Light Tanks & Pubbies – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Thats the best tier VIII LT in my opinion

  2. WZ 132 best tier 8 LT

  3. Love watching these regular games with live commentary, all sorts of things to pick up – even for us noobs! 😀

  4. I 3 marked this tank it’s one of my favourites

  5. You have played it before Lemming on NA 0:25

  6. Really hoped he would tk the WZ with his ping 3:30

  7. i think the panther was on the hill when you got spotted, then fell down when he saw the tanks rolling in

  8. 07:04 are they trolling or these guys are not believeing that he is the real lemming LOL!

  9. That t69 who camped at the start of the round and then called team idiots should recieve lifetime ban in wot

  10. Love watching your condescending style get taken out.

  11. This match shows world of tanks 101 completely get obliterated

  12. the tier 7 and 8 are wonderful, the tier 9 though…oof

  13. wow 15:3. Do players not know how to fucking angle their armour

  14. Awesome, more content like this please 🙂

  15. 19:03 “hooo their arty players are good”

    • Means at least one had the sense not to be in the usual spot (which is why LR looked there 1st). LR only got ambushed because his ping is crap.

    • +Slotmech yeah I know. I just love how the highest level of skill/biggest outplay potential for an arty is the W key XD

  16. the Lorr had a cloaking device.

  17. Just playing the 132 and find it much harder to play then the 131. You do need a plan for sure to help out your team. Not sure if I will move up the line. Too bad enjoyed the lower tanks.

    • The 131 was even better when the lights still had +2 MM because it had access to the 132’s middle gun (IIRC). I run my 132 with the top gun because I usually have no plans to stick around and get 2-3 shots in with the higher ROF lower guns, but that’s just me; YMMV. The 132 it still a good light-medium esp. in the late game if you can hold on to your HP. I love mine. 🙂 The 132-1 isn’t quite as good at Tier 9, but it’s not crap, either. Now that MM has changed, I might star working on the 132-1 again; it plays decent on the test server even with all the extra spaced armor.

  18. I thought all of the passive aggressive heavy tank losers were on the Asia server, guess not.

  19. Hell yeah I’ll sub to your twitch, thanks for the awesome content!

  20. I absolutely hate the WZ 132. Maybe its just me idk. I have a 45% win rate or something in the 132 but a 57% win rate in my 131.

  21. Hoping your team would damage your spots…

  22. LemmingRush, do you or did you used to play WOT on Xbox? I ask because your voice sounds very familiar. While playing WOT about a couple of years ago I was platooned up with a few guys and I’d swear you were the one in a T71 doing some serious damage. Was that you? I know this is vague but it’s what I can remember about our battles.

    Good work and thank you for posting your excellent videos!! Liked and subscribed.

  23. 132 is amazing <3

  24. Whoa. It’s like…like you are friendly in this video. Your personality seems warmer. Are…are you happy?!

  25. Dump the binos and go coated optics.

  26. Well, you found them. 🙂 It would be safer use 1-2 line, imho. They were expecting you from that direction.

  27. Thanks for making my lousy games look not so bad ?.

  28. Give the WZ-132 a try with the stock gun, greater DPM, accuracy and lighter (gives you greater agility). Means dropping 20mm of pen, but if ur going for sides & rear anyways no biggie. HIGHLY recommended for Frontline mode. Pound for pound the Tier 7 131 is the best in the line IMO

    On your Prokharovka game, I think you could have got much more out of it. While you were driving up to the A1 hill area, your two fellow lights and all three enemy lights were destroyed. You were on a flank with two moron heavies (53TP & VK100.01P) who camped the train line from the beginning and were up against a 53TP in the ditch and a Panther 88 (never have I heard a Panther 88 talked about so ominously, lol).

    Neither of your pleb heavies were being pummeled from hill when they eventually advanced. That (along with seeing I was the only light alive) would have been my green light to cross the map and hit up E1 and the surrounding area for spots

  29. the 2nd game on lakeville, you lost because your 1 line didnt push, though i cant see what classes they were. that german heavy in city was basically alone longer then you were in the bush.

  30. Let’s all rush and jump off the cliff…

  31. Little know fact, the direct translation of ‘world of tank’ from Russian is “world of shit teams”…

  32. Would a lasted.longer thru city flank and up enemies ass instead off broadside like noob

  33. Not a bad video. You toned down the condescension some, pointed out some good play on other players’ part, and owned up to mistakes you made and explained why they were mistakes. Not saying you need to be QB here, but it’s easier to watch and learn from someone who isn’t berating everyone who isn’t them. Thanks, LR. 🙂

  34. Santiago Manuel Pellejero

    Why do you have repairs instead of concealment?

  35. That EMIL cracked me up, hahaha, he didnt even know!

  36. How do you like the WZ132? Been tearing it up with the chinese light line, but having more trouble on the 132 for some reason.

  37. One of the best scouts in the game 🙂

  38. You should know that Arties have cloaking devices! 😀 Ok, serious now: I have fully trained camo crews on all my arties, camo nets and I camo paints all my arties. That makes them incredibly hard to spot unless you move, which is probably why you did not spot him. Only when he moved, you where able to pick him up.

  39. The Tokyo Craftsman

    Wow, the first couple of games, look like 90% of my games LOL.
    Always learn something, I appreicate your videos!
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  40. Ilya Red has a very good channel for Lights (I think he only plays Lights)

  41. Your teams were trash, thats the same for everyone.

  42. Don’t know about you guys but it feels like, the better you are the worse your team is. 60% of the time I get a worse team.

  43. 13:20 defender: where is the position im maximum useless

  44. Love all Chinese lights

  45. Watching those teams gave me heartburn.

  46. Potty mouth LR

  47. Love the vids, any chance you could swear less in them, my son likes to watch too

  48. Thanks Lemming Rush-always a pleasure to watch and listen 🙂

  49. World of bush-craft

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