if you play vs p2w players, sure they will smack you more often than playing agains f2p ones, and viceversa….if you play AS f2p your wins depends also about what kind of players you meet.

    Win rate is USELESS for this. Efficiency is the right parameter, DPG (damage per game), spotting and so on…simply your own performance regardless if is a win or not. This is what makes p2w peasants different from f2p players

  48. This playsforfree account was a great idea and has produced incredebly interesting content for this channel. Thank you for that. Stay safe!

  49. Quickygrampy?

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