^^| LEWD. AMX 13-57 (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. another spectacular game. great carry

  2. That was funny. That was probably the first ever AMX1357 Kamikaze Medal. What’s left now? Maybe bouncing a E100 shell?

  3. lmao somebody forgot to switch out of siege mode.

  4. This tank is pretty good in tier 8 games, but not so much in tier 10 games. I have one and the main reason I don’t play it that much is because it costs so many bloody credits to play it. Those 90 damage rounds cost 2800 credits each. It has 56 rounds, so that’s only 7 clips. If you take more AP than APCR then you’re useless in tier 10 games because 144 standard round penetration won’t go through tier 9 and 10 mediums. If you take more APCR than AP then every time you’re in a tier 8 game you use up all your AP in the first two minutes and then have to fire APCR at targets you could pen with AP. This tank would be SO much better as a premium tank if it could carry 80 rounds of ammunition, because then you could actually carry enough AP ammo to make money in it.

  5. and again a sweet proof why this game will always be called:
    world of goldspam!

  6. Nice memes, that’s all I have to say :D.

  7. Did anyone here order 57mm high velocity baguettes?

  8. Swedish TDs so stupid.

  9. That whole game verged on obscene.

  10. Now that this is on youtube I’m going to get Circon saying “oh fuck my ass” as my new 6th sense sound

  11. The fire time on that gun is amasing

  12. I was wondering why you were using so much gold ammo. I figured you just had money to burn or something.

  13. I saw that on stream yesterday, fucking brilliant!

  14. this guy lives like a nerd and wants someone to uninstall just bc he has not spent last years in vr? lol!

  15. 1200 base 1st class… STILL? wtf…

  16. memes lol

  17. 4:02 loooooool fuck you bitch soooooo fun i love your video 😉

    please adopt me 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. Hilarious !!!!!!!!

  19. Wheelbarrows and then you used his ass as a hat.

  20. How the heck is that not an ace

  21. Swedish tds in close combat are worse than artys

  22. Yeah this tank is ridiculously fun to play.

  23. Animemes lololol

  24. ho is this allowed on YouTube? xD

  25. Honestly though, can WG just make this the tech tree one and the 13 75 the premium one? Cuz I don’t want to pay money for the 57 but it’s so much fun and the 75 really just isn’t.

  26. ahahaha that UDES fuckin killed me. rekt

  27. Holy Memes, that’s was so awesome lol

  28. If this thing had better aiming time and like around 60 more rounds of ammo id actually buy it

  29. I want to smoke a cigarette now.

  30. Plowing the potato field with udes. Excellent farming job.

  31. nice meme

  32. Such a nice Swede, letting Circon nurse off of it like that.

  33. Hahahaha, awesome

  34. XD, nice meme indeed.

  35. That is what you call 2 Frenchmen, 1 Swede.

  36. that just gave me an idea: how about using the udes 03 as a ramp to get to innaccesible places on maps

  37. Omg, that thumbnail. Love the memes circon.

  38. World of Bulldozers.

  39. epic trolling. gg

  40. Not a seal clubbing, but stomping on ant hills.

  41. shhh no more tears… just memes

  42. Try it to E100, Sir.

  43. That mosquito tank is real shit! NICE MEME

  44. That censoring in the thumbnail though.

  45. This was awesome live, the chat’s reaction was priceless xD Topkek, mate

  46. How to insert your light tank into thy anoos. circLewd

  47. How do you get so much view range?

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