Let the hand of STALIN GUIDE YOUR SHOT | KV-2 Nuke Rounds (War Thunder)

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Let the hand STALIN GUIDE YOUR SHOT | KV-2 Rounds ( Thunder)

Link to download site – https://live.warthunder.com/post/6722/en/


  1. i double dog dare you to use the A30 Challenger!!

  2. αтσιναиєи

    Make video of KV-2 ZIS 6

  3. And my friend said that a nuclear SPG was a no sense,poor fool.

  4. William Hoelterling

    What are you talking about phly it’s fun to be one shot by an object 120 from 2k away over and over again

  5. Phly, the trick is to use APCBC like a HE shell when shooting at lightly armored targets that wont trigger the 15 mm fuse. Just smack that Stalins gift to the ground or wall next to them.

  6. M10 GMC bot lol

  7. whats the name of the movie clip?

  8. Jeremy Whittington

    Auto aim wtf, auto aim=cheat

  9. Anyone here waiting for 600k

  10. Spoony Thunders

    phly using aimbot such a shame on the wt community smh

  11. Mr daily what’s the real secret towards aiming the gun with the Stalin scope

  12. I think u r using the bullet drop as an advantage

  13. Omg, I was the 600k sub!

  14. if you go down (top players), its will intense for us

  15. Screensaving Gamer

    What movie is the bomb scene taken from?

  16. Attempt 3: CHALLANGE: Phly Destroy 5 jagpanthers with the Russian bias isu122S and show those pesky germans the hammer of stalin! and with air support use the SU-6 (SuperUberbias-6)

  17. I watched the first 4min of this video with no sound because I forgot my tv was muted. I thought he was doing something funny with no sound

  18. 600k!

  19. AC Is the way to go

  20. Atempt one, play the XF5F sky rocket


    Yo what movie was that with the nuke

  22. Hey what movie or show is that nuke clip from?

  23. 600k subs nice

  24. Angelsilhouette

    I always wonder about reloads that take that long, are they having some borscht before bothering to eject and reload?

  25. Hey phyl, you can see on the background of the shell types wich you have loaded, cuz the one u have loaded is on black background

  26. i got addicted to phly’s vids

  27. I wanna see streamdaily

  28. does not work so thumbs down

  29. Size does matter ?

  30. Arthur Veningrad

    it’s far better in AB.

  31. Play the J7w1 and clear the Americans from the sky. For honour and glory

  32. play the kv-2 1940 next time, additional mg

  33. CaptainCommandoYT

    finally some biasdaily

  34. Stop the cringe russian voice

  35. *don’t take that outta context*

  36. Renátó Schuszler

    600k sub. Gratulation!

  37. Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

    Thank *US* comrade. *WE* guided you in the battle of *OUR* Motherland


  39. hello


    I saw a Tankfest ad and I was like “O SHIT GOTTA GET MAH TICKETS”

  41. Let your cats play WarThunder, i am sure they would love the Hellcat! Maybe some Bearcat gameplay as well, for the memes.


    Congras on 600 k subs !!!

  43. At top tier you know who you will be matched against. When you go lower you always end up facing better tanks. The game would be fine with better match making.

  44. TankDaily? I want PhlyDaily.. ☹️?

  45. Icrazychicken hd

    Nice fridge you got there buddy….

    actually, can anyone make that a reality? a kv2 fridge?

  46. ContextDaily

  47. Best show case videos are againts german tanks gg

  48. Spirit Soul-Fire

    Phly loves to penetrate and explode

  49. Hey did you saw that when Phil made a first kill the shell was in the 8.8 mm flacks barrel?

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