Let’s Talk About The Puerto Rico Dumpster Fire

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There I was getting ready to enjoy two days off this weekend after pulling a double shift earlier this week but no. Wargaming just HAD to go and fuck it up :p



  1. I should probably point out that at this point it’s unclear whether or not Directive 7 includes free xp converted from the required ships, but if not, Directive 7 is basically undoable so it doesn’t really matter overall.

    • 20:00 _If they had just come clean prior to the live patch_ — This would’ve given them the fake pivot/feigned ineptitude highground maneuver: _The Puerto Rico Dockyard was presented in PTS & to CCs with the intent to misrepresent the final product we see now from the outset._ This is blatant from the monetization/game economy benchmarks alone.

    • Please do a play through for BattleTech the new dlc Heavy Metal.

    • This why I just watch your videos rather than playing the game. Don’t have the time and rather spent my money on other things with permanent value.

    • You summed it up towards the end, Jingles. Wargaming -planned- the shadiness of it. It speaks volumes of the lack of character that the people pulling the strings at WG possess. It also shows a complete lack of respect to the player base, not to mention using CC’s like you and flamu and others to indirectly promote their shady deals. It’s why I limit myself to watching videos from you and a few other CC’s for the games and don’t play any of their games.

    • Jingles, it’s important for everyone to realize that WE, the gamers, are the product. Multiplayer games need people in the que, and in games. They are nothing without an active player base. The NA server population has shown a trend of decline, they are trying to use behavioral psychology to increase the amount of play time and get more people in the servers. So they offer lofty prizes which they know the majority of people will never get, and then take credit for being generous.

  2. I wonder what the game director will do after he regain consciousness in 3-4 days?

  3. wow thanks

  4. I just want to know if anyone is fired from their marketing department after all this.

  5. This carrot is on the end of too long a stick for this old donkey_i ain’t budging

  6. pizza with pineapple crust

    I remember when WOWS first started up. It was so different from WOT it seemed liked the developers actually cared about the communities opinion and they gave out all sorts of free stuff to reward and encourage players to stay involved and now its worse then I could ever imagine

  7. I usually don’t buy containers but in the description of one of the christmas boxes it said ‘conatins 100 dublons’ so I bought it for 100 dublons. Turned out there where no dublons in it. Kindda dissapointing when cheating works only one way.

  8. *strokes beard in disappoint* Hello guise Jingles here (le sigh)

  9. Is it time to start talking about a boycott of WOWS to force WG’s hand?

  10. Yep war Thunder did this shit twice each time it was a failure. The first time it was physically impossible without using the in game market that uses real money. To get all the vechicles. Then the second time it was slightly less shit. Still shit though. So far they have not tired again.

  11. Oh… Dis gonna be gud.

  12. @The Mighty Jingles

    -as a side note on the part about you basically being free advertisement. I would suggest that you use your influence to suggest players who already spent the doubloons on the PR start a class action lawsuit.

  13. Russian imbeciles will be Russian imbeciles :^)

  14. TwistedSister/Haratiofales

    So, MJ. I am glad that you posted this. I was excited about the Dockyard feature, and about thinking I was going to get the Puerto Rico for maybe like 3 or 4 months of mild grinding. Hell I might have even threw give or take 100 dollars at them to buy the damn thing.
    I have been Grinding for Coal, Steel, and research and eye balling the Georgia, the Ohio, and such.
    They have made the red bots more stupid with them never missing and or they ditch 15 of your torpedo’s and put 5 up your ass all the time, and set you on fire like on the first shot frequently.
    Honestly I am getting to the point that I regret that We taught Democracy to the Communists and now they make up history and these games.
    IDK why no one in England or America hasn’t made a game like War Thunder or World of Warships.
    I get that they are a business. I get that they want to make money, but they dont have to trick us into giving it to them. Just sell the Puerto Rico for 77 dollars, and many will buy it. Or make it so its like a month of not to hard of grinding and people will flock to it.
    This BS Circus stunt only pisses us all of.
    World of Warcraft, I played and payed for 8 years. They started doing stupid money grabbing shit and catering to the 6 year old’s, so now they don’t get my time or money.
    Nest was Star Wars the Old Republic / War Thunder / Hero’s and Generals. So on and So forth.
    If people like it they will stay. If they get tired of it, of BS takes over they leave.

  15. Maybe taunting people with things they can’t have for Christmas is part of the local culture….

  16. Melvin Gehteuchdochnixan

    oh look, another cruiser i will hever play over the desmemes.

  17. The only mission missing is
    “Set 150 fires with british light cruisers”

  18. Daniel Bisplinghoff

    I loved the dockyard in the PTS and now I hate this bullshit I’m not going to play WoWs at all for the rest of the year

  19. Daniel Bisplinghoff

    HOW on any level is this a fucking HOLIDAY promotion? nothing about this says “Santa Claus”. Santa wants you to pay $300 to get a piece of pixel shit?

  20. not really sure how to post a replay to Jingles so ,, https://replayswows.com/replay/73109#stats
    This is not the most damage I ever did or the most ships sunk or the most base XP but
    I think its the sweetest victory ever for me .

    It is a long battle with lots of mistakes by both sides , could have gone either way so enjoy !

  21. Jingles sux’s. Now he is backpedaling Full steam rearward

  22. Who has this kind of time???? as a free to play player I have time for maybe 3 to 5 games if im lucky per gaming session . to do this the shear amount of time it would take is insane.

  23. Say whatever you like about the Gnome overlord, but he’s nothing if not honest.

  24. it’s just becoming pay to win like wot

  25. I cant believe I was fucking stupid enough to by the doubloons for the first premium boost. 30 bucks or so I’ll never get back, but thank God for this video before I wasted more time on it

  26. assholes at WG should loose a 0 at all those missions
    or ad a 0 at the reward/booster/allowed time section
    i saved my ass of and got the 1st premium booster and found out that i do not even have the smallest of chances at getting the ship within the time period with my lack of skill/talent
    fuck them!!
    this was the last time i will EVER spend $ on a wg game !!
    they lost me forever as a small donor if nothing changes FAST!!

  27. Crap like this is why I deleted my world of warships of my computer.

  28. Any changes or are they going ahead with this?

  29. World of tanks blitz has been doing the same thing for years. Idk why everyone’s surprised. It’s the same thing that circonflexes talked about.

  30. As a Puerto Rican, that title offends me.

    *_Officer? Yes, this man right here…_*

  31. Greed and stupidity !

  32. Get rid of directives 4 to 7. Fixed.

  33. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    You can have Puerto Rico

  34. Idiots at War Gaming, selling a hundred PR units, instead of Marketing the Event Correctly to sell more than 20k units. Making a shit ton of money and keeping every body happy. Ever heard about Profit by Volume War Gaming? It was invented in China a few hundred years ago. You are not selling a Farking Bentleigh here, therefore Profit by Margin is not applicable. PR is a piece of shit, not worth 300 or so dollars. (not even mentioning the fact that some Poor players out there might even threaten their health, playing endless amounts of hours trying to engage in completing those Directives towards the end of the event chasing the Leprechaun at the End of the Rainbow). I HAVE SPOKEN.

  35. I’m a trucker I drive three months to six months for three days off. I’m on Xbox… World of warships legends is going for more of a arcade mode. And I can’t even use gold to get some of my favorite ships. I don’t see carrier I don’t see them wanting to make bigger maps and team vs. I see more nurf and buffing. I’m probably going to delete WOT and WOWS and play a different game. I’ll probably keep WOWS but I’m not putting money into the game. Looking at grinding my war thunder. I make 1200$ to minimum of 900$ net pay a week. Yeah… I’m diffently going to buy more ship plans extra in war thunder because world of warships legends won’t let me buy some premium ships and is more arcade fast play Wich isn’t what I expected. I was expecting it to be like the PC version. War thunder did same as PC so why not world of warships on Xbox.. disappointed..? ? it is what it is…

  36. I’m guessing that Belarus doesn’t have honest marketing laws. Wargamming has made close to half a billion dollars in profits from us it’s player base, without which it wouldn’t exist. We don’t buy these vehicles in our garages and ships in our bases ,we rent digital simulations of them. The second WG is done that is goodbye to years of work and in many cases hundreds or thousands of dollars invested in building up stock to play their games.

    The fact that they would do something this dishonest – I don’t have a lot of free cash but I bought premium this month partly because of the PR dockyard hype – breaks what little trust I had left for WG. Whenever you buy something from the premium shop you get that “Thank You” screen. I can see now that is a mis-translation and it really reads “f*** You dummy” for spending money on a product that is worth the physical value of the bits and bytes it is made up of. Which is zero.

  37. simple fix – WG should give the owner of PR 10% of basic exp on won battle in gold :/ so 1000 base xp will give the owner 100gold

  38. And I thought the World of Tanks Christmas Event was a pain. You sailors have it rough.

  39. These cunts have lost their damn minds.

  40. The difference between this and the Renegade challenge in WoT is that the Renegade was totally possible and not even very difficult. I got level 8 without trying. Could’ve gotten 10 if I cared enough.

  41. “Ain’t nobody got time for that shit” Quote of the year.

  42. I was expecting Set Fire 100 Times with SAP Ammunation as a Directive 7

  43. This is ASTONISHINGLY poor. I essentially gave up on WoT entirely, and from the sounds of it I’m missing fuck all there. Warships only has my interest for the coop and scenarios.

    I have no faith in Wargaming what so ever, and I havent for a long time. I’m glad people are finally universally panning their trash instead of shills defending it, but find it embarrassing it took this colossal a fuck up for even the hardcore shills to stop defending them. When they started suggesting illegally removing premium matchmaking without a full refund, that should have raised everyone’s eyebrows.

  44. Im loving WOWS and have around 6 to 8 hours in it. Im uninstalling now while im ahead.

  45. such swindle behaviours should be punished somehow. I will start boycott WG not playing during the whole Christmas + New Year festivity.
    WG, you want me be your slave and play absurdly and for half of nothing?
    Well I will not play at all, end of story, goodbye, see next year.

  46. So glad I no longer play this game.

  47. World of Warships thanks for ruining my Holidays you morons. Cheap ass greedy people . Then get this they want you to give to there charity would you even trust a there company with your money for a endorcement sure 90% goes to the people putting it on 10% goes to the kids . After giving us the gamers a double single fingers to cover up there bullshit.Spend that money helping your own community….

  48. They should fire everyone who had anything to do with It…….I liked the game a lot what Is the matter with you people……….

  49. Insulting stuff. Come live in our game, do not sleep, almost certainly fail to get the ship anyway.

    I’ll play something else, thanks.

  50. Not only am I never getting this ship… I will always hate players who spend enough money to actually get this ship….

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