LIGHTNING 1.97 & Actually Playing The ARCHER 100% Tryhard (War Thunder)

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LIGHTNING 1.97 & Actually Playing The ARCHER 100% Tryhard (War Thunder)


  1. Its too much of a Pain the arse for me. Ill give you mine cause im never going to use it lol

  2. Play the ASU-57 and ASU-85’s dad, The SU-122-54.
    Attempt #24

  3. Knowing gaijin the lightning will rip at takeoff speed

  4. i wish i got into games where i can just not be shot at and killed in one shot, phly is so lucky to have games like this to have idiots on the enemy team

  5. Over the top as the British? Seems historically accurate to me Phly.

  6. Monkey the Raccoon

    Introduces F22 Raptor, some how isnt the best in the game.

  7. Phly! Play the Type 74G! You’ve already played the normal type 74, but now it’s time for the G Kai with its 400mm+ of pen APFSDS round the Type 93!

  8. That Lightning will be the new ugliest jet.
    Even uglier than russian ones.
    (imo obviously)

  9. Air RB is not suited for top top tier jets and this one won’t be fun to play there either

  10. PoppaBloodVessel

    This tank made me rage quit every game I played it

  11. “Panzer IV M” if only that was real lol…

  12. PhlyDaily I love de schermen Firefly

  13. the archer is an absolute menace when you get it up to speed, its actually op in arcade beacuse of how easily you can hull traverse over 180 degrees from a medium speed.

  14. You will have to change tactics about your play… You are putting too much enthusiasm in gaming… This stress isn’t good for your health… No sarcasm …

  15. We have to talk about, that the next new map that we get in the upcoming update, is a stupid city map again….

  16. Ur as experienced as you are and you called a flakpanzer a Gepard xD mind the BR ur at

  17. Please play the lunchbox

  18. how many flipping tanks is in the game if phew cant play them all in sooo many years… p2win gajin wheres my maus?

  19. Hey Phly i have a challenge for you take out all the KV-2’s in one line-up and try to get kills only with HE Shells attempt#20

  20. So hyped for the Swedish tree. It’s gonna be sooo easy to grind them bought both the Strv 103 and the Sav. 1.97 gonna be wild

  21. My favorite clips are when you scream as the bomb comes down

  22. The boat Boi DaneStuff

    See the little good thing here about our Phly is that he brings attention to the vehicles that are decently capable but not enough phor people to play them that often, when people then see that it can actually be phun and it works they start to play them more thus no vehicles are left behind! 😉

  23. the phly butt tank
    best tank evah

  24. Phly sees teammate up in flames but not the big german bomber about to drop the bomb

  25. ‘This is the dev-server, things may change’ Kappa

  26. The boat Boi DaneStuff

    13:18 “ArChEr YoUr PhAt ThiNG gEt InSiDe!!i!” xDDD

    I love your content. You make a sad school day so much better when you upload, always something to watch in the recesses ^_^

  27. 0:20

    He’s coming back round… He’s coming back round!!!…. Incoming!

  28. We need bigger maps for those bad boys

  29. My Inner British is intensifying

  30. They call Me JEFF


  31. Lighting is world’s coolest jet

  32. Wish I had 30k golden eagles 😢

  33. Ducklord yoloson

    Daimler AC mk 2 is functional at 3.3 try ut

  34. well,actually i try to get a kill with the archer because somehow it got a talisman,but oh boy,it doesn’t end well,oh and i use it on 5.7

  35. Hey Phly, please take out the AML-90 🙂
    Nice vids by the way

  36. KSI Knighthawk 1

    First he said pz 4 m on a pz3m then he said geopard to a flak panzer lol you ok phly boi

  37. The lightning is chunky, like the belly of the average brit

  38. At that moment he knew he fucked up 0:32

  39. Phly play the Russian gocart zis 30

  40. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Phly play the AEC armored car. You had fun playing it, we had fun watching you have fun in it, so…
    Time for some PHUN GAMES
    Who am I kidding, every video is fun 😢

  41. Марат Толенов

    30 т. голды! Ебическая сила..

  42. Swear the second half of this episode has already been posted before?

  43. Can you make a new video about the 15cm sIG thing on BR 2.0? Would love to see you tackling more enemies with it

  44. Vert climbing to flight ceiling. You ready for an untouchable jet

  45. Lightning sucks- change my mind

  46. CIA: “Our U2 spy plane flies so high, no interceptor can touch it.”
    UK: “Hold my beer”

  47. are we not getting a end of year montage this year

  48. Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort]

    For loving the umloved, play the Chi-Ri II. I will keep requesting it untill u use it.

  49. Ninja919YT Gaming

    Me: *gets the Churchill Mk.1, the Hetzer* YES YES YES

    Me, 1week later: *loses war thunder acc and is required to begin again from the bad tanks* ……. SON OF A BI*?!

  50. Britian suffers, gaijin hates Britain, justice for gimped British vehicles
    Gaijin hates Britain because
    (shuffles deck)
    That poisoning event

    • The joke here is that Britain doesn’t suffer, you people whine the loudest while not being in the big 3, being an accessory nation to USA and not having enough numbers.

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