Letting AI control 420 HEAT in The Art of Strategy | World of Tanks Update 1.16.1 Patch

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Art of Strategy 1 vs 1 Strategist Gameplay, Special Event Game Mode. Game Mode The Art of Strategy Preview. World of Patch 1.16.1 Update Server. World of Tanks 1.16.1 Patch News.

1.16.1 Patch Notes: https://worldoftanks.eu/en//updates/1-16-1-CT1/
Article about Art of Stategy: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/updates/1-16-1-CT1-the-art-of-strategy/

Art of Strategy is a new gamemode which we were able to out first roughly 1 year ago. It went through quite some changes and updates and is back now with round 2.


  1. how do i play this test server?

  2. i think they need to buff the mrl

  3. So Wows removed RTS CVs while Wot added this shit

  4. This seems like a fun game mode. I can see myself playing this when I get tired on normal gameplay

  5. Do you need a tier 10 tank for the mode?

  6. A Red alert version of the game but its only tanks

  7. AI / human teammates, it doesn’t really matter when RNG is consistently shit over a play session. Low rolling a otherwise reasonable killing shot (440 alpha ~ low rolling 335 on a 340hp enemy) not penning 3 95% pen chance shots in a row. Just not hitting despite perfect aiming (see grille 15 for perfect example)

  8. At least you can’t blame your team for everything.

  9. I hope WG use this mode to polish ai so we can have a permanent co op mode like in WoWs

    • Something like the PvE mode AW has/had would be nice. Sorta like L4D but with tanks.

    • @FrenZ AW pve mechanics and/or story in WoT coop makes me drool. I mean it is a arcadey game, and with the Mirny 13 events, It would be great for a series of co op campaign missions for players to participate in when the other vanilla modes are too much.

    • ​@Wote I haven’t played AW in a long time so I don’t really know what the current state of the game is. I just remember having a lot of fun in the base 5 vs the horde pve mode. Would also be fun if WG partnered with ppl like RanZar and made some of the missions based on his animations or poke fun at other games or movies.
      Knowing WG tho, they just gonna copy-paste a brand new t54/hull-down monster autoloader pack for 90€ and maybe add some more overly animated garage spam pop-ups for prem shop. Sigh.

    • I hope WG use this mode to teach the polish players how this game works

  10. my eyes are not used for this .. if there are some rewards ok i play it . if not . i would not

  11. People are passive because the majority of WOT players suck and are passive in game anyway, and that is just controlling one tank, let alone multiple and they never look at the map so they are never going to be strategic or able to see the bigger picture.

    • The casual Passive players often play with normal shells. If you are agressive you will meet a rain of premium ammo. It usually means you die first.

  12. Is the rocket launcher controllable?

  13. This mode is quite Shit… 90% of the time the enemy just keeps their Tanks together and pushes the Heavy line… Nothing really Strategic when only Blitzkrieg works… You just can’t get your other tanks to flank them quick enough to be able to change the Outcome… Plus the enemy just puts all their Turrets behind them so you also get fucked if you flank them…

    • If you Do the Same it is a 50/50 chanche of Winning which sounds quite nice but is in reality not what this gamemode should be…

  14. In this mode nobody can blame their bad teams anymore… it is just 1 vs 1.
    Have you tried it? What do you think about it?

    • well i just put all bots on defend mode so they dont to moves like staying in mid from mines so all can shoot him (happend to me alredy)
      10:30 was like why i put them on defend mode so that dosent happend

    • I am the guy you played against and that was my second battle, what a surprise it was to see my name in your video. The gamemode is nice but autoaim is extremly bugged

    • Think is nice

  15. Poooooring

  16. Day 164 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  17. looks interesting but Wargaming will ruin it, they always do it, with all his events and game modes, the frist will be adding pay to win factors…

  18. Looks interesting will give it a go!

  19. Pixelateduniverse

    this game mode reminds me Men of war assault squad 2

  20. Tbh i don’t care about this new mode I’m just here for some quality dez content

  21. Seems like the battles could last longer. It takes time to develop a strategy.

  22. will we have normal mods in game too or not?

  23. This looks promising, I hope WG stick too it and perfects it. 👍

  24. This would be pretty cool if we could play friends instead of only randoms

  25. This looks so amazing! Thanks for sharing DezGamez!

  26. It’s amazing how wg can make these awesome voiceovers for cpmmanders in this event, but fuck it up Big Time when it comes to holiday OPS commanders

  27. game mode with bots?? Every map we have lots of bots/…..

  28. I have the problem that i have no aimcircle in the game lol. But still won 3/4 and 1 was a draw

  29. why can’t we just get new maps?

  30. I’m curious how they are going to make money with this game mode and kill the game again 🤷🏼‍♂️

  31. The behavior of the bots is the reference for WG Dev team to balance tanks and maps.

  32. Too much work. Better to play random game mode and keep losing in 5min

  33. Dezz can you try play team full of german tanks same with sssr and america. 3 video ideas at least

  34. Can we get this multishoot arty ingame , looks fun 🍀

  35. How do you download the test server

  36. 45K for a win? I think I’ll pass

  37. [Twitch Streaming Channel] Q

    Do the bots spam gold ?

  38. Thanks for the next time

  39. I like the fact they literally took some of the voice lines from Command and Conquer Generals. Still my favorite game of all times. I think there’ll never be a game that I can love more.

  40. you could make an all arty group to yolo ? lol

  41. I wish I could get play the MRL in normal battles lolol

  42. How to get a test acc?

  43. Cool game mode! I have no idea this exists. Thanks for sharing Dez. Although I can’t play this mode

  44. Great video. Very informative.

  45. I’m guessing this mode is to test something for a multi-player game mode or an actual whole new game lol

  46. i want a entire game like this

  47. This actually looks like fun. Can you play against a specific enemy from your friends list?

  48. @DezGamez I must say you are one of the best WoT content creators as you always bring the latest news before Quicklybaby & others bring it out! You are fast and concise, not making long ass videos explaining a load without any gameplay action!!
    I love to see you bring new stuff before anyone else has! Well done!!

  49. Hehehehe. Oh. I can already hear people complaining about someone taking triple MRLs and spamming their units.

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