LHMTV Review/Guide, Surprising Results: 69% Solo WR, 2.5k Avg Contribution

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Source: Taugrim

I review the LHMTV, a tier 8 British light tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 9 Fjords, tier 10 Minsk, and tier 8 Airfield battles.

While the LHMTV suffers from very low DPM like the British tier 7, 9, and 10 light tanks, the LHMTV has the best gun at-tier for its line. The gun has superb penetration and excellent alpha, and paired with the excellent camouflage I was able to get very good results in the LHMTV.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb AP pen (226)
+ Superb camo (~39 with Camo, BIA)
+ Superb max gun depression (-10)
+ Excellent alpha (230)
+ Small profile and turret
– Anemic DPM (1.4k base)
– Very low ammo capacity (25)
– Paper armor
– Very poor gun elevation on the sides and rear
– Very vulnerable to ramming damage (only weighs 5 metric tons)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. Vents (what I use) or VStab

Even with Optics and BIA, you can’t reach 445m of view range without food unless you have Situational Awareness and Recon on your Commander, which means the Commander has 5 skills (SS, Camo BIA, SA, and Recon).

Because I prefer to run with Automatic Fire Extinguisher over food in paper tanks, I had to use Vents as the 3rd equipment to reach 445m of view range.

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Always the best. Keep it up.

  2. 2:42 normal thing in wot

  3. I would have done exactly the same on minsk GJ!

  4. I would have pulled back into those same bushes on minsk. I have been watching your guides as well as many replays and have been able to get recent WN8 up to ~3k recently.

  5. Taugrim I think you do well cos this tank has high silver pen and a good gun depression and tiny turret.. I notice u played on ur own on both these 1st two games and I think for solo flanking the british lights are excellent.. as long as the game isn’t short you can do well.. I have found I can do at least 2.5k dmg consistently in pile driven losses in the Manticore.. the majority at the end.. the trick is to be alive of course.

    • You make a great point. Tanks with poor DPM (Brit lights, autoloaders, and autoreloaders) have a harder time contributing in shorter matches.

    • @Taugrim one other thing.. when u look at the Manticore make sure you check out the magical turret that can happily shoot enemy cupolas all day over ridgelines while, spotted, without exposing ANY of itself.. no other tank can do that

    • Huh, that sounds like a model bug.

  6. Greats games and great advice. Loved the hill dismount on Airfield at E4, I’d have ended up on my side.

    • Going down the spine is the only reasonably consistent way I’ve found for exiting shelf other than the entrance. I’ve crashed so many times trying other ways down.

  7. Also it turn like a truck

  8. The tank reminds me of the French tier 6 light AMX 12t cause of the poor gun elevation and fairly long aim time

  9. On the second map, after the ebr rammed you i’d have just gotten up and grabbed a cup of coffee to calm down.
    Probably that’s why i have 47-48% winrate

    • Oh, I was pretty ticked in the moment.

      If that EBR had gotten me killed, I’m 99% certain we would have lost. Our UDES has paper armor, and the Bat Chat 25t has low DPM / very long clip reloads.

      We won because I stalled their push from the 1-2 lanes and bought us time.

      1. I spotted/damaged the E4 for his entire HP
      2. Same with the M4A1
      3. I spotted the kill shot on the Skorpion
      4. I spotted a shot the Bat Chat 25t and drove him off, preventing him from spotting

      It’s amazing how much of a difference one light tank can make when properly played.

    • @Taugrim It’s true for every tank in my admiteddly limited opinion. today i staleld 4-5 heavies that were bullying my 2 heavies in my udes 3 by playing the bushgame properly. Well i also loaded the gold for the defender but hey, what can i do? i held the flank i won the match for us.

  10. So a lot of people get really super down on the low DPM… but, for the most part, in a light tank you shouldnt be getting into knockdown drag out DPM fights.

    Most lights, even with exceptional DPM arent actually getting the chance to use their full DPM in the majority of their battles. This is the difference between listed DPM and practical DPM. The british lights have low listed DPM, but in practical applications, you arent going to be firing that gun on reload every time its ready to fire. You’ll fire the gun, and then pull back into cover, wait 10-ish seconds to drop from spot (or just to avoid blind return fire) and then pull back out and fire again. Most lights will do this same thing.

    Thats not to say it doesnt completely suck when you do need to get into a knockdown DPM fight, but thats really when you have to start leanring how to choose good targets. Going after tanks that are lower health than you or that you have support near by.

    The other intangible that the British lights have is their comically small size coupled with their fantastic camo. You displayed this in the airfiled battle… that bush you were using on the shelf, any other light (barring the ELC EVEN) would pull up to that bush to shoot the Super Pershing or VKs and immediately get spotted because they are too wide or tall… the British lights can pull into that bush and sit there laughing because they wont get seen until they fire. Theyre excellant, not only for playing vision games, but for playing vision games in places that most people wont expect.

    They do have issues (namly they seem to turn like boats) but their low DPMs arent the issue here. And so far of all the trustworthy players that Ive seen play them, they seem to be putting up similar or better numbers in the Brit lights than in any other same tiered lights.

    • The French lights are difficult to play correctly, due to a combination of:
      1. low DPM
      2. poor gun depression
      3. poor gun elevation
      4. mediocre-at-best gun handling

      I agree in the hands of a good player they’re very good, but in the hands of a less-skilled/experienced player, they typically don’t contribute much.

      The British lights have great gun depression and better gun handling, relative to the Frenchies. The Brits just need a DPM boost (~15-20% for tier 7, ~20% for tier 8).

    • @Taugrim So the lynx 6×6 has 0.03 worse dispersion and two less degrees of gun depression but 0.6s faster aim time, 0.08 better moving dispersion, 0.08 better tank traverse dispersion, 0.08 better turret turning dispersion, and 1 better after firing dispersion with a 90mm gun compared to the LHTMV’s 83.4mm gun. Are you sure they have better gun handling than the Frenchies? (Especially the wheelies)

    • Oh I should have specified, I was talking about the autoloader / tracked line.

      The French wheelies have insanely good dispersion values on-the-move. Best run-and-gun tanks in the game from a gun handling perspective.

    • @Taugrim All of the French autoloader lights have better moving and tank traverse dispersion. They do have worse elevation and depression, except for the AMX 13 105 which has 4 degrees more elevation and the same amount of gun depression as the Manticore. Their gun handling characteristics are similar to those of the British lights and they pack an autoloader with matching alpha damage (except for the bc 12 t) and about 3000 extra potential damage (except for amx 13 75). I’m confused about how the British lights have better gun handling than the French autoloaders.

    • I don’t fire on-the-move in the French autoloader lights unless I’m circling an enemy (i.e. close range) or firing while running away. For most situations, if you want to have a reasonable aiming reticle you have to be stationary while firing because of the dispersion caused by firing.

      The aim time and accuracy on the LHMTV are slightly better than the BC 12t.

  11. Can you make a guide for skills,equipments?Btw is there any specific reason for putting medkit before repair kit?

    • You mean putting the repair on 5? I do it cuz that’s where the tracks are, just double tap and you’re good to go. But that also means I sometimes fix the tracks by mistake when I wanted to fix my ammo rack or something

    • @Jyuppiter i see

    • I may make a video on skills and equipment, but the issue is there are exceptions with every tank line and it takes a while to explain clearly.

      Jyuppiter was spot on for repair on 5.

  12. Your videos are great, the calm commentary on your decisions helps a lot for a semi-rookie (<9,000 games) like me. Thanks a lot!

  13. 11:00 Well, Artillary usually would go water.

  14. UncleFestersWorld

    Great to see some new vids from you Taugrim. You are one of the best players, and your explanation of what you do, why, and how makes a lot of sense, and you make it easy to understand. Thanks for your insights!

  15. What is ‘jason’ bushes? Am i uderstanding this correctly?

    • adjacent bushes

    • Thanks Leponi.

      Field of view + hard cover (rocks/buildings) + adjacent soft cover (bushes, etc) is the magical trifecta. Those are positions where you really work enemies over.

    • @Taugrim yes, thanks! i didn’t understand that “adjacent” word that you were saying. English is not my first language. Good videos! Keep them coming!

    • Sorry if this sounds like mocking you, but ‘jason bushes’ is one of the funniest unintentional jokes I had in a while.

      Thanks for the laugh, sorry again. Don’t mind about your language knowledge though, you are brave to actually ask about it and it’s a very good step to learn about new things.

    • @zeroyuki922 not a problem man! I’m glad that i’ve made you laugh! 😀

  16. A very informative video. Thank you.

  17. I’ve watched your videos since the LoTR Reaver pvp days. It’s amazing you’ve stuck at making content for so long. Dedication A+

  18. This is the epitome of super unicum tank. So disappointing that they didnt buff it after the first part of the supertest. The minor buff on the manticore isnt nearly enough, and the fact that the manticore only has 2 crew is unreal.

    • Honestly I don’t even know if it IS a Unicum tank.
      The best tanks for unicums have something that is hard to exploit but doable with skill.

      The Brit lights just…don’t have something to abuse.

      DPM is too low
      View range even with crew skills and food isn’t high enough
      No HE memes
      Not fast enough
      Overmatch able armor
      Not comically hard to hit

      And worst of all, it has poor gun handling ON TOP of the bad DPM.
      One if the underrated reasons french wheelies aren’t associated with crap DPM, they fire on reload. This thing needs to aim LONGER than most scouts.

      Yeah it can do well, but there is nothing this tank does well enough that another scout couldn’t equal and do better in other areas.

    • Fabián Véliz D'Angelo

      @deaths dentist Could you mention some unicum tanks? I’m curious.

    • @Fabián Véliz D’Angelo

      ELC even 90
      Slightly worse view than peers
      Mobility is okay but eh
      Terrible DPM
      Poor gun handling

      Still an autoloader
      Amazing camo
      Hard to hit with well timed wiggle

      This tank punishes diving early so Unicum skill for reading enemy support is needed

      Huge, camo is 0
      Turret won’t bounce

      Amazing gun

      You need to really learn positioning, as you cannot get inside 440m at tier 10 without being spotted. But once you have mastered flank lining and reload, the 50B is a pub stomper and ram machines that, while punishing for pubbies, pros can carry with.

      Pershing line
      Not fast
      Not armored
      Guns are average

      Depressing depression
      Snap God/on the move
      View range memes

      9/10 the Soviet line wins with average player. But Unicum, I would almost never bet against them in the US line in a 1v1. You aren’t as fast or armorered, but you have snap shotting and view range coupled with depression to make you the penultimate second line tank when you know how to fight.

      For lower tiers of similar concept

      Other tanks that come to mind that are okayish normally but good players exploit

      Tiger1. (Permatrack, hp trading, inferior armor management, DPM abuse)

      Leos (average player just melts, good players are constantly repositioning to get flanks or falling out to avoid getting rushed)

      Amxm454 (average player won’t position well enough to make the tank worthwhile. Unicum can actually abuse it’s armor to make it seem balanced)

      M4rev. Made of paper but with a gun of God.
      Now the better question is, what tanks are bad in such a way unicums can’t fix?
      Maus, E100 both do better in Unicum hands, but the gap is smaller because their isn’t much they can exploit beyond a competent players ability.

      The Brit lights have this issue that, there really isn’t anything to exploit.
      They can’t outsnipe
      Can’t outrush
      Camo isn’t better enough
      DPM is comically bad
      Hp and armor are…eh.

      There just isn’t any single thing that warrants their use over a t100 or god forbid an rhm ..

    • T20 is a great example of a Super Unicum tank. Low DPM, but really nice gun, great camo, gun depression, and mobility. So a classic vision and flex tank.

  19. You videos are always so informative. Keep it up 🙂
    One thing, I know all tank lines were built to be balanced and the game has done a pretty good job doing this but if you had to choose, personally, what are your favorite 3 lines? (In all types)

  20. You are a great teacher ……… love your Vid’s ………… thanks

  21. Hey Brother, Great video, I’m doing British lite line as you are and find tanks needing a buff. Ok , but can use some love. Why WoT are releasing tanks so behind is crazy when you look at some of the Clan Reward Tanks. I would love to see some videos on how to deal with those clan reward tanks. Some of those tanks still have little info out on them. Those tanks are becoming my nightmare at times. As always, God Bless you Taugrim.

    • If WG buffed the LHMTV’s DPM by 20% and commensurately increased the ammo capacity, the tank would be fine.

      The DPM is too low for most players right now.

  22. Looks like the sp1c playstyle. Great vids man

  23. Hi Taugrim i just wanted to say thank for all tips and tutos you did. You really helped me to improve myself in world of tanks. I was 750wn8 and now im 1650wn8 per battle. Your job is amazing keep it up. By the way im sorry for my bad english im french and i’ve been learning it for 3 years. Thank for reading xD

    • Your written English is excellent, I commend your command of the language.

      That’s a huge improvement in WN8, congrats 🙂

  24. Again, Quickybaby needs to watch this.

  25. i do those 180 handbrake turns aswell really consistently but i think its better to turn around once in the bush because sometimes the bush isn’t big enough and gets you spotted when you show a spotpoint on your tank

    • I try to avoid small bushes, or I’ll use a small bush only if I can reasonably determine where the enemy is so I can put my tank in a line behind the bush so I can’t be spotted.

  26. Man I wish camo worked as well for me, I try spotting in similar places you did, but I get lite with out even shooting, and I’m not sticking out or anything. I feel your pain with those heavies though, A lot of them try to act like well armored mediums or tds and it’s frustrating that they don’t get that their camo and guns are not good for that. And in doing so lets their heavies push past chock points uncontested because of it and push in and give them 75% of the map which is bad. I can never understand how people don’t even learn basic tactics or how to play their roles/tanks. It does not take much or any effort to learn map positions for your current tank/role.

    Thanks for the videos btw, your narration of what and why you doing things really helps a lot, I was a 47% when I started playing wot years ago and up to a 55% average because of people like you and LR, yours lots videos are a real gem to the community, wish more people would watch and learn hehe.

  27. R. Giada Melchiorre

    As always I enjoy all your videos, you cover every aspect of tanking and I love that you question what would we do in this situation. Thanks so much for the work you put into making these for us. I also love the fact you keep foul language out of your videos. Again thanks T, God bless.

    • I’ll prompt the viewers in future videos asking what y’all would do in key situations. Making the right reads / predictions on game flow is so critical to winning, especially if you are in a fast tank with vision control.

  28. The programmers, being mad at the UK over Brexit, give you the British light tanks.

  29. That FL10 on Minsk was so toxic. Couldn’t back it up either.

  30. 2nd battle I would have rotated to city normally. You would have brought an overmatch there with numbers. But with 2 TD’s and a fellow OTTER backing you up field, I think it was the best call to stay and spot.

  31. Another great video, Taugy.

    Answering your questions, for me, is a little hard. Watching the Minsk battle, I immediately was looking for an egress route, from the center island back to spawn, before you even prompted the question. But, I was looking at the, from the stand point of trying to figure out if I valued the 45.02 B and Jageroo more than the B-C and UDES. Ultimately, I’d have decided to stay but I wouldn’t have felt good about it.

    With regards to Airfield, that is just a tough game to watch. The path down the soapy rocks is a 50/50 on you dying to a crash. So, I’m sure that was going through your mind and even more so when you ping-ponged off of the rock at the bottom. But, you did the right thing but only because the situation was made that way, due to the enemy team’s artillery, AfricanHoodlum, being an awful SPG player. His position, on top of that hill, is ok but not great, for taking angles on Airfield. Given that position, he didn’t have a great angle on your perch which, in turn, meant that he didn’t bother taking shots. If he had, he’d have forced you off of that hill and the game probably takes a different turn. BUT, that is all “alternative history- what if” stuff. What you did was right but, like Minsk, I was looking at the egress route down the rocks, sooner than you.

    In both cases, you made the right decision. Where those decisions differs from a lot of people is 1) your overall skill level being higher than others and 2) your comfort level in these tanks and in WoT in general. Let’s be honest, you’re running tanks with no premium ammo. Most everyone would have dabbed the #2 key, a long time ago, and then run for the hills. Your “nerves of steel” is predicated upon experience and confidence. In terms of both battles, I’d actually ask you this: If you had taken the egress route earlier, what do you think that you could have done that would have netted the same positive results? If you’d have gone city, in Minsk, and helped the heavy/TD, based upon the video evidence and extrapolation, would that have helped save them and still kept the win? If you’d have rolled off of the rocks, sooner, where would you have gone and how do you think that would have worked?


    • > But, I was looking at the, from the stand point of trying to figure out if I valued the 45.02 B and Jageroo more than the B-C and UDES. Ultimately, I’d have decided to stay but I wouldn’t have felt good about it.

      I almost never feel good about brawling in city against higher-tier heavies unless I know I’m going to get help. The issue with helping the Jageroo in city is he’s non-turreted. I can’t rely on him for help unless he pushes. He’s also got a fearsome gun, so I knew he would buy time at the worst in city.

      Vision control is easy to do, allows me to work my gun in while enabling others to fire.

      > The path down the soapy rocks is a 50/50 on you dying to a crash

      That spine descent is the “safest” way to get off that shelf aside from the entrance. I’m usually about 75% make it down the spine without damage. I go slow though as I have gotten stuck / crashed.

      > Given that position, he didn’t have a great angle on your perch which, in turn, meant that he didn’t bother taking shots

      You are absolutely right. Had that arty meaningfully threatened me on shelf, it would have make my situation much more dicey.

      As it was though, I gave up 500 HP stupidly to the VK due to still being lit. So that was a mistake on my part.

      > Let’s be honest, you’re running tanks with no premium ammo. Most everyone would have dabbed the #2 key, a long time ago, and then run for the hills

      There’s nothing wrong with using premium ammo – it’s in the game. I just think it’s problematic for tank balance and balance between players since it’s a big credit sink.

      > In terms of both battles, I’d actually ask you this: If you had taken the egress route earlier, what do you think that you could have done that would have netted the same positive results?

      In Minsk, my playing the vision game was the only way we were going to win IMO.

      On Airfield, the issue is there isn’t really a good place I can go spot that wasn’t already covered. Our AT15 was on the C2 shelf (northwest), and our UDES 14 5 was correctly playing south hill.

      I couldn’t go north due to the HWK12 and especially while that VK was still alive.

      It’s possible I could have gone south, but had I done so I think we’d have lost north.

      What I typically prioritize is making some I go to a position of relevance for my gun and for providing targets for friendlies who are in a position to support me. I was able to help our AT15 put critical damage on their tanks on north hill.

      Thanks for asking the questions – this is great dialogue.

  32. QB has the impression that in sniper mode the point of view is below the barrel, contrary to other tanks. So maybe he saw the top of your turret instead.

    • Do you mean the bug where in sniper mode in some tanks, you can’t target an enemy, but if you exit sniper mode, you can?

      Or are you talking about something else?

    • @Taugrim I am talking about Quickybaby’s impression that the sniper point of view of this tank is not calculated/displayed from the position of the barrel base but from a point below it. Due to that, you have to expose more of your tank in sniper view, without realizing it.
      It is mention here:
      I was wondering if you have the same impression.

  33. DigitalSynapse0101

    Tempered play, well done overall. You mentioned backing into position for the quick getaway. Those Brit tanks are ideal for that it seems or at least for playing peekaboom. Truvoodoo did a video on the Manticore and did a length profile comparison between other tier 10’s and it was eye opening. He now said he currently prefers it over his T100, in pubs at least. You did not exploit that as much, but you did give it a bit of honorable mention with the QB ref. I have no intention of persuing this line in it’s current form, but maybe getting to tier 8 might not be a bad idea. I really do anticipate a buff, since so many in the community are calling for it. Seems to work that way for nurfs at least. Thanks, first vid I’ve watched on this tank, curious to hear your take on the Manticore next.

  34. What I dislike about playing lights is you have those games where you light up their entire team and your TDs and arty are asleep at the wheel not engaging targets.

    • It happens, but conversely you have those games where vision enables one side to pick apart the other.

    • I can relate. My advice: change ur perspective. Dont assume the TD players will move up to join ur field of view. Instead, fall back and scout THEIR field of view. I know, this might not be the optimal area, but scouting the optimal area without fire support is even less optimal.

  35. I’ve tried to reverse into a bush for quick getaway a few times and mostly still press the back button by mistake and reverse out in front of the enemy.

  36. Demetrios Hristovski

    Nice review, keep up the good work taugrim. Those are spruce trees in Fjords, not pine. Why don’t you use the stock gun? Stock gun corrects alot of Brit light problems, it carries more ammunition and has higher DPM. Also, you get the high pen HE like EBR75.

  37. Christiaan Carstens

    High skill cap but high silver pen, right up your ally.

  38. I am gonna start the grind because of you! Stop it! They suck!

  39. You have the patience of a saint, if I had to play these tanks I would be foaming at the mouth.


  41. I would have left the shelf 8/10 times in that situation on airfield. You got really lucky that VK didn’t have a W key to throw your game. But I would have rejoined the south side and led the push.

  42. Talk about a moron team in your second battle. Funny part is the rammers died so early.

  43. Amazing to get 4k damage in that crappy tank! Well played!

  44. As usual, a thoughtful and tactic filled review.

  45. great the way you look at things positivley

  46. Want to laugh? WG lead designers officially stated just recently on the gamescom that the brit lights are balanced, even considered OP somewhat. WG argues: They are not rejected, rather played by many! They are the best passive scouter in da game! LOL

  47. Very well played!

    But in regards to the seemingly great performance stats of your tank let us not forget that a low amount of matches makes any conclusion statistically invalid.

  48. Looks like a tank for Unicums only. Maybe a result of top tier player input. Great videos and information Taugrim – Thank you Sir. It would be great if the tanks were configured/buffed/nerfed for the majority of players rather than (possibly) the minority. I’m guessing War gaming glean the largest wedge of income from the hoi polloi. But it is good that the top tier players enjoy their gaming, possibly at the expense of the masses.

  49. Reviews a tank with a five skill crew and is a known by wargamings as a yt reviewer….yeah ok, nothing to see here.
    I’m not saying you may not be good at this game but if you think you aren’t given special mm and rng to advertise this game….well, I shouldn’t have to finish the sentence. Just saying.
    You want to impress people? Show them the game where you play with base equipment and a 75% crew like most people will play…oh and on a real account not known by wargaming.
    If not, STFU.

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