^^| Liberte and Patriot Sale fails.

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  1. they only want our money

  2. Really a mystery why they don’t treat all customers the same when you query
    support they say you cannot compare EU with NA or RU because they are all
    Yet you get staffand communityr contributer comments that say everything
    will be decided by Minsk.

    If you ask them about pricing,they actually tell you prices are decided by
    a seperate team.
    Now any company I have ever dealt with will say they are refering the
    matter to the correct team or will put you in contact with them.
    Our support sorry mate someone else deals with that.
    But you are support right ?
    Yes but support only deals with account problems
    The website isnt anything to do with us

  3. tier 8 prems around 60-70 dollars in aus. rip

  4. “Asia seems the most resonable”….. hehehehhehehehe funny jokes :)

  5. And also, in The EU, why do we want only a French tank???? :@

  6. How the fuck did SEA actually do something the best of all the other
    servers?? XDDDdDDddddDDd (Now is the only time i’ll ever feel happy about
    my server…)

  7. Pretty off topic question… Have you ever been in a Dutch oven circon. If
    u know what I mean….

  8. Why are people so anal about the skins? They’re giving you camo on all
    maps, who cares what they look like?

  9. No no
    SEA also have fucking bundle

  10. It’s almost like the divisions are running corporate software from 20 years
    ago where the Mac software can’t talk to the PC software. Wait, dang, I’m
    old. Get off my lawn.

  11. On console, the liberte is just the FCM 50t with the skin, and it was more
    expensive if I remember correctly.

  12. WG can’t sell for shit

  13. MrImmortalityPrince

    I live in asia and can confirm it is actually more expensive. Since i live
    in a third world country with low minimum and low average salary and also
    the everyday expenses

  14. Asias being the most reasonable!

    Which is the least they could do considering how we get fucked over in
    every other way. But whatever

  15. bitching video from circon.. i’ve seen it all now

  16. megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért


  17. wargaming ffs plz

  18. I just bought the T26E5. Love it! Can’t wait to but the M4 49 as well!

  19. Liberte’ on NA would be wonderful, plz wargaming? FCM feeling meh
    competitive by comparison with all these new prems

  20. its 2016 and WG acts like cans on strings are the best form of long
    distance communication

  21. I think there is a different marketing strategy for every Server and
    sometimes they even go further with difference price from server to server,
    Diferret prices its nothing really worrying cause we “europeans” (on
    average) have a lot more purchasing power than the average Russian 🙂
    However the price strategy for all the products in the same region its
    chaotic, when we go on details like with camo or without camo, with bundle
    without bundle… omfg
    Anyway… there can be one explanation and probably related with the
    company constitution/creation/birht on each country. Is wargaming 100%
    owner of each branch ? or is it a different company on each country with
    different partners ?
    which brings me again to the Global marketing strategy, if one at all, its
    bad, really bad, cause “Hey internet !” we “The people” have access to all
    the prices, all the products and all the info…Hello WG !!
    If I was Trump I would say this to the Global marketing Director “You’re
    fired !”

  22. WG introducing unbalanced tier 8 premium heavies that makes other tier 8
    premium heavies outdated. So yeah, its confirmed, they are money hungry. No
    fucks given to players

  23. EU is there only to be milked for money, NA is a pet project and RU is the
    only server WG cares about.

  24. So angry

  25. I would buy the new American without camo

  26. Nice vid, wg= a nice meme

  27. :thinking:

  28. *old man voice* BUY BUNDLES!

  29. wg-greedy as fuck,only wants money; cant even fucking make good or at least
    not retarded or greedy deals

  30. Asia ;)

  31. why the fuck dont they just offer a fucking skin for the fuckign weekend
    that you can put on any fucking tank

  32. NEEEURRRGGGHHHH SELL TANK! – Wargaming EU, 2016.

  33. love to see more of this circon! also Russians have it cheaper because they
    are very poor ;_;

  34. Asia sever isn’t run by war gaming because pay to win is acceptable over
    there so a company that is big over there runs it

  35. As for WoT ASIA i remember Jingles talking about how it’s not really WG
    doing the sells there, but some another company, which led to mass sells of
    tanks like Pz2j. They also got gold Type59 with ssssick, sick skin(all
    gold, barrel ended with a sculpture of dragons head- probably there are
    mods to make other chinese tanks look like that).

  36. NA: cuz trump ?

  37. It’s interesting to note that the US server doesn’t even have the AMX up
    for sale, instead we have the T26E5. It’s a shame because I was looking
    forward to the AMX.

  38. have you checked the RU server premium shop?

  39. i’ll be waiting for the amx m4 49 not buying the one that looks like a
    clown shoe.

  40. yeaaaaaaap

  41. “…that would be cool”

    Yep yep yep

  42. Edited, finished watching video – lol

  43. How about the fact that EU sells M4 but not the E5 like the America or RU?
    Like wtf WG, why dont u sell both tanks ? *brainfreeze*

  44. WG idiots

  45. Some guys at WG are even worse at thinking than the dumbest players on
    their servers…And that’s sayin’ something XD

  46. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Oh look 5x EXP Event… Getting 30k Games 300 WN8 Tier 10 Heavy Tank Bots
    again -.- Oh great. Btw. Laughed my Ass of at: ” UHHHHHH Sell Tenk” :DDD

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